Tips for hiring air freight forwarders

Shipping worldwide has never been easier than it is today. The prices of shipping became very affordable for both small and large businesses. Still, people are looking to save more money while shipping internationally. Many industries, like automotive, interior design, electronics, prefer hiring air freight forwarders. Check our tips before you choose this kind of service for your business! And if you’re relocating on a long-distance, find the best Cross Country moving companies to ship your household.

Why hiring air freight forwarders pays off

You must be wondering why hiring air freight forwarders is such a good idea. An air freight forwarder specializes in moving freight by air. They use specialized cargo aircraft. Air freight forwarders understand better export documentation and intricacies of air freight. This results in better air rates. Whether you’re shipping a small cargo or heavy one, the freight forwarder will take care of cargo from “dock to door”. They will arrange packing, crating, shipping, and offer an insurance. The freight forwarder may also arrange to have cargo moved from a plant to an airport by truck. Hire Nationwide movers Florida, and relocate without stress.

airplane with cargo
There are many advantages of hiring air freight forwarders

Find a reliable air freight forwarder

When hiring air freight forwarders it’s important to find a reliable professional. You can easily find it on the internet and read reviews to know what to expect. According to the research by Armstrong & Associates, the leading 25 airfreight forwarders recorded a 4.2% increase in volumes to 16.7m tons during 2018. Currently, the best air freight forwarders are DHL, Kuehne & Nagel and Yusen. Make sure to discover when do you need junk removal services, before shipping.

DHL airplane
Read online reviews from other customers and ask all questions you have, in order to find a reliable air freight forwarder.

Take air freight forwarding insurance

No matter the value and the amount of shipping, take air freight forwarding insurance. They have customized insurance policies to protect your cargo. Unexpected situations such as weather problems and mechanical failures in the aircraft can damage your cargo. Insurance guarantees safety and prevents massive financial losses. If you’re preparing performing art tour, discover how to properly pack paintings for transport.

a photo of moving insurance
To provide guaranteed safety to your cargo, take air freight forwarding insurance.

Ask questions about their services

Depending on your cargo, choose forwarders specialized in shipping valuables, fragile items or hazardous goods. Ask air freight forwarders about their additional services like storage options and cargo packing. Some forwarders offer in-country transportation, insurance, expediting, warehousing, relocations, packing, loading, etc.

portable containers
Ask an air freight forwarder what are the additional services and if they offer storage options.

Warehousing solutions

Airfreight forwarding service is of great importance when it comes to music tours, famous events, and sports competitions. Band managers usually take warehousing service from air freight forwarders. This service can save you money and time. Before you consider hiring airfreight forwarders, check the latest top air freight forwarders list.

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