Things that complicate relocation and how?

Moving is certainly stressful on its own. There are a lot of things you should consider when moving. Even having a solid plan can go wrong in many ways sometimes. Life just happens and we need to deal with it. But there are some things that complicate relocation even more. We made a shortlist to remind you what you need to keep in mind during the move.

Not having a solid plan is a rookie mistake

A plan is needed for most activities in your life. Moving is not a spontaneous activity. If you moved before, chances are you are more likely to know the necessity of a plan. You will also need way less time to make it and it would be more realistic. Step one would be calling long distance movers Nashville TN to ease some of the work for you. Having a plan is essential to keep you on track and keep you stress-free. Try not to make it in a day.  Take some time to plan and execute it properly.

A person writing down a plan in order to avoid Things that complicate relocation
Not having a plan is one of the things that complicate relocation

One of the things that complicate relocation is also rushing. A few days is enough to come up with a list of things needed to be done. Make a three-part plan, first being stuff to be done before moving. Then you would like to write down all your activities during the move. Finally, write down everything that has to be done after you settle into a new home.

Picking a wrong moving company

As we mentioned among the things that complicate relocation is certainly rushing. Maybe the panic state you are in forced you to pick a wrong moving company. The key here is to take things slow a bit. Rushing may not be a problem when you are packing your silverware, but it is with these things. To pick a good moving company means to take your time and do your research. Search online for recommendations or various movers. Also, ask your friends, family, and coworkers for advice and recommendations. They can give you first-hand information about their good experience with long distance movers Savannah for example.

A thumbs up and down
Make sure to pick the right moving company

A good moving company can help you so much and lift a burden off your chest. A bad one can, however, make life so much difficult for you. Your items can get misplaced and broken. They may not listen to your desires about how you want it done. They may not be open for suggestions and criticism. So try to inform yourself as much as you can before relocating.

Thinking you can do it all alone is one of the things that complicate relocation for you

We’ve just talked about hiring good movers and what a smart idea it could be. But we are also thinking about friends and family here. You may know what you want and find it hard to explain it to others. But working alone on your move is even more difficult. When you’re done with your solid plan, make some calls. The moving company first, then friends and family to ask for help. Not everyone can make it, we all lead busy lives. Some will make it through and will be so helpful. Present them with your starting points when moving and the schedule and deal you made with the moving company. Make some plans and ask them what works for them, what time and how they can help.

cartoon man lifting heavy box
DIY relocation is very hard and tiring

Also, if your friends and family cannot help you with the move, try to ask them for another favor. You can entrust the babysitting task to your older family members. They are not able to carry heavy items and furniture, but will surely be glad to take care of their grandchildren. There is more than one way for someone to help you. Spending time with grandparents is good for children. Just make sure you tell them the basics, what to do and not to do with your children and furry friends too.

There is no such thing as too many packing supplies

People are not aware of how much stuff they have until its time to move. Hoarding things over the years can be a problem when the time comes to pack and clean all of them. Items that are no longer needed should be tossed. And try to throw away everything you do not use. A fresh start is upon you and you need to move without old burdens. Even if you managed to throw away and donate a lot of unused stuff, there will be still unnecessary things to get rid of. It is never a bad idea to a lot of packing supplies. We mean boxes, wraps, plastic bags, tools. Friends and family might need them too if you bought too much. Besides the money for the supplies be sure to put some cash on the side for planned moving expenses.

a duct tape
Having extra packing supplies is actually good

The emergency bag is also essential. Having to go through the piles and boxes to find something you need is one of the things that complicate relocation. Chances are you are not going to unpack as soon as you move in. Boxes would be all over the new house for a few days until you figure things out.  Pack up a bag with the most used items to lower the percentage of things that complicate relocation:

  1. Basic items for everyday hygiene
  2. A change of clothes for everyone
  3. Some money and documents
  4. Snacks for the travel
  5. Some silverware for the first day in

There are so many things that complicate relocation in so many ways. Sometimes you just have a bad day and everything turns grey. We tried to help you manage some of those things and prevent them from happening. The better plan you have the more likely it is for you to have a stress free move. Play some music while you pack and try to enjoy the process!

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