How to load a moving truck properly

One of the important aspects of moving is to know how to load a moving truck properly. If you are preparing for a DIY move, loading a moving truck will be on you. You will have to know what items to load first and how to arrange things if you want to fit everything into the smallest (and cheapest) moving truck. Of course, because of the effort you need to invest, many people decide to hire cross country moving companies, even though it is a slightly expensive option. If you are still thinking that you can do it all on your own, read the following lines and learn how to load a moving truck properly.

Loading a moving truck is not easy. Especially if you rent a small truck

When you are preparing for a DIY move, one of the things that you will need to think about is renting a moving truck. Of course, there are many different sizes of trucks. As larger trucks are more expensive, of course, your goal is to rent the smallest truck possible (not too small). If you do not make the precise estimate of the moving truck size that you require, you will essentially waste money. As you will be forced to rent another one or move back and forward with the one you got. And saving money is the main reason why you are involved in a DIY move in the first place. Long-distance movers Atlanta will exactly know how large your truck should be.

That is one of the advantages when you are hiring professionals to do the job. However, you can use their moving truck size guidelines to help you with the estimate. Alternatively, you can get advice from their representatives.

Illustration of a moving truck
You need to rent a truck of appropriate size

Remove the things you do not need before renting a moving truck

Before you start thinking about the truck, you need to do one important thing. That is to get rid of the excess items. Items that you are not using will take precious space in the back of your moving truck. And you will need to bother with packing and lifting them. Therefore, your first assignment is to clear out the junk. If you find lots of items that you would like to get rid of, you can even organize a yard sale and earn a few bucks before the expensive move.

Prepare a moving inventory list. It will be of much help during a move

Next, make your moving inventory list. This list should contain all items that you are planning to load into a moving truck. It will help you to keep track of your items during a move. But it will also be helpful when you start gathering necessary packing supplies.

If you want to load a moving truck properly, you will need to pack your items compactly – Gather necessary packing supplies

Of course, to be able to pack properly, which will help you load a moving truck tightly; you will need to gather necessary packing supplies. This essentially depends on the items you got. If you are moving for the first time, and you haven’t got a clue what you should prepare, call interstate movers Georgia for advice. They have lots of experience with packing people’s homes and will help you to determine exactly how many boxes and other essentials to prepare.

Boxes and packing tape
Make sure that you prepare enough packing materials

List of packing supplies that you might need

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes are going to be your best friend if you want to load a moving truck properly
  • Plastic containers will protect your most precious items
  • Plastic bags for clothes and bedding
  • Bubble plastic wrappings to keep your items safe during transportation, loading, and unloading
  • A few rolls of stretch foil
  • Moving blankets to protect larger items like furniture
  • Brown packing paper to wrap fragile items and fill gaps
  • The anti-slip paper will prevent your items to slide in the back of a moving truck
  • A moving dolly to help you move heaviest items and furniture
  • Lashing straps if you need to secure something from moving during transport
  • Packing tape

If you want to load a moving truck properly, you need to pack your items the right way.

If you prepared everything, it is time to start packing. Packing is not a simple task. Besides being stressful and tiring, you also need to know the principles. As your goal is to fit everything you own in a truck you rented you need to make sure that everything is packed tightly. There is room to waste any space. If you do not know how to do it. Or you do not want to invest that much effort into packing, you can always hire professional packing services. They will pack your items proficiently and securely, but they will also bring their own packing materials. Not to mention how fast they will be.

Before you start loading your stuff, get some help

When you are preparing to start loading a moving truck, make sure that you have enough people to help you. This is not an easy task and some items, like heavy furniture, are impossible to lift on your own. Therefore, call your friends to help you out.

Thumbs up with two hands
You cannot load a moving truck without any help

First, load heavy and bulky items

If everything is ready, you can start loading your truck. First, place anti-slip papers on the floor of the trailer. This will prevent things from moving. Then start loading in the heaviest and bulkiest items first. Of course, make sure that you arrange everything so you do not waste any space. You can do this if you place couches, tables, rolled up rugs and other large items in an upright position. To protect everything, use bubble plastic sheeting or moving blankets.

Load lightest items last

After you place heavy stuff, you can start loading lighter items and boxes. Try to arrange your stuff so that they cannot move or fall during transport. Make sure that you do not place heavy stuff on top of cardboard boxes. Especially with fragile items inside. Once you load everything, use lashing straps to secure everything that you think might move. And that’s it! If you load a moving truck following these guidelines your items will safely arrive at your destination.

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