Moving into a smaller home – how to adjust?

Moving causes stress to everyone, let alone if you are moving into a smaller home. It is always difficult to downsize, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. You will need time to adjust but if you want to smoothly slide through this move, ask yourself how you will spend saved money on rent and utilities?

What are the benefits of moving into a smaller home?

Moving into a smaller home is very often the case today. More and more people have to downsize for various reasons. Some of them are happy and excited and some of them are feeling stressed and slightly depressed. All of this is perfectly normal for relocation. Moving is an emotional ride with ups and downs changing all the time. Hire reliable long distance moving companies South Carolina so your relocation goes as stress-free as it can. Leave your movers to deal with logistics and preparations. You need to prepare yourself for moving into a smaller home by asking this:

  • How much will you save on utilities
  • How much time will you save on cleaning
  • Are taxes lower for smaller homes
  • What will you do with extra stuff you are not taking 

This is only the beginning of your moving plan and preparations. Adjusting to a smaller home has to start with changing your mindset. Start by thinking more positive about your move by pointing out all benefits.

A smaller home is cheaper

A smaller home is, in fact, cheaper for a number of reasons. The most obvious is you will pay less for taxes, insurance and later on bills. 

Houses - Moving into a smaller house like this is cheaper
Moving into a smaller house will save you on bills, taxes and more.

It is easier to heat or cool down a smaller house so moving into a smaller home means paying less for electricity, heating, utilities

Another thing is you will save on furniture, decorations, and remodeling. It is much easier to furnish a small space. The upside is you could buy maybe more quality furniture that will last much longer. This is one more way to save in the long run. 

If you are moving long-distance, the only big expense is your relocation. When you decide to hire a moving company, make sure that you separate items and furniture that you want to take with you before they give you an estimate. Most cross country movers Columbia base their price according to the size and weight of your belongings. 

Declutter for an easier relocation

It will be easier to adjust in a smaller space once you get rid of unnecessary items. If you take everything and plan to declutter once you arrive, you will be overwhelmed and stressed. Small space is not a friend of junk. Make your life and move easier by sorting everything in advance, before moving into a new house.

Throw out what you won’t use in the future. If you have items in good condition, you could donate them or sell them in a yard sale. Maybe you could invite friends to help you pack and they could take items they like, that you wanted to donate. That is a good way to declutter before packing. When you are moving into a smaller home you have to have a place for everything. That is the only way to stay organized and not to clutter your small space.

Adjust by keeping things clean and organized

Besides the square footage, the other usual way to notice that place is small is a clutter. Start to get used to keeping stuff in its place for a clean home. Things will easily pile up if you don’t make a habit to put everything in its rightful place, immediately.

Child playing with toys
Moving into a smaller home means a lot more mess, mostly from toys.

Storage is very important. Not any type of storage, you need to be smart about using your empty space. If you shove one or two larger closets, you will feel cramped. Pull out furniture and storage is an excellent solution. Built-in wardrobes, closets or shelves won’t be in your way but they will be nice looking and useful as well.

It is important that you feel happy

A big house is, for most people, a status symbol. It shows friends and neighbors that you are doing well in life. That is at least, popular opinion and not necessarily the truth. A smaller house is surely something you need to get used to if you have always lived in a bigger home. The benefits of a smaller home are many but the most important is that you acknowledge them and that you learn to feel happy and satisfied.

Moving into a smaller house will bring you closer together

Moving into a smaller home will literally bring your family closer together. When you don’t have too much space, your family will be spending most of free time together in a common area. This is a positive thing because you will be spending more time bonding and grow closer as a family. 

Family on a bed having fun
You will spend more quality time with your family in a smaller house

If you have younger kids, you are lucky to take advantage of this, because they will grow fast and you miss a lot when they are not around as much.

Easy buy, easy sell

Smaller homes are more affordable and you can find more of them in the real estate market. More people buy smaller cheaper homes than larger more expensive houses. When you decide to buy or sell, eventually, you will have a better shot with a small house.

Choose your priority

You don’t have to give up everything you like. Set your priorities, what you need or desire to have at home. Of course, this only refers to a couple of things. For example, your favorite large piece of art. One-piece, instead of a bunch of smaller ones. Design a floor plan that suits you and incorporate your art. Maybe you have a small deck instead of a garden? Few pots and lounge can make you feel happy and it is less maintenance. 

The bottom line is that moving into a smaller house can change your life for the better if you are willing to accept it for what it is.

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