Most common interstate moving mistakes

The path of trial and error is what makes people experienced. But if you are moving, some mistakes may cost you a lot. This is no time to test your abilities to adjust to any situation. It is moving time and it can be tough. It is up to you to avoid the most common interstate moving mistakes and move smoothly. This list will provide you with basics about interstate moving and what you need to look out for and do.

Check and hire a good moving company

On the internet, you can find a lot of moving companies stating they can do it better than anyone else. Some of them are actually really good, but some can be a scam. As in many areas of life, scams are everywhere and you need to look out for them. Best Cross Country Movers are here for you so you can catch a breath. Most common interstate moving mistakes include not checking up your movers:

  1. Department of transportation should have the movers’ licenses
  2. Check if the company has insurance
  3. Read the contract carefully
  4. Search them through BBB
A person not reading a contract as one of the Most common interstate moving mistakes
Not reading the contract carefully is one of the most common interstate moving mistakes

Having a good moving company is a job half done. It will lift the weight off your shoulders and you can dedicate yourself to other things.

Not starting on time

Moving is a hard and overwhelming job, especially if it is interstate. Not starting on time is one of the most common interstate moving mistakes. This means you will pile up a ton of work and be under major stress. To start on time you need to make a plan of activities and order of packing. Get a quote and start planning. Plan with your family and friends so they can give you some advice and mention if you forget something. This is especially important if you have never moved before. Having support from your loved ones can mean the world to people in stressful times and transitions.

a calendar
You need to start on time in order to have an easy move

Forgetting your insurance is one of the most common interstate moving mistakes

If you value your stuff, then insurance is a must. Especially when moving interstate. For insurance policies, you can ask around with your movers to see what they have to offer. You will have some options there. If it doesn’t cover some of your more valuable items, search for additional insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry. To pay more means to keep furniture, art, etc safe. Different movers offer different insurances. When you ask around and search online look up their policies. This may have an effect on your decision.

calculator, pan and paper
Having insurance is a good idea to protect your items

Not saving up money for your move

When you are moving, things can get a bit pricey. There is a lot to cover from moving companies, packing supplies to playing utilities at your old place and insurance. This is why it is important to start on time as we mentioned. By starting on time you can manage to save up some money by the time you have to move. Along with having a plan, this will save you from the most common interstate moving mistakes like this one.

A jar of pennies
You need to start saving money before you move

In your moving expenses include your regular expenses plus everything you need for moving. And always add some extra money just to be safe if something pops up. Make a list of things to be paid so you know what you have left for emergencies.

In-home estimates are a must

When contacting moving companies it is a must to request in-home moving estimates. The prices will vary and this can impact your decision as well as insurance policies. If the company wants to send you an estimate via e-mail, avoid that kind of company.

Have at least 3 of them estimate your belongings, what needs special care, weight, and size. The experts will then figure out a price based on the estimate and give you the final bill. Have some friends recommend a company and beware of the scammers when moving.

Do not forget your bag of essentials

On our most common interstate moving mistakes list, the number one is not packing an essential bag. An essential bag or a first aid bag is made of items you use the most. That means basic toiletries, some snacks, important documents, etc. Whatever you think you will need on the road and your first night upon moving. Packing the first aid bag will ease the transition. You will not have to claw through your boxes to find what you need. It is better to pack more than less, just in case. You may be too tired to unpack right away.

a bag on the floor
An essential bag has items that will help you get through the first couple of days after the move

Do not pack everything you have

Moving is a new beginning. Starting fresh with baggage is not something you want. This means getting rid of a lot of stuff. This will save you money on moving and packing supplies too. As you are moving fewer items it will typically cost less. Before you start packing go through your belongings and get rid of everything unnecessary. Give some items to your friends and family as gifts before you move.

Throwing out a lot of piled up garbage will mean so much to you when you start fresh and unpack. It will keep you more organized and focused because you won’t need to find a place for every little thing. Having fewer things at home also opens up space. And makes more room for new memories and moments. Take that chance. Also, be sure to take a break here and there and listen to some relaxing music for stress relief.

We know moving can be stressful. Especially interstate moving and going into the unknown. But you know what? We think you can handle this. The most common interstate moving mistakes list is here to keep you on track. With your plan and our list, we think you will manage pretty nicely. Do not be shy to ask family and friends for help, or just comfort and chat to relax from all the fuss. Good luck!

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