How to pack and transport a king-sized mattress

King size mattresses are the most comfortable but also very expensive. They are heavy, bulky and difficult to move, and can cost a fortune. If you want to relocate it and avoid damaging, we’ll show you how to pack and transport a king-sized mattress properly. Need some professional help with relocating a king-sized bed? Interstate movers Tampa will ease your relocation.

Check the condition before you pack and transport a king-sized mattress

The first thing before you start to pack and transport a king-sized mattress is to check its condition. If the mattress is in poor condition, worn out or damaged, you shouldn’t move it at all. If the condition is acceptable, make sure it is absolutely clean and dry before packing. Hire one of Miami long distance moving companies and let professionals relocate it safely.

mattress material
Check the mattress condition before moving, and if it’s bad, avoid relocating it.

Things to consider before relocating a king-sized mattress

Packing a king-sized bed for relocation is not easy, so let’s see what we have to consider before moving it:

  • check the condition of the mattress
  • ask someone to help you lift and pack the mattress
  • measure all hallways and door entries
  • get packing supplies and mattress bag
  • make sure that kids and pets are away while packing
  • rent an appropriate vehicle or hire professional movers
opening the door
Don’t forget to measure all the hallways and the width of the door before relocating a king-sized mattress.

Remove the pillows, blankets and the mattress

Before you start to pack and transport a king-sized mattress, make sure to remove the pillows, blankets, sheets and everything on the bed. Ask someone to help you lift the mattress. Hold the mattress on each end, you on one side and someone on the other. Drop the mattress carefully on the ground. Moving on a long-distance with kids? Find out how to relocate a nursery with ease.

Packing a king-sized mattress

For packing a king-sized mattress you’ll need a durable plastic/vacuum bag. You can buy it at the furniture store for about $10 – $20. Place your mattress into it and it’ll be protected against dirt, dust, moisture and pests during relocation.

a photo of a king-sized bed
Find a specialized mattress bag for moving a king sized-mattress. It’ll protect your mattress against dirt, moisture, and pests.

Transport a king-sized mattress by yourself

You can hire professional movers to pack and transport a king-sized mattress. But you can also do it yourself with the help of a few people. Just make sure to get at least a 6×12 vehicle to transport the mattress safely. The mattress should be the first item loaded into the moving truck, standing upright or sideways. Avoid placing anything on top of the mattress.

pack and transport a king-sized mattress
To pack and transport a king-sized mattress by yourself, you’ll need at least a 6×12 vehicle.

Hire a professional moving company

The safest way to pack and transport a king-sized mattress is to hire professional movers. Movers have long experience in packing and transporting king-sized beds and mattresses. They also have appropriate equipment and moving truck. Full-service packing and shipping for a king-size bed and a mattress can cost $600. But you can pack the mattress yourself and hire movers to just move a king-sized mattress. In that case, the service will cost around $200.

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