How to pack your medical cabinet

When it comes to packing for the relocation, medical equipment is something you should pack properly and pay more attention than when packing furniture. To pack your medical cabinet, you’ll need appropriate packing supplies and a lot of patience. Whether you’re moving to another town or another state, it’s important to know how to pack medications properly, to avoid injuries and other issues. Follow our tips and ease your packing process! And hire cross country movers Atlanta to ease packing bulky items!

Have the kids aside while you pack your medical cabinet

To avoid getting injuries, make sure to have the kids aside when you start to pack your medical cabinet. Medical cabinet contains sharp items and glass bottles that may hurt the kids. Besides, children can accidentally mix colorful pills with candies and swallow them. Make sure that kids are safe while packing medical items. And for relocating your household safely, hire long distance movers Charleston SC.

kids playing outside
Tell kids to play outside while packing glass bottles and sharp medical items.

Find appropriate packing supplies

Make sure to find appropriate packing supplies to pack your medical cabinet properly. But if you don’t hire movers, beware of the downsides of DIY moving. Yet, these are the basic packing supplies for packing fragile, sharp and glass items:

  • bubble wrapping
  • soft cloths, old clothes or towels
  • packing paper
  • zip-top bags
  • moving boxes
  • specialized boxes for moving fragile items and medicines
  • tape

When moving by yourself, wrap fragile and sharp items with bubble wrapping or soft cloths. Then, place them in zip-top bags or into moving boxes. For relocating overseas, check your airline’s terms and conditions of packing medical cabinet.

packing supplies
Make sure to find appropriate packing materials to pack your medical cabinet safely.

Pack first aid bag for the move

Just like on the trip, always prepare for the worst and hope for the best during relocation. Prepare first aid bag for the move. Since you never know what can happen and if someone’s going to be sick during relocation, it’s good to pack some medications and keep them at hand. Make sure to pack some basic things such as thermometer, something for motion sickness, allergy medicine, cold/flu cure, band-aids, ointment, after-bite and other. Also, find out when you need junk removal services.

Don’t forget to pack important medical items in your carry-on for the flight.

Get rid of empty bottles and expired medications

There’s no point in relocating almost empty bottles and expired medications. Make sure to dispose of expired medications and those that have changed their appearance. Get rid of empty bottles, and move less things. You know that movers charge by the weight of shipment. Why moving tons of unnecessary things when you can easily buy the new ones after the move?

pack your medical cabinet
Get rid of all expired medications and empty bottles before moving.

Pack your medical cabinet for long-distance moving

Long-distance moving usually means flying. If you’re flying pack your medications in a carry-on bag. Although every item brought onto an airplane must be screened, you’ll be able to bring medicines with you. In the US airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers to move medicines. But, the rule is that you need to place them in 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or smaller containers in a one-quart size clear zip-top plastic bag along with other personal liquid and gel items. Besides, the screening officer may ask you to open your bottles or containers for inspection and testing. For more information about packing the medicine cabinet, contact your airline.

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