Guide to moving from Miami to Orlando

You want to move out of Miami, but still stay in Florida? If this is the case then moving from Miami to Orlando is the right choice. You won’t manage to avoid tourists but there are other benefits to this relocation. Take some time to consider the main reasons before you start packing.

Moving from Miami to Orlando

Miami is approximately 240 miles away from Orlando. As you already know, the weather will be almost the same as it is in Miami. If you are not ready to give up nice days in the sunshine, it is alright, because Orlando has nice weather as well. If you are currently living in Miami this is something you are really familiar with. So let’s get on with other important things.

Revise the reasons for your relocation

Wherever you decide to move, you probably already have a good reason to do it. 

People tend to move mainly for better job opportunities, nicer homes, better neighborhood, or love interest. This is the first step in your moving preparations. Weigh all the upsides and downsides of your relocation. If you haven’t thought it through, you might end up feeling regretful.

Moving for work

Before you start to plan your move or even contact some long-distance moving company Miami, research the job market in Orlando. Since it is a city that attracts thousands of tourists every year, you will be able to find a job in this line of work. 

Orlando is a little cheaper than Miami

Another popular reason for people to move is to save money in everyday life. Orlando is a little cheaper for life than Miami. Bare in mind that you are still in Florida. Most prices will still be the same.

Public transportation 

Of course, you won’t move somewhere simply because of public transportation. Although it should be one of the things you consider when you plan your life somewhere. Orlando has an important plus and this is public transportation. Sure, the traffic is horrible, especially because of so many tourists visiting. But residents have options like the LYNX bus system. From city buses to small vehicles, LINX offers you an easy means of transport. Bicycles are welcomed on the buses, so you could continue to drive a bike or start, once you move. 

Electric train passing trough beautiful parks
Besides better public transport, Orlando has beautiful parks to offer to its residents.

The electric commuter train is another option for public transport. It connects north and south. 

Orlando is more suitable for families

Orlando is more family-friendly than Miami. Miami is more of a place for couples or singles. Therefore it is the usual choice for breaks and vacations. Residents have different discounts in theme parks, after tourist leave. Moving from Miami to Orlando with kids can be exciting for them. Disney World is one of those parks with discounts for locals.

Disney castle
If you are moving with your kids, they will love to live in the city where there is a Disney World.

Besides theme parks, Orlando has a thing for “green”. The city has planted thousands of trees and still try to live eco-friendly. They are adding more hybrid garbage trucks and also green retrofit houses. This is why it is a perfect place to raise kids. 

Plan your relocation

When you decide on moving from Miami to Orlando, you need to start plan relocation at least a month or two in advance. 

  • The first step is to decide on what neighborhood you want to live in. Try to visit and find a new residence. You can see in person how it looks like. 
  • After that choose Orlando long distance movers and get a moving estimate. When you want to set a budget for relocation, make sure that you get a written estimate from your movers. There are a lot of scams and hidden expenses you need to avoid. A moving company usually sends someone to assess your belongings so they can give you an approximate price. Long-distance moves are more expensive. This is a good opportunity to declutter and get rid of everything you don’t use. Move with fewer belongings to your new home. This way you will start fresh and at the same time, you will save on moving expenses.
  • Pay for packing service if your budget allows you to.
  • Beverages and food are something that most movers won’t transport. Anyway, you don’t want to take food with you when you are moving long distance. Start to use everything you have in your pantry and kitchen. Use as much as you can before a moving day and avoid food waste.
  • See what you need to repair or replace in your house before you move out. This is especially important if you are living in a rented home. Check your lease and contract.

Make lists

Moving causes stress and pressure on people. Avoid forgetting an important task by making a task list. This is quite simple to make. Just write everything you can think of and finish them as you go. Relocation is more efficient and goes smoothly with this simple list. Cross off finished task and when you get to the end, you are good to go.

Writing a checklist when moving from Miami to Orlando
Moving from Miami to Orlando will be much easier with few checklists

An inventory list is another useful item for a moving day. Make inventory about valuable belongings and get them insured, just in case. 

Moving day survival kit

Long-distance moves are easier when you are prepared for the trip. Make your own survival kit. Pack in a bag or suitcase food, drink, documents, keys, cash and credit cards. Literary anything you might need during the transport.

Check everything twice before you leave, because you can’t just turn back if you forgot something.

If you are traveling by car, you need to check your car before you go. Change oils, check tires, battery, lights and avoid making a pitstop along the way.

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