Best Florida colleges to consider attending

We are very young when faced with the challenge of choosing a life-long path for ourselves. However, facing this challenge at such a young age can be frustrating. But it is crucial to inform yourself the best you can when choosing your career. So we are here to help decide with our list of best Florida colleges.

University of Miami 

You better call your interstate mover Miami because this university is your destination. It is located just outside the south of Miami. This institution is private on a 230-acre campus in Coral Gables. Therefore, It contains 11 undergraduate colleges and schools from architecture to law and medicine. Usually all students in the first year live on campus and a lot of upperclassmen. If you are asking yourself about clubs and organizations, the University of Miami sponsors over 275 of them. Being one of the best Florida colleges in the state, the University of Miami will probably exceed your expectations

A girl happy she is studying in one of the Best Florida colleges
The University of Miami is among best Florida colleges

 There is also the University of Tampa

Founded in 1931, the University of Tampa has quite a history. Total enrollment is around 8,400 and the size of the campus is around 110 acres. Furthermore, it is located just a few blocks from downtown. If you consider yourself a leader and someone who loves sales this is one of the best Florida colleges for you. Therefore, your only concern is to choose the course and let long-distance moving companies Tampa to handle the hard work. If you’re into something more you have about 20 sororities and fraternities and among 150 student clubs to choose from.

students in a classroom
Around 8,400 students enrolled per year

The University of Florida is calling you

Speaking of impressive working history, The University of Florida was founded in 1853. Pretty impressive, right?  However, this institution relocated in 1905 and now is divided into sections. The historic district alone has 19 buildings. It holds 16 colleges all from journalism to medicine and engineering. Therefore, if the University of Florida is your choice then inform yourself about moving in a hurry and get going! There’s a strong University’s commitment to serving you and the state by giving knowledge and doing their best.

College classroom
The University of Florida was founded in 1853

Rollins College is another excellent choice

As all of the above, Rollins College is a private 4-year institution. It is located in Winter Park and was the first recognized college in the state. As well as the University of Florida, it has a long tradition, being founded in 1885. The focus of one of the best Florida colleges is liberal arts and it consists of three colleges and schools. Therefore, international programs of Rollins College allow their students to study abroad through summer programs. That is an awesome opportunity to study and see outside of the state. Now all you need is to gather some dorm room meal recipes and the student life can begin!

a notebook, pencil and water colors
Rollins College is the place to study liberal arts

Here we have listed some of the best Florida colleges for you to attend. No matter your choice of profession, there is something for everyone! Therefore, good luck in finding your life-long path!

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