Pros and cons of moving to Savannah GA

Consider moving to the Hostess City of the South? Spanish architecture, Latin spirit, warm weather and beautiful beaches might attract you to relocate to Savannah, but you’re still not completely sure about it. If you have some doubts, it’s the right time to show you the pros and cons of moving to Savannah GA! Although every person has their own preferences and habits, we’ll try to focus on the most important things about Savannah. And if you’re moving to Savannah on a long-distance, consider hiring reputable long distance moving companies Georgia to ease your relocation.

Pros of moving to Savannah

Beautiful neighborhoods and architecture

Beautiful neighborhoods and architecture of the city are what attract people most to consider moving to Savannah GA. Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia. Just walking around downtown among old buildings covered in Spanish moss will leave you delighted. Walk around on a cobblestone street and see beautiful architecture including Savannah Victorian Historic District and 22 parklike squares. You can choose your favorite among 100 diverse neighborhoods in Savannah. The city is divided into six areas: Downtown, Midtown, Southside, Westside and Southwest/West Chatham. The best neighborhood to relocate to for living in a small house is Ardsley Park in Midtown. If you want a more quiet neighborhood pick Gordonston. Moving to Savannah and you need the help of professional movers? Find reputable commercial movers and relocate without stress.


Savannah is known as a very artistic town because there is the famous Savannah College of Art and Design and tons of young artists and students live there. There is also an artsy fun downtown area where college students are making various events and festivals. Savannah has over two dozen elementary schools, nine middle schools and ten high schools. Besides, the city has four colleges for higher education: Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah State University and South University. If you’re moving to Savannah GA, you’ll find Georgia Southern University’s satellite campus there, too. So, if you are moving for better education, explore tips and long distance moving guide.

Amazing beaches and seafood

Well, most people would put this as the first pro of moving to Savannah GA. Tybee Island is a barrier island and small city near Savannah known for its wide, sandy beaches, including South Beach. It’s only 20 minutes away from downtown and represents the best place to enjoy with friends and family. You can simply enjoy the beach or go surfing in the waves. There are lots of bars and restaurants where you can eat the best seafood. To relocate your valuables such as instruments safely, while you’re having fun on the beach, hire movers and find out reasons to hire long distance piano movers.

father plays with his daughter on beach
The unique architecture of the city and the beautiful beaches you can enjoy with your family is what attracts people to move to Savannah.

Job opportunities

Great job opportunities are why more people think about moving to Savannah GA. The main industries that empower the city’s economy are the Port of Savannah, manufacturing, military and tourism. If you’re interested in tourism jobs, you’ll be surprised to hear that this industry accounts for over 12 million visitors annually and spending over $2 billion. The unemployment rate in the city is slowly decreasing while the number of job opportunities in business services, education and health care is increasing. The major employers in the city are Memorial University Medical Center, Wal-Mart, St. Joseph’s/Candler and Home Depot.

Cons of moving to Savannah


The most common reason why people don’t consider relocating to Savannah GA, is because of the warm climate. Basically, you can’t imagine a day in Savannah without using air conditioning. People use air conditions in their houses, in their cars and office, they don’t use it only when they go to the beach. Hot summers can last approximately eight to nine months out of the year! Temperature average in the 80s most of the year, and drop to mild temperatures during the winter – from December until March. But heat is not the biggest problem, the humidity is. The humidity is so high that if you have curly hair, straightening it won’t help. You better become familiar with pulling your hair in a ponytail. High amounts of rain and thunderstorms are common, too. There is also a risk of hurricanes.


If you’re afraid of bugs don’t think about moving to Savannah GA. Because of the subtropical climate, there are some scary-looking bugs and mosquitoes. You can also meet giant cockroaches outside your house because they like hot and humid climate. You better buy some bug spray and call pest service every three months to pest-proof your home.

Parking lots and bad drivers

Don’t try to relocate to Savannah GA if you’re not ready to be patient with traffic jams, bad drivers and the lack of parking lots. It’s almost impossible to park your car downtown, and if you do, you will see how expensive it is. Sunday is the only day when you won’t have to pay for a parking spot.

cars parked on the street
The lack of parking spaces, the traffic jams and bad drivers most of all annoy the residents of Savannah.

High costs of living

High costs of living are a good reason why people refuse to move to Savannah. It’s not high as in New York, but the average listing price for single-family homes in the city is approximately $300,000, while the median sales price is around $150,000. A decent single bedroom apartment in the area near downtown is at least 1,000 dollars. Because of the constant use of air conditioning, monthly utility bills are high, too. Since there is always a threat of a hurricane, this means you will have to set aside money for flood insurance.

a beautiful house in Savannah
High renting prices and bills due to constant use of air conditioning are some of the biggest cons of living in Savannah.

Hire a reliable moving company when moving to Savannah GA

Professional movers - they can help you when moving to Savannah GA
Before moving to Savannah GA, find reliable and affordable moving company to relocate your household without stress.


The statistics has shown that in 2019 only, the moving industry has garnered 12.6 billion in revenues. Almost 70% of that number was earned on local and long-distance moving services, which show how much people rely on moving companies today. If you’re moving to Savannah GA, make sure you find a reputable long distance moving company. Ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations and don’t forget to read feedback from other users on movers’ web page. Choose moving insurance and relocate your things safely. If you consider living in Savannah GA, hire a reliable moving company.

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