How to pack & move fishing equipment

Relocating fishing equipment is a delicate and complicated task even for the most experienced fishermen. If you’re a fisherman or just passionate fishing enthusiast, who’s about to move, learn how to pack & move fishing equipment properly! Follow our tips and move your fishing equipment safely to your new home like a pro. Are you moving soon? Hire long-distance movers Virginia, and relocate without stress!

Find the best transport before you pack & move fishing equipment

If you’re moving interstate or overseas, and traveling by plane, read the terms & conditions of your airline first. Next, group rods and tape them together, or leave in their original package. Just make sure to remove sharp parts and other equipment like knives, metal rod holders, hooks, because they’re not allowed on planes. As for trolling reel, you can place it in your check-in bag. But, detach the line from the reel first. If you’re moving by car, you can move it in the car itself or on the roof rack, depending on the size. Hiring long-distance movers Miami is the safest option to relocate your household and fishing equipment.

pack & move fishing equipment
Fishing rods can be uncommonly long and have delicate parts. Measure everything to find the best transporting way.

Find appropriate packing supplies

To pack and move your fishing equipment safely, find the following supplies:

  • cardboard tubes/pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • moving box
  • bubble wrapping
  • air-filled plastic padding
  • packing paper
  • tape
fishing equipment in a box
There are many specialized boxes for transporting fishing equipment in the market.

Also, don’t forget to check the pros and cons of self-packing when moving.

Protect your fishing rods

The fishing rods and reels are delicate and the most important parts of fishing equipment. Before you put them into cardboard tubes, use bubble wrapping and wrap them individually. This will prevent damaging, scratching and breaking during transport. If you’re moving your household, too, learn how to pack a home grill.

fishing rods
Make sure to wrap fishing rods separately with bubble wrapping.

Remove the reel

Unfortunately, the reel usually doesn’t fit into the tube because the tube isn’t wide enough. So, you need to remove it, wrap carefully in bubble wrapping or in its original case. When you remove it, wrap it in packing paper or bubble wrapping, place it in the moving box and label it.

Pack rods in cardboard tubes or pipes

The safest way to pack & move fishing equipment is by using cardboard tubes or pipes. Just carefully slide wrapped up fishing rods into the tube. Then, put air-filled plastic padding or bubble wrapping to secure them. Place the end caps on both sides of the cardboard tube or pipe and tape them. And if you don’t have caps, you can cut the round pieces from cardboard and tape them. Besides, cardboard tubes and PVC pipes are budget-friendly! For example, 10-feet PVC pipe is up to $10. As for the cardboard tubes, you can get them in a local store. There are big chances that you’ll get them for free!

cardboard tubes
To safely pack & move fishing equipment, use cardboard tubes or pipes.

Do a quick shake-up test

We have to say, the job isn’t done yet. To make sure that you’ve packed your fishing equipment properly, do a quick shake-up test. Just shake the cardboard tube or pipe with rods and check if something is moving inside. If the rods are moving, use some bubble wrap, small foam pieces or cushioning and put it inside to prevent shaking.

Rent a storage container

After you learn how to properly pack a fishing rod, think about shipping or storing. The best way to store your fishing equipment safely is by renting a storage unit. But make sure to rent a climate-controlled unit. This is because it’s waterproof, and keeps the equipment free from moisture, heat and high temperatures.

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