How to preserve childhood memories when moving

A lot of people cherish every moment of their childhood. Childhood is the most carefree time in a person’s life and therefore the happiest. A favorite memory is when you fall asleep on the couch and magically wake up in your bed the next morning. A carefree period like that is to be cherished forever. Now it’s time to move and you may need some help in doing so so you don’t harm your belongings. Here we have some tips on how to preserve your childhood memories when moving.

Prioritize your items

Over the course of many years, the case probably is that you gathered a lot of items. Some of them may be of great value to you. Others are from a difficult time in your life and are there to remind you that you made it. Some of them though, you may not remember.

Wooden horse used to preserve childhood memories when moving
Preserve childhood memories when moving by prioritizing the ones you need the most.

When it comes to the time to move, people then realize how much unnecessary stuff accumulated over the years. The thing is – you do not need all of them. We will talk about how to preserve childhood memories when moving, without actually keeping them. But for now, you need to let some of them go. You are moving to an amazing new place and you will need space for new memories. Take a box or two and place some items there that you do have the heart to throw out or donate. Let long distance moving companies South Carolina take care of the rest.

How to preserve your childhood memories when moving without taking them with you

A great idea to keep your memories to yourself and also share them with the world is to post them online. Start thinking outside the box here. There is something there that you cannot use but are dear to you. Take a couple of pictures of them. Furthermore, put a nice vintage filter and edit a bit. Now, create a blog and post them online. With your every memory you can write your story about that item and what does it mean to you. Some of them may be funny, some of them may be a bit sad. But you will reach a wide specter of people and maybe brighten up someone’s day with your little anecdote. Inspire other people to do the same. You will now have the forever place for your memories, without them collecting dust at your new home.

A person typing on the computer
Store some of the memories on the online drives


Give them away as gifts

Another great way for keepsake without having to take it with you is a simple call. Remember your friend that gave you that silly bracelet? You have not heard from her quite some time now? Then give her a call! Use some of your spare time after you contact long distance moving companies Columbia SC, to catch up. You can give your old memory to your friend, and make it into a new one. By giving people something that is valuable for us, we show them what they mean to us. Make your friend happy by giving her your beloved toy.

hands holding gift
Sometimes gifting our old memories, like toys, mean more than keeping them


Are your photos on your old phones scattered around the house?  Buy an external hard drive and store them all in one place. I am sure you have your old cables lying around the house somewhere. Just transfer them to the hard drive and keep the drive at your new working desk. Make your friends laugh by making a slideshow of old memories at your new apartment.

Let’s set some things straight in the question on how to preserve your childhood memories when moving:

  1. Get rid of your guilt
  2. Keep what is really important
  3. It is a gift, not a burden
  4. If it can be of use, donate it to the charities in Tampa, FL
  5. If there are a lot of items of one kind, keep only one
external hard drive
Use external hard drives to store some old photos

Secure your most valuable memories

Once you have decided what to toss, what to donate and what to make into a blog, now you pack. You are left with some of your greatest moments as a kid and you need to keep them safe. Therefore, finding the right packaging materials can be a bit challenging. Some of your stuff may be made of glass or porcelain. These fragile items must be first wrapped around in bubble wrap. If you cannot find it or are in a hurry, a blanket or a sheet will do. Wrap them around your items and secure them with tape. Make sure you tell the movers to place them at the top of the truck. Or just place them in a box and label it ‘’fragile’’.

Add some protective layers

If your memories are some scrapbooks, bedtime stories or similar, you need to waterproof them. To waterproof your books and memories just use a plastic sheet made for furniture. Plastic sheets that are made to cover the furniture are thick and waterproof. Wrap them up, and again, tape it around just to make sure your memories are safe. Toys can mostly just be packed into cardboard boxes. Search for some help online on how to prepare your stuff for the road. There is no such thing as to be too prepared! Those are your valuable memories, and you can never be too careful with them.

So, you have now determined what to keep and what to donate to those less fortunate. Some of it you will take with you and some of them not. The important thing is that those moments are there in your head. In the shape of an item or a loved one. As you packed your stuff you remembered. The good times, and maybe not so great times that you overcame. And that is something to be cherished forever. We hope we have helped you on your journey through your memories and made some space for new ones. On the matter of how to preserve your childhood memories when moving, we are the experts. Hopefully our tips made your day just a little bit better..


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