How to properly pack paintings for transport

If you are a collector of valuable artwork such as paintings, or an artist yourself, sometimes there comes a time when you will decide to move to a better place. Especially if we are talking moving to or around Sarasota! With all those expensive paintings and other artwork, you should be very careful how you handle them and pack them for the relocation. Which is why we decided to present you with this guide on how to properly pack paintings for transport! That way your art won’t sustain any damage from the relocation

Find appropriate packing materials before you pack paintings for transport

Now, every packing process requires special care. Starting with the glassware, electronics, or any other valuable items in your household you wish to transport. This is no different when it comes to transporting paintings and artwork. You will have to gather all the packing materials needed for this to be a successful and stress-free relocation! One of the basic items you need to collect first are:

  • Cardboard boxes of the appropriate size and durability. They are perfect when you need to pack your paintings for relocation. Meaning, they will provide them with a good way of protection from the outside.
  • Wrapping materials. With some artwork and paintings, the only things you may need are some textiles, sturdier packing papers, packing ropes, duct tapes.
  • Sponges, packing peanuts. They are perfect if you want to fill those oddly shaped empty spaces in your moving boxes when you pack paintings for transport.
Wrapping paper used to pack paintings for transport
Pack paintings for transport properly by using wrapping paper.

These are the materials and supplies you probably have in your home. If by any chance you do not have them, then the local home depot can help you with getting those items. If you find it difficult to properly pack your paintings for transportation, especially if you are planning a long-distance move, then you should always hire a reliable long distance moving Sarasota! With the amount of experience professional movers have, they will have no problems at all transporting your artwork!

Do your paintings require special cases?

When we talk about packing supplies for your artwork, we need to take a moment to talk about special requirements. Based on the value and the rarity of your painting, it will require special transporting cases! Most of the times, you won’t be able to find these boxes and cases. Not for a cheap price at least. You should always call a local gallery and ask them how did they get their hands on those cases. Most of the time, they will be more than happy to help you with your issue. However, on the other hand, you can ask your movers as well! Sometimes, there are moving companies that are specialized in artwork relocation! Maybe, if you are planning to relocate far away, you should call your cross country moving companies and hire their professional experts!

Wooden crates
Wooden crates are excellent for transporting paintings.

Clean them before packing

Now, after you have gathered the packing materials required for painting transportation, you need to prepare your paintings first. And the best way is to start by cleaning them. Never use wet cloths to clean the paintings! You may risk smudging some of the paints on the canvas! Instead, you should use microfiber cloths, which are dry, to dust off any dust particles from the canvas surface. This is, of course, if you have paintings that do not have any covers over them. It is easier to transport a painting which is sealed in a covered glass. The best thing to do is learn how to properly take care of your paintings! This will help you a lot when it comes to relocating to another place. Remember, always clean before you start to pack your paintings for transport!

microfiber cloths
Microfiber cloths are great for picking up dust particles.

Start with wrapping

Once you have gathered all the packing materials and you have cleaned your paintings it is time to start packing them for relocation. The best thing you can use for this kind of transport is dry paper. This kind of paper is resistant to humidity and any kind of oils you may encounter when packing. Not to mention that the dust won’t be the problem. Once you wrap your paintings with this paper you can use packing rope to tighten the paper around it. But do it gently and not too much! Because you may risk damaging your frames.

Every painting requires special care! And that’s the case with other valuable items as well! Not to mention pianos. Just like paintings, you need to properly position pianos for relocation and then wrap and pack them. Which is why people often look for good piano transportation guidelines you can use!

Pack paintings for transport in the upright position

Cleaned, wrapped and ready to transport? Wrong! Now you need to place those packed paintings in the moving boxes. If the boxes are made out of cardboard, then see if you can use the sturdiest ones. Never put these boxes as the base, and do not stockpile other boxes on them! You may damage the paintings this way. Instead, put them in the upright position in the boxes and close them. Once done, leave them on the top of the stockpiled boxes in the moving van!

a painting - when you pack paintings for transport, place them upright
Always pack your paintings in the upright position.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is to stockpile them on top of the furniture you placed in the van prior to the rest of the items. Furniture is durable, sturdy, and it can serve as a good base for stockpiles. But, you should also know how to pack furniture for moving.

With all the guides out there, we hope our guide on how to pack paintings for transport gave you enough info! With this, you won’t have any problems with your artwork relocation at all!

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