How to pack and move outdoor furniture

Planning to move can be really difficult. Especially when you have to move the entire household. There are just too many items you need to pack and move at the same time. This can take quite a lot of time and preparation if you do not know how to do it. Reading this article will help you better prepare for the move. Here you will learn how to pack and move outdoor furniture without any issues whatsoever. Just continue reading and learn everything there is to it.

What to do before you pack and move outdoor furniture

There are many things you have to think about when you are moving your house. And planning to move your household is just one of them. Before you pack and move outdoor furniture you need to think about the place you are moving to. Does your new home actually have enough free space in the yard where you can put all those furniture? Downsizing is one of the issues people need to deal with when they want to pack and move outdoor furniture.

Think ahead before you move your furniture to your new home. For instance, do you really need all of those items? Also, if you are moving them all, you will certainly pay more for their packing and transportation. Making a good plan can help you deal with outdoor furniture when you are moving. But if you are sure you will transport every piece of furniture with you, then the steps we are about to tell you more about are very important.

Outdoor furniture
There are some steps you need to take before you pack and move outdoor furniture

One of the most important things you need to think about when you are planning to move your outdoor furniture is who are you hiring for it. Because if you do not hire proper moving companies to help you with your move, you are risking them damaging your outdoor furniture. Because of their lack of experience, they can easily damage your items by not packing them properly. When you leave it to the professionals to pack and move outdoor furniture, you will be certain that nothing can go wrong. Which is the case when hiring Cross Country Moving Companies. Only with the best movers at your side you can move your household items with ease.

Clean your outdoor furniture before moving it

Your furniture was outside for quite some time before you decided to move it. Now, this is not a regular piece of household furniture. Some of these are made entirely out of plastic or any other material. This is what makes it easier to clean everything. You won’t be needing any special kind of cleaning kits or chemicals to clean and maintain outdoor furniture. Because it is easy to clean, you won’t have any trouble doing it. All you have to get is some cloths, water and a regular detergent you can use to wash the outdoor future. It can be tricky if you are preparing big pieces for the move, but on the other hand, it will be a good idea to do it before moving. Because you do not want to transport your dirty furniture to your new home.

cleaning kits
You don’t have to use expensive detergents

If you are planning a long-distance relocation, then this is one step you absolutely need to take. Moving your furniture far away takes a lot of time. And it can get even dirtier during transportation. Also, cleaning and preparing it for the move will provide additional protection from outer elements like wind, sun, rain, etc. The other factor that plays a major role in the safety of your items is when you hire reliable Orlando long distance movers. Because if you leave it to the professionals to pack and move outdoor furniture, you won’t have any issues with it.

Get proper tools and start disassembling

Although the furniture you wish to transport is not complicated to dismantle, you should still think about getting the proper tools to do it. Some outdoor furniture like swings, for example, need to be dismantled with screwdrivers, etc. Learn more about what are the most important tools to have at home before doing anything. These items will greatly help you disassemble outdoor furniture. It is not always simple so make sure to remember how to put it back together after the move is done. If you have some small parts, put them in a box so you won’t lose them. After this, you should start packing your outdoor furniture for the move.

If you have small parts, you can wrap them in cardboard, nylon, or some old fabrics like t-shirts, blankets, towels, etc. This will provide them with a lot of additional protection, and it will be easier to pack them in the moving truck. If you want to move your outdoor furniture to your new home, then this is definitely a step you need to take.

house tools you will need when you want to pack and move outdoor furniture
Make sure you have proper tools

Start loading them into the moving truck

Like with every item in your household, you will have to know how to properly load those outdoor pieces of furniture into the moving truck. Always start with the big and heavy ones. You can always use them as a base to pile other boxes on them. Especially if they are sturdy and won’t get damaged during transportation. If they are heavy, you should always load them first. Because that way you can keep a good center of balance during the move. It is just one of the best tips to load a moving truck.

Settling in

Once you are done with your move, you should start unloading that outdoor furniture in your yard. Remember, they are not that important, so you should leave them last. Once you are done unpacking your home and settling in, then you can start assembling them again. Hopefully, you remember the way you dismantled them, so you won’t have any issues putting them back together. Making a list of the parts is a good idea because it will help you when you have to do it after the move.

In order to pack and move outdoor furniture, you should have some time to prepare. Depending on what kind of furniture you are moving, it can take a couple of days.  But, hopefully, with our article you won’t be having any of those issues. If you feel like we missed something, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below.

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