Tips for moving in a week

Moving is one of the greatest potentially life-changing events in your life. It can bring us headaches and a lot of stress. But what makes it even harder is when you realize that you need to relocate within a week. Moving in a week is almost undoable without help and good organization. There are many things you need to cover so it is wise to start with the preparations immediately. A reason for the short notice relocation can be a new job offer, or your old family house finally sold. Whatever comes your way, you will handle it like a pro if you use some of the tips listed below.

Focusing on essentials

In order to easily get through this sudden change in your life, it is of great importance not to panic and make the whole process even tougher. You can follow some guidelines on how to prepare well, even if within a limited time. Moving in a week is not easy but it is doable provided it is well organized.

Schedule a moving company

The first thing you should do upon receiving the news of a sudden move is to call a moving company. But the lack of time we have on our hands makes our choice slim. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should choose whatever you find first. You should call as many companies as you can on the first day of organizing for moving in a week. If you are moving over the summer period, which is a peak season, most likely you won’t find many companies that can accommodate you.

Making contract with a reliable moving company can make your move much easier
Hire a professional moving company for moving in a week

Also, most of the companies are either booked or unable to act in such a short period of time. Call few companies, make a list of top three and make a choice. You can use cross country movers Columbia to take care of the job. Professionals with an experience are what you need here, so make the right choice. With different kind of services that they can provide your moving in a week will be easier than you thought.

Checklist for moving in a week

Next thing you should do is to make a moving checklist. Cover all the essential things you really need for the move. Your list should include basically all the items that will generate costs and will require your precious time. Go over your checklist several times to see if you need to add something, or if something is forgotten.

Moving costs

Now when you worked out the logistics of your move, you need to set your relocation budget. By walking through your checklist, you’ll be able to make an estimate of all the costs. Set the budget maximum and include hidden costs because they will appear when things are done in a hurry. There is a chance that you will miss something that will require additional expenditures, so be prepared for that.

Calculation of the relocation costs for moving in a week
Set your relocation budget

Best ways for effective packing if you are moving in a week

Such short notice will affect packing as well. If you decide to make it right and give a few days to a packing process that is fine. But in case that you have only one day to cover this due to lack of time, then you need a different approach.

Areas to cover

Inspect the area quickly, decide and pick two areas in your house. One to be used for segregating items you carry with you, and other for things you do not need anymore. Maybe this is the perfect time to get rid of the items that are collecting dust for some time now.

  1. A kitchen is usually a place that you should cover first since there are many things to pack. Use all your linen, towels and any other materials you can find. Even use some of your old shirts or any other clothing to tuck in your plates, silverware, and appliances. By doing this you will pack two boxes in one and use less packing materials in the process. The important thing is to safely pack electric items, and sharp objects, be sure that there are no liquids in boxes. This is an effective way to avoid property damage.
There are a lot of items in the kitchen that you should pack, so start your packing from there
The kitchen is the first area for packing
  1. Now you can cover other rooms and pack all your clothes and belongings. Best to start with a room that contains most of the items. Use plastic containers, bins, and boxes. You can even use garbage bags and sheets for most of the soft and unbreakable items. Also, take time to properly pack your valuable items, and to label all boxes for easier unpacking.

Other areas that you should have on your mind

  1. Garage, attic, and basement are usually the last areas to cover. Since you are short on time, try to avoid cleaning long-forgotten items that are collecting dust for years. Just pack them since they are most likely to go straight to the new garage and will be handled later.
  2. This is the best time to throw away things you don’t need anymore. You can also donate to charities or gift items to shelters or neighbors and friends. Also, you can store most of the items in a local storage unit and pick them later.
  3. The last thing is to pack your fridge since frozen items can’t hold long. Keep in mind not to stock food during a moving week because you will throw most of it away. Also, pack a bag with essentials like toothbrush, bandages, medicines and personal items, i.e. whatever you might need on the go.
Pack your tools and other items from the garage
Packing up the items from the garage or basement should be in the last place

If you don’t have time to focus on the things mentioned, you can always skip organizing. Cover whatever you think it is most important for moving in a week.

Get help from your friends and relatives when moving in a week

As soon as you are aware of the moving date, call your friends and family. Check their schedule for a week and ask if they can provide any help. If you have a slightly bigger budget, consider hiring professional cleaners because you might not have time to clean anything. Hire a professional packing service to cover everything faster. Charleston interstate movers are one of the companies that provide full service of packing and cleaning. And lastly, don’t forget to thank your friends by offering some food and beverages. Ordering a pizza is a way to go.


Find time in a moving week to take care of the administrative side of things. Check if all utilities are paid. Call in to discontinue the services you have and move them to a new address. Cover the change of address with a post office. Call your doctor and bank to move accounts and medical records near your new home. If you have kids take care of their school-record transfer. Also, do not forget important moving documents that you might need. These things should not be forgotten, even when moving in a week.

Sort out your personal and moving documents
Do not forget about your moving and personal documents

Now you can check around the house, room by room, to be sure that you did not miss anything. Remember to be stress-free, to stay positive and take care of your health. Moving in a week is one of the hardest things. We hope that the tips provided will make it a bit easier. Good luck and safe journey.

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