When do you need junk removal services?

Do you plan to move soon? This is an excellent chance to declutter and get rid of everything you are not using anymore. The very big and hard job is waiting for you, but you can look forward to it because, in the end, you will feel relieved and satisfied. Don’t be afraid if you have a lot to throw out, you can always use junk removal services. There are a few pointers to know when is the time to call a junk removal services.

Why hire junk removal services?

Although the name basically speaks for itself, there are different types of these services. Some of them offer demolition service, complete cleanup, picking up small and large appliances and furniture. This is not a simple trash pick up. Junk removal services is an entire industry based on assistance to declutter and remove everything when you are moving.

tree trunk cut down
Hire junk removal service when you have to clear out an entire property from debris, trash or cut down trees.

Moving out sometimes require so much work. Particularly when you are moving cross country. Hiring  Best Cross Country Movers is one way to make this whole process less stressful. Relocations only begin with decluttering, and you still have to pack and unpack and transport everything else.

People are moving from old and damaged houses and therefore require professional help. Junk removal services can also demolish any loose, shaky structure. This requires a permit as well as expertise. It is always better to hire somebody to do this for you. Maybe it looks like something that you can do on your own if you have a little experience, but it’s not. It is dangerous and unsafe to try out. You can cause more damage than benefit.

If you have a few things to carry out and throw, you can ask family members and friends to help you. In case you are clearing out a business and you have to get rid of some old equipment, broken or bulky and large it is wise to call junk removal services. They are equipped and trained to remove and properly dispose of all unwanted things from your house or property. 

Price and budget

old things gathered around
Junk removal service can also help you with a small number of things to throw.

Depending on the size of your trash and waste, a price will vary of course. Junk removal services usually base their price on the number of items you are disposing of. They can charge you a minimum load, that’s when they collect everything with a large truck with a container. You are paying a price for square footage and not for a number of items. The typical price goes from 70$ to 100$ for a minimum load.

Before you decide on junk removal service, feel free to check with their conditions and prices so you are sure that they’re the right one for you. There is no small or too large amount to pick up. It is simply a matter which company you will choose for your move. 

Once you finish with disposing of unwanted things you can prepare for moving. Pack everything you will transport to a new place. If you are stressing about packing, you can always hire a moving company that offers packing services. This will save you time and allow you to concentrate on other tasks. It is well-spent money if you have to work and you can’t take too many days for moving. Make sure that you plan this expense when you are setting a budget limit.

DIY junk removal

First things first, separate everything you want to throw out. Decluttering maybe seems like an easy task, but it is not always simple. Process of deciding what to keep is the hardest, especially if you are a little bit a collector. This is a time to be strict. You need to separate anything you haven’t used for a long time. Set a time frame, for example, 6 – 12 months, if you have used it in this period keep it. When you think that this might be useful sometime in the future, you will end up with a similar large pile of junk like in the beginning. 

Next step is to decide what you are doing with your unwanted belongings. Options are: donate it, sell it or toss it. If you have free time and you could use more money in your relocation budget, you can sell them online or maybe organize a yard sale. This requires you to invest some time in organizing and taking photos for a sale. But it will be worth it in the end. 

If you decide to clear out on your own, you can first check with your local waste management and ask if they want to take any large items and furniture. In case they are willing to collect oversized trash, you can simply leave it on the curb on trash day. They sometimes accept to collect larger pieces of furniture, but usually, they won’t take any electrical appliances.

Be careful when you are throwing out junk because you can’t just throw with the trash any hazardous materials. In some states, it is illegal to throw out paint cans in the trash. There is a proper way to dispose of this type of waste. Take directly to a waste disposal location any dangerous goods, like oven stove cleaners.

Storage units for short or long period

storage units
Nice, clean and pest free storage unit is an excellent way to keep your belongings.

One more great solution for when you are moving are storage units. Think about renting storage in a situation when you can not move all of your belongings to a new place. When you need to move out fast and your new house is not ready yet, hiring storage services will be the best solution possible. 

It also works in case you have too much stuff and you want to keep everything, then you can rent storage for a longer period and safely save everything you like. Check for conditions and price, because companies often give some kind of a discount if you rent it for a longer period.

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