Last-minute relocation guidelines

Moving is a complicated process, especially when you’re facing unexpected and soon moving. It’s understandable that you are stressed and nervous, but with useful last-minute relocation guidelines, you can relocate your household easily and safely! It’s important to stay calm and focus on the most important aspects of relocation. So, don’t waste time anymore, let’s organize your last-minute moving! If you need to relocate soon and you don’t have the time to plan relocation, find the best long distance movers and move easily without stress.

Make a quick plan for a long-distance relocation

Every kind of moving requires good organization and plan. Last-minute relocation requires a fast and good plan. You don’t have to be professional and create an outstanding moving plan. You just need to write down the most important tasks and stick to that plan. Because you don’t have enough time, focus on the most important aspects of moving. Start with finding a reliable moving company. Then, you can make an inventory of things you want to relocate. You can organize the packing process or ask friends to help you. Consider everything that seems important to you. Need some help with last-minute relocation? Consider hiring Long distance moving companies Orlando to ease your relocation.

a person making a plan
To organize and avoid accidents during last-minute relocation, create a quick moving plan.

Hire a professional moving company for a last-minute relocation

Hiring a professional moving company is the best move you can make during last-minute relocation. Professional movers are fast and efficient. They have long experience dealing with last-minute relocation. Movers have the proper equipment and packing supplies, and know what to pack first. They can easily load the moving truck and lift heavy things. You can also take moving insurance to secure your household.  Relocating last-minute is delicate especially when you need to move fragile and expensive items, such as a piano. If you’re in this situation, take some time to check out the reasons to hire long distance piano movers.


professional movers loading the truck
For last-minute relocation, especially a long-distance one, hiring professional movers is the best option for relocating your household safely.

Keep kids away while packing your household

Moving with kids last-minute can be really exhausting and challenging. It’s important to know how to relocate a nursery with ease and stay stress-free. But to finish last-minute packing fast, try to keep kids away from home. Kids can get excited and run around your house making a mess. They can keep asking you to help packing boxes, and even get some injuries if they step on something sharp during packing. If you hire movers, make sure the kids are away from home to not bother them while working.

kid wearing a pot - try to keep kids out of the house during some parts of the last-minute relocation
Kids are excited about moving, but keeping them away from home is the only way to pack everything fast, avoid mess and possible injuries.

Do a quick declutter of your home and save money

Last-minute relocation can be really expensive. Since movers charge by the hour and the weight of shipment, get rid of all the things you don’t need. Start with a fast home declutter. Declutter your garage, attic, and basement, because there is usually a pile of old and damaged things you won’t relocate. If some things are really old and damaged throw them away. Other things you can donate or simply sell it online. This way you can save money and maybe earn some extra cash, too.

Rent a storage unit

What to do when you need to relocate household fast and you don’t have the space to store them? The answer is: rent a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is great for a last-minute move. You can easily and fast load your things into storage unit and free space in your old home so you can clean it and show it to potential buyers or renters before you move. Besides, storage units are affordable and great for storing every kind of stuff. It’s good to know how to plan a last-minute relocation even if you just consider moving. Great organization and useful tips can help you someday or maybe someone in your family or friends.

storage warehouse
Renting a storage unit is great when you’re relocating last-minute and you need to empty the house as fast as you can.

Packing tips for a last-minute relocation

Sort out things for relocating

A well-organized packing process can save your time during last-minute relocation. Packing random things in moving boxes or trash bags can only cause more damage. Before you start packing, walk through your home and make an inventory of things that you want to relocate and the ones you will leave behind. You can create a shortlist with three columns: pack, donate, sell and trash. You can fill every column and start working.

Pack room by room

If you go around your house and pack everything randomly you can easily forget to pack important things or damage new expensive stuff. Once you get moving boxes and trash bags, try packing room-by-room. Focus on the biggest rooms first and the most important items. Packing this way can increase your productivity and you’ll finish packing faster. Pack fragile items first and label those boxes, and then go onto bigger items. Our recommendation is to start with packing the living and dining rooms and then move into bedrooms and bathrooms.

Use trash bags for fast last-minute packing

Packing is a crucial part of last-minute relocation when it comes to saving time. Instead of packing moving boxes and losing time on getting packing supplies, use trash bags. Trash bags are great for packing items such as blankets, pillows, towels and even clothes on hangers! You can simply pack everything that is not fragile in trash bags. Besides, trash bags hold more stuff than boxes. Just make sure to get strong and sturdy trash bags.

Leave clothes on hangers

Leaving clothes on hangers is great time-saver! Last-minute relocation is all about time. If you leave clothes on hangers you will save time and pack easily. You can use trash bags and put clothes on hangers into them. It’s simple and fast. Another great last-minute relocation tip for packing.

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