Shipping cars abroad – how to do it?

There are always some rules you need to follow when you are shipping either large quantities of items or some huge items. It is no different from cars. Shipping cars abroad requires preparation, paperwork and some other things we will mention in the following article. Don’t think of it as something hard to do! With our guide, you will know everything there is to know about car shipping and transportation!

Shipping cars abroad requires a professional company

When you are about to ship something as big as a car then you can’t just leave it in the hands of any company. Shipping companies must have proper licenses in order to ship cars abroad.  So, the very first thing you need to do is start searching for a reliable company that will help you ship your car abroad. So, try to make a list of international car shipping companies that you are interested to use. There are several ways you can do that. Use Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other places to search for them. The most important thing to remember is that these places are a good source of information you will need!

Woman on a tablet searching for a good moving company that offers Shipping cars abroad
Use the internet to find good companies that offer shipping cars abroad

Another part of that research is whether or not they have proper licences to do what you need them to do. Freight forwarders must have FMC licenses and some can even have licenses that allow them to transport special kind of items. DOT licenses are a must-have for any domestic transporting company. Always ask for their dot number! This is only to protect yourself from any possible fraud. But, luckily for you, the risk of frauds are very low since the strict rules about international transportation are hard to bend. This is something very good because you have higher chances to find reliable interstate movers Florida for your car shipping!

Compare the costs of car shipping

When you narrow down the list of companies that can transport your car abroad it is time to compare all the prices of the estimates. Ask them to give you a quote and then write it down. Costs of shipping cars abroad can vary from company to company. Within this information, you will also receive information about departure, ports, overall costs, documentation and other information as well. Once you gathered all the information you should start comparing their costs. Bur remember the cost of shipping doesn’t include the quality of services. Just because some company is expensive doesn’t mean they will do it professionally. The best thing to do is to check their reviews and feedbacks. Check with their former customers in order to know what you are dealing with. A good review means you are probably dealing with one of the Best Cross Country Movers out there!

image of scales
Compare the estimates of the companies you are interested in


Start preparing your car

After you decided what company will ship your car abroad, it is time to prepare it for transportation. First thing you should start with is cleaning your car. You should clean both the interior and exterior. This means your car will have its freshness the moment it arrives at the destination. Now, there are several ways you can clean your car and they actually all work. All you have to do is to decide what suits you the most. The thing is, if you do not have enough time to clean it yourself, you can go to the carwash. But, that can cost you more money and time if you are already on a budget. There are simple ways to clean your car perfectly you should now more about.They will surely help you with your car cleaning so you will ship it in mint condition!

A man washing his car
Clean your car before you ship it

Removing hazards

Next stop is to remove any fluids and items that can cause any hazard in your car and the transportation vehicle. That includes some small items, tools gasoline, other flammable liquids and other items that can damage your car during the transportation. Have in mind that weight of the car is also included in the transportation price. This means that your goal should be making it as light as possible. To do so, try to remove any extra items from it that you don’t really need to transport. Try not to fall victim to those company who says that they can move something that others usually do not. The rules regarding safety hazards and transport regulations are not “unwritten rules”. They are laws that transporting companies must strictly obey if they want to continue working in that field. Knowing that it should be your top priority to know how to avoid moving scams, so shipping cars abroad will come easy!

a flammable sign
Remove anything hazardous from the car

Get all the paperwork ready

Last, but not least thing you need to finish up is to gather all the paperwork needed for your car transportation. Usually, you can ask your moving company for all the information you will need regarding that, but occasionally you will have to get some extra papers. That all varies from state to state. Because every state has its own set of rules that may not differ that much. But still, you should obey and follow them in order to have successful car transportation.  So if you decide to move your car anywhere in South Carolina learn more about the things to do before moving a car to SC.

Shipping cars abroad can be really easy if you do it on time and prepare everything you need for transportation. With our guide at your disposal, you will surely have no issues whatsoever! If you feel like we missed something important, then please leave a comment in the comment section down below!

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