When is the right time to start packing

Have you just found the house of your dreams? You probably feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Although finding a place to stay allows you to cross off a large item from your to-do list, now you have a difficult task: to pack the entire house in time for the move. There is no doubt that packing is the most time-consuming aspect of moving. When is the right time to start packing for the move? All experts advise the same: start as soon as the move is confirmed. To help you stay on track, follow this packing calendar as your moving day approaches.

Checklist to help you choose the right time to start packing

6 to 8 weeks before moving

  • Start cleaning up the basement, attic, garage, and storage areas. Decide what to keep and set aside everything that you do not need before moving. Then you can throw away or donate some of the items.
  • Explore the long distance moving companies Orlando you are interested in hiring. Read reviews, compare prices, and request moving quotes. Request proof of insurance for each company you are considering.
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Remember that when hiring an uninsured mover, you may be liable for property damage or personal injury

4 to 6 weeks before moving

  • Organize a moving sale. By completing this step well enough in advance, you are giving time to donate or throw away what is not for sale.
  • Select a long distance moving company Miami and confirm the date of the move.
  • Order packing materials. Hopefully, your relocation sales have helped you reduce the number of items so that you can order fewer boxes and make the relocation day easier.

1 month before moving

  • When you begin the packing process itself, adopt a labeling system to keep your items organized. Consider photographing the contents of each box to help you find what you are looking for later. You can also download a packing application, such as Moving Planner or Sortly, to help you take inventory your items.
  • Start packing jewelry and items you rarely use, such as china, holiday decorations, and everything in your storage.

2 weeks before moving

  • Start packing everything you don’t think is “necessary” for daily use.
  • Organize important documents, including invoices, promotions, insurance policies, and bank statements, to make sure they are packed securely in one box.
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If you have fewer items to move or don’t have much time, this can be the right time to start packing

1 week before moving

  • Complete packing of remaining essentials.
  • Start packing your essentials box, which contains everything you need, right up to the move and immediately upon arrival at your new home. Everything from toilet paper and cleaning products to changing clothes and cutlery is in this box. Those are basically the things you should pack last.

Get help with packing

If you are looking for packing materials or a team of professionals to expedite the packing process on the day of your move, Best Cross Country Movers is here for you! Moving companies from our database offer any level of assistance you need. For a hands-on experience, you can let them handle all the packing with their full-service offers. And, most importantly, they will know when is the right time to start packing.

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