Moving from NYC to SC – starter pack

Thinking about living NYC to move to South Carolina? Congratulations, you will be joining many people with the same idea. Moving from NYC to SC is an excellent idea if you don’t like winter, love barbecue, and more importantly would like to save some money with the cost of living. Read this and then find long distance moving companies South Carolina and start to plan your relocation. You will realize all the benefits of moving. 

Leaving NYC

People often say that the New Yorkers would never leave their beloved city. But when you think about it, NYC is expensive, crowded and the traffic is horrible. Among other things that New York has to offer, an attitude has always been one of them. You have probably joggled the idea of living in NYC for a long time. It is time to think about important life factors like cost of living, commodity, rents or housing, and then decide for the best possible choice. Once you decide that you are ready to leave NYC, you can start to explore other states. Moving from NYC to SC is a great example of current trends. South Carolina is in the sixth place of places that people are relocating in the last couple of years.

Moving from NYC to SC and what you need to know

Before you decide to move to South Carolina you can learn some facts about this state. It will be a lot different from New York City, of course, you still need to choose the city for your new home. 

Taxi in traffic in NYC
One thing you surely won’t be missing is traffic in New York City.

Moving from NYC to SC means moving long distances. Because you are moving to another state, you need to check if your paperwork is in order. Long-distance relocation requires planning and preparations more complex than moving nearby. Start with contacting various interstate movers New York and see if they can give you a moving estimate. It will be easier if you know approximately the cost of the relocation so you can set your budget in advance. When you set a budget it is important to try and stay within budget. You will realize that moving from NYC to SC will be beneficial to your savings, among other things.

South Carolina has a low cost of living

Compared to New York City, South Carolina is kinder to your wallet. The cost of living in South Carolina is little below the national average. It depends on the city where you will settle in, but in total it is cheaper than in New York City.

The weather is pleasant

South Carolina has nice climate. It is pleasant all year-round. Summer is the perfect time to be in South Carolina. You will have an opportunity to enjoy long warm days in South Carolina’s most popular beaches. Winters are mild and not too cold. If you are living in coastal areas, winter will be more pleasant than inland, where it is usually colder.

Myrtle beach sunset
Warm summer days are excellent for exploring the seaside with famous beaches.

Employment rate

Moving from NYC to SC is an opportunity for anybody who is looking for a job. The job market is mostly based on the coastal region’s demand in the tourism industry. If this is preferable job in the future, then the South Carolina coast is an excellent place to start. 

If you don’t like the tourism and hospitality industry for your future job than the situation is a little bit different. When you are not situated in the coastal region, you will soon realize that the unemployment rate is above the national average in the inland of South Carolina. Maybe you can consider starting your own business in South Carolina.

It is not the same everywhere, fortunately. For instance, certain cities like Charleston and Colombia, have good employment rate. This is something you need to consider and pay more attention before you relocate. Especially if you don’t have a job waiting for you.

The beaches are beautiful

Anyone who is in search of beach life and beautiful scenery should consider moving from NYC to SC. Beaches like Myrtle Beach, Kiawah Island and Folly Beach are famous nationwide. They attract both tourists as residents. When you think about it, who doesn’t like to enjoy on a sunny day at the beach? 

Morris Island beach with lighthouse
Beaches are beautiful and there are a lot of them as you will see when you decide on moving from NYC to SC.

Southern hospitality

Moving from NYC to SC will allow you to enjoy nice southern hospitality. It is quite different when you compare it to New York City. New Yorkers are famous for their attitude and southern people are famous for their hospitality. If you are more leaning towards spending time with your neighbors than spending time alone, this is a good state for you. Southern food is another plus for moving to South Carolina

National parks for outdoor lovers

Escaping the crowded city and coming to South Carolina where you will have amazing national parks is the right move if you are a nature lover. This may come as a surprise, but South Carolina has more than 80.000 acres of protected land where you can enjoy outdoor activities. The Blue Ridge Mountains are famous for its beautiful scenery and waterfalls. Besides nature, you can explore historical and cultural places. 

Moving long distance

Whether you are moving from NYC to SC or any other state, long-distance moving is the same in some things. You need to plan more because it is a long ride and you can’t simply drive back if you forget something. A moving company is your best friend when you need to relocate interstate. This is exactly why you need to be careful when you are choosing the right moving company and avoid moving scams. It will be easier to have experienced and trained professionals to help you to move than to do it yourself. 

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