Best Christmas Towns in Florida

It is not unusual that so many families choose Florida for their Christmas. There are many reasons for that. First of all, it is a state with the largest number of warm and sunny days. Maybe because of that, or because of special types of people, the celebration starts in November. As if that is not enough, the fun lasts to the end of December and even longer than that. So, find out which are the best Christmas Towns in Florida and start preparing for a road trip.

How can you spend Christmas in Florida?

Thanks to the different types of celebration, everybody can find fun in Florida. In accordance with your interests and expectations, you can:

  • Experience a different type of Santa Claus in towns in Florida;
  • There is a different menu in every one of these towns for everybody’s taste;
  • The best Christmas towns in Florida have special lights in different colors;
  • Many of the towns are near the ocean, with great beaches;
  • You can choose one of the great parades or festivals;
  • Some of the towns have great theme parks for the whole family.

Festivals, parades, lights in different colors fulfill this celebration until the end of December. For people who love food, the best Christmas towns in Florida have a special menu for visitors.

Best Christmas towns in Florida for families

This is literally the best type of celebration for large families. Florida has many great small and big towns and every one of them is filled with entertainment. Best ways to spend Christmas in Florida actually include most places where the whole family can have fun.

Someone in a Santa suit taking a cookie
Santa Claus can show up in different shapes and wardrobe.


We cannot start with our list without naming Orlando as one of the best Christmas towns in Florida. Children will be pleased with numerous theme parks. Let’s list some of them:

  • Legoland,
  • Disney World, and
  • SeaWorld.

If you like fireworks, this is a great choice for you. There are also ice sculpture and dance parties for older visitors. Do not hesitate to call one of the best moving companies Orlando and move here. You will not regret.


This is the right time for moving to Florida with a family. Not is Miami great for living, but it also has many interesting things for Christmas. The fun starts here in November with a theme park that has great roller-coasters. Besides that, there are numerous lighting decorations on the streets and a great fair. Even older people can find fun at concerts and festivals. This is what makes Miami one of the best Christmas towns in Florida.


Can you imagine a better name for one of the top cities in Florida on Christmas? Maybe because of the name or great fun they offer, Celebration must be on this list. Younger children will be happy to see Disney World, while older people will love the snow and the romantic old train. This is maybe the only town where you can see something like the real Christmas.

The best fun for Christmas includes acrobats

Fort Lauderdale

Speaking about the train, it is great when you can travel by real Polar Express on Christmas. Ford Lauderdale offers exactly that type of fun. After you come to the train station, you will be able to meet Santa. They make performances and acting shows. If you love hot chocolate, this is a great opportunity to drink it on fake snow. Finally, this is one of the best towns in Florida for those who love water and boats.

Which are great towns for young people without family?

Even a little older people who have not planned to travel with the family can find fun. There are best Christmas towns in Florida that are interesting for people without children, too. Those are mostly center places for festivals and concerts. They also have Santa and lights on the street.


The name of this town speaks for itself. Not only that this town is on the beach, but the beach is great. It has great decoration, with numerous lights and balls. Not only do they have great decoration, but they also have competition in that. If you are willing to participate in the competition for best costume, you should hurry up. When you like this place, you can ask one of the long-distance movers Florida to move you here. Do not drink too much of champagne, though. As they claim, more than 30 types of this vine are served every year.

Cocoa Beach

Well, this is surely a great place for those who love a touch of summer for Christmas. One of the best Christmas Town in Florida is one of those sunny places with palms and sand. This is the right place to see one of the surfing Santas. They wear short pants but keep the Christmas attire. This ceremony has been around for only 10 years but it is already very popular. Most of the events are free. Thanks to low prices of the houses here, it’s ideal for moving to Florida on a budget.

Amelia Island

It is hard to say what is best in this town. Maybe great fun for young people, but also for elders. Let’s mention it as one of the 19th-century historic cities, so offers great educational walks. However, it has great holiday décor and lights. The place on the list of the best Christmas towns in Florida surely earned thanks to the pirates and vendors. They are always fun.

Green and cloudy Christmas in Florida.
Christmas places in Florida are mostly without snow


Speaking about the historical places, Apalachicola is surely one of them. You will be happy to see its interesting streets and seaside. They are full of small stores with decoration, traditional art, and pottery. On the other hand, there are great home-made pastries that this town is known to. If you love the sea, you can travel by shrimp boat. Santa will come by this boat, too. It has a spirit of the Christmas, but not that visible and obvious as other places.

That is why we put it on the list of the best Christmas Towns in Florida. For some reasons, it deserves that place on the list, even though it does not look like other towns.

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