Tips to avoid employee conflicts when relocating

Changes can be hard for everybody. Mostly, office relocation is the hardest for the employer, but everybody who works in that company is affected as well. Sometimes it brings out the worst in people. Help your employees cope with office relocation and try to avoid employee conflicts when relocating by preventing it with clear guidelines and empathy. A detailed plan of office relocation will be most helpful. Remember that you all are in the same situation and relocation has to be beneficial for everybody involved.

Start with simple things to avoid employee conflicts when relocating 

Simple things like changing your workspace or desk are usually a trigger for conflicts. It may seem frivolous, but believe me, every little thing counts. People are accustomed to their workspace and the change of scenery or even a chair can be stressful for them. Stress will cause them to feel the tension in the office. When you are making a new floor plan with your cross country movers Charleston make sure to organize a meeting with employees as well. Inform them in advance, so you can avoid any possible disagreement once you relocate. It is important to keep your workers relaxed and motivated for work. The business will suffer if you are losing time and energy on arguments. It is imperative to prevent and avoid conflicts when relocating so your business keeps growing.

A clear and detailed plan of moving helps avoid employee conflicts when relocating

Similar to any other move, office relocation demands planning. The difference is that it is more complex and it involves many people, as well. Make sure that everybody understands their role in your office relocation. Organize office meetings while you are in the process of planning. Ask your employees to participate with their ideas and you will be able to find the best possible way for your relocation, so the business continues on a daily basis.

An office meeting. Regular meetings will help avoid employee conflicts when relocating.
Short and frequent office meetings help everybody to stay motivated for relocation.

Use this time for organizing office documents, declutter your office space and throw out anything you won’t need in the future.

Understand how every workspace functions

In large companies, it is harder to be involved in every aspect of the business. It is not humanly possible to be on top of everything and to know every little thing that goes on in the office. That is exactly why you need to talk with your workers and acknowledge their workspace and role in the relocation. Accept that there can be an emotional attachment to their workspace. Especially if they work in the same position for a long time. Try to find time to find out what is important for them to keep in the new office.

Man looking at hand written plans
Make a layout and plan every workspace with the assistance of employees.

Different office layout usually means that you can’t get them the same workspace as the one they had. In that case, you can plan the new layout with them as the best way to avoid employee conflict when moving. Long distance movers South Carolina have experience in commercial moving and they specialize in moving solutions customized for individual needs. A reliable moving company is essential for any office relocation.

Get your workers to familiarize with a new workspace

Take your employees to the new office to see what it looks like. When they are familiarized with the new setting they can easily continue with their job. They will also know what to expect once you relocate. Avoid conflict on the first day of work in the new office by making employees feel comfortable. It is very helpful for them to know and prepare for their future. Maybe they can plan the time for commuting. Organize a training period in the new office if the job demands so. The goal is to transfer to a new place without any setbacks. 

Man sitting at an office desk
Allow your employees to see the future workplace to avoid conflicts when relocating.

Delegate tasks to avoid employee conflicts when relocating

Do not expect one or two persons to do everything. You have to delegate. Make sure that everybody understands what they have to do before relocation. Allow them to pack their own desks but make sure that everybody does the inventory of office materials and equipment. This is a good time to check if you need to get some new piece of equipment, a new desk, chair, a lamp or anything else. Movers offer an extended packing service that you can use for the whole office. Leave it to them to pack and disassemble larger furniture and electrical equipment.

Relocation packages for employees

Long-distance office relocation requires you to meet the needs of your employees. When you want to keep your workers you have to offer them good terms for their move. Relocation packages are something that is popular today and they are supposed to make the transfer easier for employers and employees. Typically, a relocation package includes

  • Transportation expense
  • Finding a home
  • Long term contract
  • Temporary housing

Not every package includes everything from the list above. It is different and it is made for individual employees based on their needs. The package has to be beneficial for both sides.

Depending on the position of your employee and their value, you can decide how you can help them move easier. The main purpose of the relocation package is to motivate them to relocate. How much you can and will invest in them is completely up to you. Avoid employee arguments when relocating with detailed conditions of a relocation package. Once you agree on the terms, make sure that employees are satisfied and motivated. 

Lump-sum relocation package

A lump sum relocation package usually offers employees an amount of money set up in advance. It is popular because it gives them flexibility when moving. They have no obligation to spend it in a certain way. The employee can decide how to spend that money. Whether they will pay movers or keep the money to themselves is completely their decision. This is one way to avoid employee conflicts when relocating.

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