Moving from Columbia SC to NC

When you are in search of a better life, nicer neighborhood, good job or beautiful surroundings you are willing to move even if it means moving to another state. Moving from Columbia SC to NC means you can get everything you have searched for. It is an excellent place for people with families, young entrepreneurs, and even retirees. When you start planning your move, begin with finding long distance moving companies South Carolina and start planning your new life in NC.

Moving from Columbia SC to NC

Before you even think about moving anywhere, you may want to learn a few things about why you should consider relocating to North Carolina from Columbia.

First, whatever reason you have for wanting to move, you will certainly try to find better conditions for you and your family. NC offers you all you need. With the risk of sounding like a commercial for NC, it is better to know the facts so you can decide for yourself. Before you start packing all your belongings and leave your home, you need to see the best way to do it. Consider packing services when you hire a moving company, so you can relieve yourself from extra work.

Why NC attract people to move there?

Let’s start with major living factors, such as the cost of living. When you manage to lower the cost of living, you will suddenly have more money in your wallet. It is like you’ve got a higher salary.

pile of bills, calculator and pens
North Carolina has lower taxes than South Carolina so you get to keep more money in your savings.

The cost of living includes rent, taxes, utilities, transportation, groceries, and other living expenses. North Carolina has low rent, lower utilities, and housing. It is significantly lower than the national average.

Beautiful landscape

If you are outdoorsy type and you like to spend your weekend or free days out in the open, this is a great choice for you. Moving from South Carolina to NC means you are still in the coastal area, and nearly half of the state is covered by coastal plains. Besides, there are beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls, and the famous Great Smoky Mountains National Park. All of this will allow you to enjoy your outdoor activities. Nice weather is only a plus for moving to NC. Warm and mild winters sound very attractive particularly for people who don’t like winter. Summers are hot and humid, but you can ease this by spending the time on a beach. You’ll love moving from Columbia SC to NC. Its location will allow you to enjoy nicer year-round weather.

Smokey waterfalls
North Carolina with its beautiful weather is great for anybody who likes outdoor activities.

Where to move from Columbia SC?

Planning of relocation should start a few months earlier. This will give you plenty of time to sort out every little detail of the move. When you are moving long-distance you need to plan every aspect of the relocation, sometimes it means that you need to travel to a new city so you can see first hand and make decisions about a job, neighborhood and other important things. Calculating your budget should also include moving costs. It is important to find a good reliable moving company. Sure, the price is important but it shouldn’t be the only thing you are interested in. When you are moving from SC to NC you have to find cross country movers Columbia because it is easier to organize the move with movers you can trust.


Morrisville is considered to be the most livable city in NC. It is actually a suburb of Durham and moving from Columbia to NC will give you that nice suburban feel. The place is excellent for families with kids but for young professionals, as well. It has a lot of parks and good public schools. The median home value is above the national average and most people here are renting houses.


It is a suburb of Raleigh and it is fast growing lately. An excellent choice for raising a family or even for a job. It is full of parks and greenery, a family-friendly place that is blooming. Some of its residents say that it is a beautiful place to live, but that fast growth can be a problem in the future. With fast development and new constructions also comes a lot of traffic.


This one is a suburb of Charlotte and it is a nice and relaxed lake town. Lake Norman is near and nice weather will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Rent is affordable and you will see that most apartments are spacious. It is a good place to live with family, to retire or if you are young professionals. A half-hour drive from both the larger city of Charlotte and the rural parts of NC place you in an excellent starting point for anything you need or like.

Charlotte aerial view. This city is a good option when moving from Columbia SC to NC
Charlotte has many welcoming suburbs if you like small-town feel.


Cary is another suburban place. It’s a suburb of Raleigh. Here, you will also have the same suburban feeling. Unlike Morrisville, people mostly own their homes in Cary. The downside is the lack of nightlife. But if you are searching for a place to raise a family, this is a great choice. You will see that public schools are highly rated in Cary.

Holly Springs

It is a good place in case you are looking for a job. It is also filled with parks. A very big pro for moving here is that it is a town that has a place for future growth. A suburb of Raleigh has nice community and people really enjoy living in Holly Springs.

Moving from Columbia SC to NC will give you a chance to experience a nice feeling of a close community in a nice neighborhood. It is surely helpful to have beautiful surroundings and save on taxes because the taxes in NC are lower than in SC.

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