Tips for moving to Savannah from Columbus

Sometimes when we move for work or family to another city across the country, we don’t know what exactly to expect. If you are moving to Savannah from Columbus or another city, and you have already checked every major long distance moving companies Savannah, now it is time to check up these tips for a smoother relocation.

Prepare for long-distance relocation to Savannah from Columbus by choosing the right movers

Most adults have moved for at least a few times during their life. Maybe you didn’t know that a lot of people had to move even more than ten times. Moving nearby or to another city in the same country isn’t exactly like when you are moving long distance. A long-distance move is more complicated and it requires some serious planning. If you are still in the process of planning moving to Savannah from Columbus, first you need to know is that you will need professional help from moving company. You shouldn’t simply pick up just any long distance movers Columbus. Because of the specifics of long-distance relocation you need to make sure that you hire a good and reliable moving company. Moving industry is large and fast-growing, surely you know there are some fraudulent movers. 

Savannah Georgia
Moving to Savannah from Columbus will be easier with a reliable moving company

How to avoid fraudulent movers?

There are a few things that you can do in order to avoid moving scams. Of course, there is no actual guarantee if you have chosen the best movers, but we need to do our best and hope for the best results.

The first thing you need to do is to contact at least two or three moving companies and ask for an estimate. Experienced and reliable movers will give you in house estimate. If they immediately give you an estimate over the phone or email – then it is the first red flag.

The price of any move is based on the size and or weight of your belongings, how can they set a price if they haven’t seen your home?

Next, you want to hire a moving company that has experience with long-distance moves. We already said that there is a big difference and you need movers who know how to deal with planning and logistics.

Carefully review your contract and see if there are no hidden expenses. You will have enough worry and stress with moving to Savannah from Columbus without moving scams. 

One last thing is the paying method. If a certain moving company demands that you pay a large cash deposit, just walk away and search for another company. Reliable movers won’t ask you to pay a large part in advance. In this case, you don’t have any guarantees that they will deliver your belongings. You need to pay at the end of relocation so you can avoid movers asking for more money. There are cases when people have to pay some extra expenses so they can have their stuff back from movers.

Tips for moving to Savannah from Columbus

Assuming that you have already done a tone of research regarding Savannah and life there, we will add some pointers. 

  • Rent a home first, buy a place later
  • Find a good realtor
  • If you are moving with children, check for a good school district
  • Don’t drink outside, if you are not in Historic District


Forsyth Park in Savannah
Forsyth Park is a large park in the Historic District, a perfect place to drink your morning coffee

Rent first and later decide where to buy a house

Savannah is a beautiful, mid-sized, coastal city. Popular Historic District has stunning homes and it attracts visitors from all around. No wonder that most newcomers would like to rent or buy a home in HD. Before you hurry to buy, try renting a place first. You will soon realize that the Historic District is very pricey. When you are renting your new home, you will be able to see first hand if you like that neighboorhood, how are the traffic and other important things. It will be easier to decide what is the best neighborhood and you will have an opportunity to check houses before you buy them. 

Find a good realtor when you are moving to Savannah from Columbus

To have a good realtor is import for any relocation, not just in case when you are moving to Savannah from Columbus. Set your budget if you are buying a house. Consult the realtor because they can help you and direct you in the right way. A good real estate agent knows their market and they can help you with useful advice. Make sure that you find an experienced real estate agent and also check their references if you have an opportunity. Savannah has neighborhoods that are the best for families, like Gordonstone, Parkside, Victorian District. 

Savannah Historic District
Historic District is a good solution if you are renting a house in winter months

Search for the good school district if you are relocating with children

When you are moving with your family to Savannah, you need to think about more factors. Beaches and nice weather, historical buildings are a plus, of course. However, Savannah has some neighborhoods with poorly ranked elementary and high schools. 

The Isle of Hope, Richmond Hill, and Wilmington Island are good school neighborhoods. If your children are interested in art and music, you have the Savannah Arts Academy. 

Drinking in public is not allowed

This may come as a surprise and it probably isn’t the deciding factor, but drinking in public isn’t allowed. If you are used to having a coffee “to go”, you will be able to have it only in the Historic District. Outside drinks are forbidden in the rest of the city. We know this isn’t a game-changer, but it is useful to know once you move to Savannah. 

Moving to Savannah from Columbus will bring you closer to beautiful beaches, it will fulfill your free time with interesting activities and events. If you are a fan of Southern food, then this is a perfect choice for you.

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