The Cost of Renting Portable Storage

Are you planning to move, and you are looking for a storage unit? The thought of moving all your belongings from one house to another is exhausting. Have you considered renting portable storage for the next move? Even if you only move a few streets, you still need to think about renting a truck, trying to find friends or family who would like to help unload the truck, etc. Performing an intercity or interstate move? It looks like an even bigger headache. Not only do you need to hire long distance movers Georgia, but you also need to make sure that everything is safe. Fortunately, we have a solution for this. Make your life easier and more cost-effective thanks to portable storage – which you will learn all about in the following paragraphs.

What Is Portable Storage?

Understanding what portable storage is and its history is crucial when creating a storage plan. This concept, a game-changer in the storage and moving industry involves mobile storage containers delivered to and picked up from your location. This innovative idea emerged in the late 20th century as a flexible alternative to traditional storage methods. It quickly gained popularity, especially in countries like the United States, where people highly value mobility and convenience.

These storage units, designed for easy transport and durability, ensure the safety of your belongings during transit or storage. Made from robust materials like steel, they withstand weather conditions and provide secure storage. The concept has found widespread use, from simplifying home moves to offering temporary storage during renovations or providing extra space for businesses.

Understanding the history and functionality of portable storage helps in creating a storage plan that meets your needs. Whether relocating across town or the country, these units offer a practical, secure, and efficient way to manage your belongings during the transition.

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Before renting portable storage, you need to learn all about it

Consider Renting Portable Storage for Your Next Move

Portable storage containers are a popular choice for many due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and the ease they bring to the moving process. The Best Cross Country Movers can explain this straightforward process:

  • The container is delivered to your location.
  • You can load it at your own pace.
  • Once ready, a simple phone call ensures the container is transported to your new location.
  • The container can also serve as a storage solution during transitions.

From the moment you decide to move, having a storage container at your home is an excellent strategy for packing at your leisure, enabling a calm and organized relocation.

However, this service might not suit those who need to pack, move, and unpack all in one day. In such cases, consider contacting long distance movers Florida who specialize in these kinds of moves.

The convenience of having containers delivered to you cannot be overstated. These containers offer easy, ground-level loading, simplifying the task of moving your belongings without the need to climb into trucks or fill and empty car boots and seats.

You pack at your own convenience

Renting portable storage for your move offers a flexible solution for sorting and decluttering before packing. It allows you the freedom to carefully choose what to take to your new home while setting aside items you no longer need or use. This opportunity to sell or donate unneeded belongings can be both liberating and practical.

Moreover, you have the option to enlist professional packers to assist or manage the packing for you. This can be arranged at the time you request your moving quote. The beauty of this approach is that you’re in control of the timeline. Once your containers are packed and ready, a simple call to the company ensures they are transported to your new location.

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Portable storage units are convenient for all types of items

This aspect of renting portable storage transforms the moving experience. It alleviates the usual rush and stress associated with moving days. Instead of a single, hectic day, you have the luxury of packing in stages, ensuring everything is organized and secure. This method is particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules or large households where packing in one go is not feasible. Additionally, it allows for a more thoughtful organization of your belongings, ensuring that items are packed logically and accessibly, making unpacking at your new home much more straightforward and less time-consuming. This approach not only simplifies the moving process but also makes it a more enjoyable and less intimidating task.

You can put the whole container into storage

Using storage containers during a move offers unparalleled flexibility, particularly when it comes to storing your belongings for any duration. Whether you’re transitioning between states, waiting for a home settlement, or constructing your new abode, these portable containers can be securely stored in dedicated vaults. Alternatively, you have the option to keep them at your own location for easy access. This adaptability is a significant advantage, as it caters to various timelines and needs.

Statistics show that the use of portable storage containers has increased, with a significant percentage of people opting for this solution due to its convenience and security. These containers provide a safe environment for your belongings, reducing the risk of damage or loss often associated with traditional moving methods. Additionally, having access to your items, whether they are stored on your property or at a storage facility, adds a layer of comfort and accessibility that many movers appreciate. This flexibility, combined with the assurance of security, makes portable storage containers an increasingly popular choice in the moving process.

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The whole container can be put into storage!

These containers offer safety and peace of mind

Portable containers offer a secure solution for storing your belongings. As the sole key holder, you maintain exclusive access, ensuring that your items are safe, whether you’re in the process of packing or unpacking at home or at a storage site. These containers are constructed with a durable steel frame and are made from weather-resistant materials, providing an added layer of security against environmental elements.

Notably, the robust design of these containers protects against weather and deters theft and vandalism. This security feature is especially beneficial for those storing valuable or sentimental items. Additionally, the convenience of having the container on-site allows for easy access to your belongings whenever you need them without compromising on safety. With these containers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are securely stored yet readily accessible, blending flexibility with security in your moving or storage process.

Versatility in use

Portable storage units are not just for moving; they offer a range of versatile uses, making them an invaluable resource in various situations. For example, during home renovations or remodeling, these containers provide a secure space to store furniture and belongings, keeping them safe from dust and damage. For businesses, they serve as temporary warehouses or extra storage for inventory, especially during peak seasons. Event organizers find them useful for storing equipment and supplies securely on-site. This adaptability makes portable storage a practical solution for many needs, not just during relocation. Considering this, knowing when is the right time to start packing is essential. Whether for moving, storing, or any other purpose, starting early and planning effectively ensures maximum utilization of the portable storage unit.

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These containers are versatile

Reducing environmental impact when renting portable storage

Utilizing portable storage units contributes to green moving and storage practices, significantly reducing environmental impact. These containers often transport less frequently than traditional moving methods, resulting in lower carbon emissions. Furthermore, the durability and reusability of these units mean fewer resources are needed over time, unlike disposable moving supplies. Many portable storage companies adopt eco-friendly practices, such as using recycled materials to construct their containers and implementing fuel-efficient transportation strategies. By choosing portable storage, you facilitate an easier move and support sustainable practices, playing a part in protecting the environment.

Bypassing warehouse handling

One of the significant advantages of portable storage is the ability to bypass traditional warehouse handling. This direct transport from your original location to the destination ensures fewer instances of loading and unloading, reducing the risk of damage to your belongings. This method is particularly beneficial for fragile or valuable items that require careful handling. Moreover, direct transport with portable storage saves time and simplifies logistics, as it eliminates the need to coordinate between multiple storage and transport services. This streamlined process is beneficial when planning how to load a moving truck efficiently, ensuring your items are secure and reach their destination safely and promptly.

Flexible rental terms

The flexibility of rental terms with portable storage units allows customization to fit your specific moving or storage needs. Whether you require short-term storage during a quick move or long-term solutions during an extended transition, portable storage companies offer a variety of rental periods. This flexibility is crucial for those with unpredictable schedules or unforeseen delays in their moving process. Additionally, the ability to choose the size and number of containers ensures you only pay for the space you need. This adaptable approach to moving and storage provides both convenience and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of scenarios.

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Flexibility is often important

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of renting portable storage varies depending on your chosen company and several key factors that impact pricing. Understanding these factors is essential, especially when you’re planning to pack items for shipping or moving.

  • Firstly, size plays a crucial role in determining the price. Portable storage units come in various sizes; the larger the unit, the higher the cost. This is because larger units offer more space and, thus, can accommodate more items. If you’re moving a large household or have bulky items, you’ll likely need a bigger container, increasing the cost.
  • Secondly, the length of the lease significantly affects the price. Short-term rentals, like for a few days or weeks, generally cost more per day compared to long-term leases. If you need the storage unit for an extended period, many companies offer discounted rates for longer commitments, making it a cost-effective solution for prolonged storage needs.
  • Thirdly, location influences the rental cost of portable storage. Prices may vary based on the region, with costs potentially higher in urban areas compared to rural locations. Additionally, the distance the container needs to travel from the storage facility to your location can affect the price. Longer distances require more fuel and labor, increasing the overall cost.
  • Lastly, the total distance of your move also plays a part in pricing. For instance, if you’re moving across the state or country, the transportation costs will be higher compared to a local move.

When considering renting portable storage, weighing these factors to understand the total cost is crucial. Doing so allows you to budget accordingly and choose the best option that aligns with your specific requirements and financial constraints.

Average Prices of Portable Storage in the USA

Across the United States, the cost of renting portable storage varies widely, depending on factors such as size, rental duration, specific needs of the move, and the overall cost of living in the area. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $180 to $300 per month for a standard-sized portable storage unit. These costs can escalate if you require larger units or additional services like long-distance transportation or professional packing assistance. It’s important to note that these are general estimates, and prices can differ based on the state and the local demand for these services.

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The cost of renting these containers depends on the area’s cost of living

New York

In New York, the bustling urban landscape and high demand for moving and storage solutions mean that portable storage costs are typically on the higher end. For a standard unit, prices can range from approximately $200 to $400 per month. Factors like the proximity to the city center, parking availability for the unit, and seasonal demand can influence the cost. Additionally, for moves requiring long distance movers New York, integrating portable storage into your plan can streamline the process but may add to the overall cost.


The cost of portable storage in Florida, known for its vast suburban areas and popular coastal cities, varies significantly. On average, you might pay between $150 and $300 per month for a standard-sized unit. In cities like Miami and Tampa, where moving and storage demands are high, prices might be on the upper end of this range. For those planning longer relocations within the state, working with long distance movers Florida can complement the use of portable storage, though this will factor into the total moving budget.


In Washington State, particularly in tech hubs like Seattle, the cost for portable storage can range from $180 to $350 per month. Factors like the local cost of living and the logistical challenges of urban settings influence these costs. In addition, the unique weather conditions in Washington might necessitate specialized storage solutions, potentially affecting the price. When planning larger moves, such as across the state, it’s advisable to consult long distance movers Washington, who expertise will greatly ease this transition.

Picture of the Space Needle in Seattle
In big cities, the cost of renting portable storage tends to be higher


California’s diverse regions, from cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to quieter suburban areas, see a wide range of prices for portable storage. Typically, costs can range from $150 to over $400 per month, depending on the unit’s size and location within the state. Urban areas with high demand for storage and moving services tend to have higher prices. Thanks to the fact that CA is one of the most populous states, it is safe to say that long distance movers California have the highest skill level when it comes to packing items, whether it is for storage or transportation.

Portable storage costs in Texas

In Texas, with its expansive geography and major cities like Houston and Dallas, the cost of portable storage can vary significantly. Prices generally range from $120 to $300 per month for a standard unit. The cost can fluctuate based on factors like the specific city, the unit’s accessibility, and the duration of the rental. In Texas, where long-distance moves are common due to the state’s size, combining portable storage with services from long distance movers Texas can be an efficient solution.


In Utah, a state known for its varied landscapes and growing urban areas, the cost of portable storage also shows a range of prices. In cities like Salt Lake City and Provo, where there’s a mix of urban and suburban living, a standard portable storage unit generally costs between $130 and $280 per month. Factors influencing these costs include the location within Utah, the unit’s size, and the rental duration. Utah’s diverse geography, from mountainous regions to more urban settings, can also affect the logistics and cost of delivering and maintaining portable storage units. It’s beneficial for individuals planning a move to Utah to seek quotes from various long distance movers Utah, to ensure they receive the best price and service for their specific needs.

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Renting portable storage in Utah comes at a reasonable price


In Idaho, with its picturesque landscapes and growing cities like Boise and Idaho Falls, the approach to renting portable storage often begins with considering long distance movers Idaho. This initial step is crucial, especially for those planning substantial relocations within the state or beyond. The cost for portable storage in Idaho typically ranges from around $120 to $270 per month for a standard unit. This variation in price is influenced by several factors unique to Idaho, including the rural-urban divide, which affects transportation logistics and the availability of services. The state’s topography, with mountainous areas and plains, can also impact the cost, especially in terms of delivery challenges and maintenance of the storage units. Moreover, Idaho’s seasonal weather conditions might necessitate specific types of storage solutions, such as climate-controlled units, which could influence the rental price.

What to Consider Before Renting?

  • When evaluating different companies and their quotes for renting portable storage, it’s essential to consider the cost of the container’s cubic meter space. Portable storage containers come in various sizes; not all companies offer the same options. Some provide only one standard size, which might require renting multiple containers for a more significant move. Others provide a selection of sizes, ranging from small to large, catering to different needs, whether moving from a compact one-room apartment to a spacious five-bedroom house.
  • In addition to size and cost considerations, another critical factor is the company’s support team. These professionals play an important role in coordinating your move. They guide you through various options and ensure that your chosen service aligns with your specific requirements, including packing on short notice.
  • Before renting portable storage, consider the accessibility of the containers. Some units may be more user-friendly, with features like ground-level access, making loading and unloading easier.
  • Also, check the company’s policies on duration and flexibility. A company offering flexible rental terms can be invaluable if your plans are uncertain.
  • Furthermore, review the security features of the containers. Durable, weather-resistant materials and secure locks are essential for protecting your belongings.
  • Lastly, inquire about the company’s reputation and customer service. Reading reviews and asking for recommendations can provide insights into their reliability and quality of service.

These considerations will help ensure that your portable storage rental meets your needs effectively.

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You need to consider a lot of things before making a decision

Portable Storage Solutions Are Waiting for You!

If you are considering renting portable storage for your next move, choose your company wisely. You need to consider everything. Compare all your offers, and decide which one suits you best. And don’t immediately go with the lowest price. Pick the one that meets your requirements and needs.

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