The best jobs for young professionals in Georgia

Moving to Georgia can be a great step in your life, especially if you are young. But, hiring long distance movers Georgia cannot be enough. First, you need to find a job. Therefore, we give you the list of the best jobs for young professionals in Georgia.

Young woman working
Read on to find out what are the best jobs for young professionals in Georgia

What are the best jobs for young professionals in Georgia?

15. Web developers

You would not be able to read this article if it were not for web developers, people who develop and create websites. This is an ideal job for young people who like technology. Especially since you don’t always need a bachelor’s degree to get in the business. More technical positions may require a bachelor’s degree. The high salary is also a thing that makes it one of the best jobs for young professionals in Georgia. You can work for an IT company, or set up a home office and become a freelancer.

14. Specialists in public relations

After the Oscar speakers mistakenly handed the “Best Picture” statuette to the wrong movie, you can bet that the public relations team was working behind the scenes to control the damage. PR professionals work on shaping public opinion about the organizations for which they work, collaborate with journalists, manage social networks. Most of them have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or a related field. Primary level PR specialists can write press releases, inquiries for field media and organize events. As you progress, you can take responsibility for managing public relations for the entire company or brand.

13. Sound engineers

Did the band do a great job at the last concert you went to? Thanks to the sound engineer. They are those who are responsible for maintaining and operating audio equipment for concerts, radio programs, recording sessions, and more. Some people land on jobs in this area and learn while working, while others are trained without a degree or get a candidate degree. According to BLS, people with experience can move to larger jobs (say, from a small local radio station to a larger market) or to management positions.

12. Surgical technologists

When it comes to job growth, health can be the hottest field. According to BLS, in 2016, 374,000 medical jobs were added in the United States. And for many of them, you do not need to go to college. A surgical technologist is one of them. You can get a job in this rapidly growing field after obtaining a candidate degree or completing a certification program from an accredited school. If you do get a job, don’t wait any longer, hire the best cross country movers in Atlanta and go.

11. Technicians for car maintenance and service.

Given that more than half of Americans do not know how to change the oil of their car or change a flat tire, not to mention more complicated maintenance, it is not surprising that the number of jobs for specialists in service and maintenance of cars is growing. These car repair gurus keep cars working, and they don’t need a degree to do it. Training combined with workplace experience brings you in, making this field a good choice for people who do not consider college as the right choice for them.

Man repairing a car
Workers in any part of the car industry can get big salaries

10. Installers and repairers of home entertainment equipment

Installers and repairmen for home entertainment equipment install and repair home sound systems and entertainment systems. You do not need to have a college degree to do this work. Although you will need to undergo special training, usually in a college or technical school.

9. Film and video editors

If you are watching TV or movies, then you have taken advantage of the work of the film or video editor. Film editors assemble frames in sequential order. Work usually requires a bachelor’s degree. And this is one of the best jobs for young professionals in Georgia, with the best filmmakers earning more than six figures each year.

8. Biological technicians

Successful students that like science may want to consider a career as a biological technician. This work includes helping scientists conduct laboratory tests and experiments. Most of them have a bachelor’s degree in biology or a similar field. And they need hands-on laboratory experience to get a job. According to the BLS, some biological technicians become full-fledged scientists after receiving a master’s or doctor’s degree.

7. Physical therapy assistants

Physical therapy assistants or PTA work with physical therapists to help patients recover from injuries. To land a job, you will need an associate degree from an accredited program. You will also need to get a license. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, a minority of the PTA eventually returns to school and becomes a physical therapist, whose work requires advanced training.

Physical therapist working
That way, you will be able to help people regain their abilities

6. Camera operators

Camera operators capture images for the needs of television, film and video. Most camera operators receive a bachelor’s degree in film or broadcasting. About half of camera operators work in the film or television industry, but others can shoot weddings or corporate events. Thirty percent are self-employed. If you want to be among them, then check the best places to start a business in Georgia.

5. Forensic technicians

On shows such as CSI and Forensic Files, forensic experts solve crimes using DNA, fingerprints, and other evidence. Although the real work may not be as dramatic as on television, the demand for people trained in the field of forensic medicine is growing. You will need a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology. According to BLS, you can take special courses in forensic medicine. In addition to being able to analyze evidence, forensic scientists must be very detailed and good communicators, because sometimes they have to testify in criminal cases.

4. Environmental science protection technicians

You can thank the environmental protection technicians for the clean water you drink and the fresh air you breathe. These specialists monitor pollution of the environment, as well as check enterprises and public premises for environmental hazards and violations. To get a job, you will need a special degree or other postgraduate training in environmental health or sciences.

3. Teachers for adults

If you have a passion for teaching, but you cannot imagine yourself in elementary or secondary school, then a career as an adult or a literacy teacher can be for you. These educational specialists work with adult students to help them learn English, get a high school diploma, or acquire other basic skills. You will need a bachelor’s degree to get a job in this field. And some people continue to receive master’s degrees in adult education or in English as a second language.

2. Trainers and scouts

Sports fanatics can find success as a coach or scout. As a coach in college or at a professional level, you will probably need a bachelor’s degree and playing experience. Many scouts have a degree in sports management or business. Younger people who want to enter the field may have to work part-time or summer jobs in camps or youth sports programs.

Girl working out with a personal trainer
A personal trainer is also one of the jobs that can be good for you

1. Assistants in the field of social sciences

Social science assistants help higher-ranking scientists with research, data management, and search preparation for publishing. Many of them work in colleges and universities, others in the private sector. You will need a bachelor’s degree to get one of these jobs. If you are into social science, then you can consider it one of the best jobs for young professionals in Georgia.

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