How to organize a company HQ relocation

A company HQ relocation is a big challenge that carries both possible gains and losses. If you’re about to expand your business and relocate, it’s important to know what are your main responsibilities and how to move HQ properly. Follow our steps and you’ll manage to complete all moving tasks! Choose Interstate moving companies Miami and relocate your office without stress.

Prepare your budget before a company HQ relocation

As much as you are prepared for a company HQ relocation, don’t forget to prepare the budget. Calculate all moving costs, new office space costs and set up a budget with your managers. Moving business requires a lot of money. And remember, set a bit larger budget for unwanted moving situations. Hire Orlando long distance movers to help you pack and transport IT equipment.

income tax and calculator
Calculate all moving costs and set a moving budget for a company HQ relocation.

Organize a meeting with employees and build a moving team

Before a company HQ relocation, organize a meeting with employees and build a moving team. Together, set up a moving budget. Find a reliable moving company, set important tasks, and choose who’s in charge of packing personal items. Find out how to expand business outside Florida and relocate your offices.

meeting with employees
Organize a meeting with employees to build your moving team and create relocation tasks.

Update your website and inform clients about moving

A company HQ relocation is not important only for your business, but for your clients and customers, too. Don’t leave outdated information on your company’s social media profiles. Change the company’s location on Google’s maps. Add new e-mail and contact numbers, so people can easily find you online. When moving many offices consider renting a moving truck.

Move during the off-peak season

Choose the right time to move and save money! Plan your moving date months ahead and move during the off- peak season to get cheaper moving services.

a company HQ relocation calendar
Think about when it’s the best time to relocate your company

Hire IT technicians to back up your data

Moving a business is risky because of possible losses of important information. Before packing and moving IT equipment, hire IT technicians to back up data. They’ll make adjustments before the complete system shut-down.

man using a computer
Moving business has many risks. Don’t forget to hire technicians to back up all important data before relocation.

Create a separate e-mail or a group for move-related announcements

It is very important that everything about moving is transparent and accessible to all employees. Create a separate e-mail or a group chat to let them ask you questions about moving. Stay connected and everyone will be informed on time.

Hire professional movers and take moving insurance for a company HQ relocation

There are many benefits of hiring a moving and storage company while relocating a company. Don’t overestimate your skills and hire professional movers to avoid loss of business. Have in mind that your employees aren’t professional movers. Movers have the experience, equipment, packing supplies and a moving truck to relocate your office efficiently. And choose the right moving insurance to guarantee safety to your items.

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