Tips for moving while pregnant

Baby on board is a great motivation for soon-to-be parents to move to a bigger house. You already know the ideal living environment for your family is in South Carolina. But, what you don’t know is whether it is safe for the expectant mother to relocate? The answer is – yes! You will only need to take it slowly, organize everything and stay safe. The key for a successful relocation is preparation. And of course, this awesome guide. Therefore, here is how to survive moving while pregnant without any stress or problems.

Visit your doctor

Before you even think about your relocation, make an appointment with your doctor. A doctor can tell you whether it is safe for you and your baby to participate in the relocation process. For some women, moving while pregnant can lead to complications, such as premature birth. But, this doesn’t mean you should avoid moving at any cost! If you are in touch with your doctor during the entire process, everything will be alright. This is why a consultation with the doctor is necessary. With a proper advice from a professional, both of you will be safe.

Stethoscope on medical reports.
Visit your doctor before the big move. Ask them what you should avoid doing when moving while pregnant.

The two of you will need to find a new doctor as soon as possible! If you want to make this task a little easier for the both of you, ask your current doctor if they have a recommendation for a doctor in your new South Carolina area. This way the search will be over in no time. And you will have a person you can trust by your side. Also, don’t forget to bring your medical records and prenatal file to your new home.

Make a plan for moving while pregnant

You’ve got yourself a permission to take part in the relocation, what now? Slow down. There is no need to rush. If you start running around the house and do multiple things at the same time, you will end up with chaos. Chaos will be in your home and in your mind, too. Instead of this, make a plan. Firstly, choose your moving date. Only after you know the day of your move, you will know how to effectively manage your time and stay organized. This goes for every move in which you will participate in your life. Also, write everything down! We all know how forgetful one can be when pregnant. So, think ahead.

Take your time

Whether you are moving across the country with kids to South Carolina, or while you have one on board, a move will be harder than the usual. You won’t be able to do all the things you would normally do. And for some tasks, you will need much more time. But hey, there is no need to feel stressed because of this. All you need is a little more time and you will take care of everything you wanted to. So, when you plan your move, think of the small tasks and give yourself more time to finish them.

Call in the troops

Now is the time to call everyone you can think of to help you. Friends, family members, colleagues.. all of them can make your moving stress go away. The more of them, the easier for you. We know that when you are moving during the summer you will probably gather more help, but with the right strategy you might end up with a whole bunch of them, even during the winter. And you know what? No one will judge you if you try to bribe them with delicious snacks or drinks. Everything is better when there are good food and great people around you.

Close up of hands representing teamwork.
No matter what you do, teamwork always brings the best results.

Think about hiring professional movers

Sometimes you can’t find people who are available to help you. Or you have them, but you don’t know how to move breakables or items like a piano. The good thing is that you have a reliable cross country movers Columbia that will solve every problem you put in front of them. Since moving while pregnant can be demanding, hiring professionals to take care of your move will be one of the smartest things to do.

Stay put

If you want to participate in your move, there is no need for you to lift heavy boxes or clean the whole house. Instead, be in charge of the tasks that will allow you to finish them while being seated. You can pack, label boxes, maybe even load the lighter ones to the moving truck. Or, if this seems boring to you, hire Charleston interstate movers and while they pack your things you can have fun with your loved ones.

Belly of a woman moving while pregnant.
Recognize your limitations and stick to the tasks that won’t exhaust you.

What to do on a moving day?

After you take care of the things that are listed above, your move will be like a child’s play. Despite that, don’t forget about the additional rules for all of you who want to relocate while pregnant.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. Have a bottle of water by your side all the time.
  • Take short breaks. No matter what you are doing, always find the time to rest.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. As you already know, there is no room for a pregnant lady when heavy boxes are being loaded to the moving truck.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals. Ask someone else to do the last minute cleaning of your old home. Your baby will be grateful that you stayed away from these chemicals.
  • Watch your step. When pregnant, your center of gravity shifts. This makes falling one of the most common injuries for soon-to-be moms. Therefore, watch where you’re going and be careful on the stairs.

If you follow all of our tips, you won’t even notice you were moving while pregnant. In no time, you and your baby will be enjoying your new South Carolina home. There is nothing that moms can’t conquer!

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