Tips for packing and storing tools

Having a lot of items to transport can be difficult. Especially if you know your way around tools and have a lot of them. There are many things you have to have in mind when you are packing and storing tools. Packing your tools properly will prolong their life and keep their quality high. This is important if you have some expensive tools you plan to use in the near future. In the following article, we will tell you more how to pack your tools for storage like a pro.

What to do before packing and storing tools

Like with every item you plan to store in storage units, you will have to know what kind of tools you are storing. The very first step you need to make is to make a proper list of the tools you have. Categorize your tools by how often you use them and their purpose. Meaning, you don’t want to place some tools you use often with seasonal tools and store them somewhere together. This list can help you a lot when it comes to packing tools. Because you will know exactly what you are dealing with. Also, it will make packing and storing tools easier.

different tools should be categorized before packing and storing tools
Packing and storing tools is easier if you categorize them

This is especially important if you are planning to move your household and your tools long-distance. Since you are moving some heavy equipment you will have a hard time doing it. This is where you can rely on the help of professional long distance moving Sarasota movers. With them, you can know that your tools will be transported with care.

How often do you use them?

Categorizing your tools is very important. Because it gives you a good idea of how often you use your tools. Since you won’t be using any seasonal tools, like those you use in winter, you will have to store them. That is the easiest way to get some extra room in your home. Once you have a clear knowledge of what items should go to the storage unit, you should start packing them. But, we will get to that part soon. Because there are some steps you need to take before storing those items.

tools on the shelf
You need to figure out how often you use your tools

Often people make mistakes when they think they can move their items by themselves. Especially when it comes to expensive tools and equipment. If you have any doubts about your moving skills then you should definitely seek the help of Cross Country Moving Companies. That’s one way to transport your items without them getting damaged.

Take good care of them

Like every item you have in your home, you will have to take good care of them. Especially when it comes to your tools. They can be very expensive and you need to maintain their quality. And that’s a fact. There are several ways you can do this, but it all depends on what kind of tools you have. Before packing and storing tools you have to learn how to take good care of your toolsYou should service your power tools if you do not know how to do it properly. These are very important steps you need to take before moving your tools to the storage unit.

Pick up proper boxes and crates

If you decide to store your tools for some time, you should always think about the proper boxes. Regular cardboard moving boxes won’t do the job. You will need something sturdy and hard that can protect them. Cardboard boxes are not good enough and might break if you try to carry them. They have a weight limit which bunch of tools can easily reach. Instead, there are a couple of other solutions you can use.  You should always opt for using wooden crates, plastic bins and toolboxes. They are sturdy enough and you can carry them around without any fear of them breaking apart.

tools in a tool box
Keep your tools in the tool box when storing them

Packing tools is a delicate work. You need to pack everything properly in order to keep them safe for the time being. It is also the same when shipping them. Shipping tools and machine parts will always require good packing techniques as well as materials. And you should always know more about the ways to ship machine parts safely if you wish to do it like a pro.

Start packing

Once you are done with the lists, categories, collecting packing supplies it is time to start packing those items. Certainly, you thought this step is easy. Believe it or not, packing tools for storage can be really tricky. Here’s the thing. Depending on what you are packing you will need different techniques. For instance, heavy tools have to be packed and you should put some items around them to prevent any damage. Also, you will have to find a perfect storage unit. Most importantly, those units need to be fireproof, as well as to have a constant flow of fresh air. Humidity is the number one enemy of any steel and metal tools. They can rust and become useless by the time you will need them again. So make sure you pack them in a good storage unit.

When searching for a storage unit, you will have to keep a lot of things in mind. Safety is just one of them. Let’s be honest, you are not storing something that is cheap. Tools can be very expensive and you can lose a lot of money if someone steals them. Which is why you will have to know more about the ways to find a good storage unit.

Packing and storing tools may seem like something that is easy to do. But unfortunately, it is not. Luckily for you, our guidelines are here to help. If you wish to add something to this list, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below.

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