Temporary office relocation tips

Relocating an office is always risky. If you plan to expand your business, check our temporary office relocation tips and find out what’s the most important while relocating your office. And if you already plan to relocate your office? Hire long distance movers Georgia and relocate safely.

Make a plan for temporary office relocation

Every success story starts with a good plan. Make sure to create a moving plan for temporary office relocation. You can discuss the plan with employees and see how much time you’ll need. An average relocation of small office takes at least three months to prepare, not to mention big companies. Start planning early and find a reliable moving company to help you relocate. Set up a moving budget and find affordable space to rent. If you need professional help to move your office equipment fast, check long distance movers Atlanta services.

calculator and paper with information
Calculate moving costs and new office space rent to set up a moving budget.

Find reliable and affordable moving company

When it comes to temporary office relocation, there is no space for doing DIY ideas. This time, you need to find a reliable and affordable moving company. Movers have long experience and proper equipment/packing supplies to relocate your office safely. Don’t risk damaging your PC, scanners, gadgets and other. Choose moving insurance and get guaranteed protection. Since business relocation has many challenges, make sure to discover tips to avoid employee conflicts when relocating.

movers loading the truck
Business relocation is a complicated process. Make sure you find a reliable moving company.

Set a meeting with employees to discuss temporary office relocation

Office relocation is often expensive. Discuss with your employees how to reduce employee relocation costs. You can set a regular meeting or make a presentation about temporary office relocation. Keep all employees informed about the move and let them discuss issues, tasks, and challenges.

employees discussing a temporary office relocation
Gather all employees and discuss temporary relocation office tasks and challenges.

Here are some important things to mention to them:

  • moving dates
  • new office’s address
  • their tasks during the move
  • what future moving information employees should expect

Move your IT equipment safely

Moving IT equipment safely is one of the main challenges of a temporary office relocation. Call technicians to disconnect and unplug all devices properly. Computers, scanners, servers, phones and other gadgets are expensive, but they also contain important data. Make sure to back up your data and documents before the move.

office with its furniture and equipment
One of the biggest challenges of office relocation is moving IT stuff and equipment safely.

Inform clients and customers about your new address

Even though it’s about temporary office relocation, you need to inform your customers and clients about that. Make sure to update new address early on your website and get new business cards.

Gather packing supplies and move some things on your own

One of the main tasks when you start to plan and organize office or business move, is to gather packing supplies and moving boxes. Even if you hire movers, you can relocate some stuff yourself. Get some free moving boxes and bubble wrapping and relocate your laptops, gadgets, documents and other.

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