Packing the baby’s room for relocation

Moving with your family has both advantages and disadvantages. If you are moving to Florida with a family then you have helping hands. You have people who can help with packing, paperwork or apartment hunting. However, this also means there are more people you need to think about. You will have more things to pack as well, so the move will cost more. However, if you are moving with a baby, this can turn into a nightmare. Babies and toddlers can’t really understand what a move is, so you need to be very careful. In this article, find out how to move with a child and all you need to know about packing the baby’s room.

Prepare your children for the move

A kid screaming - prepare them for moving before packing the baby's room.
Moving can be a very stressful process for your children.

If you have a baby, this might not be a problem for you. However, if you are living with a toddler, then you the move will be a huge stress for them. They will be changing their surrounding which can be confusing. The kids are not aware of what this huge change in the surrounding is – their room, their outdoors, their world – everything changes. This is why you need to approach them carefully.

It might seem silly to you, but you need to realize that your toddlers can understand a lot of things. Make a point of sitting down with them and talking about the move. Using simple words, explain to them what is happening. However, keep in mind that you should keep the process entertaining. If you make it an adventure, then your kids might react with more ease to the move. Helping them settle their expectations will give them a huge boost. You can also use books about moving. A great example for this is The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day.

When it comes to the smaller babies, there is a thing you need to remember. Even though they may not even realize what is happening around them, they will easily pick up on your emotions. This is why you need to take deep breaths around them. Even though it may be hard and stressful, refrain from showing emotions around the smallest ones.

Packing the baby’s room for relocation

A change of clothes for children - which you can take when packing the baby's room for relocation.
Decide between the essentials and the non-essentials.

Now that we have talked a little about figuring out the emotional states of your kids, let’s discuss how to proceed packing their rooms.

First, you will want to pack the things your baby doesn’t really need. All the toys and pacifiers can go into a big box. Since moving can get messy, this way you won’t need to hunt for these amongst other boxes and chaos. Also, do not forget to clearly label the box “Nursery” so you will know where it goes in your new home.

Long distance movers Florida often recommend that you pack the nursery last. This is because your baby might want some of their stuff during the packing time. It will be an inconvenience to go back into the box and hunt for it while in the middle of the packing process. Once you are done packing everything, then grab all the toys, blankets and clothes, as well as anything else that you won’t need when the moving day arrives. However, keep in mind to leave stuff for not only one, but a couple of days. Babies can be messy, so a couple extra changes of clothes are necessary.

Don’t forget these essentials when packing the baby’s room

When packing the baby’s room, leave essentials for the last. It’s a smart idea to separate these into two bags or boxes. One should be for the things you will need during the whole process, and the other for the things that are especially there for the car ride. In these bags, you should include extra diapers and wipes and a high chair or bouncy seat that will keep the baby busy when you need it. Don’t forget to bring formula, juice or some kind of food as well as the snacks. If taking a formula, you will need a cooler, and some sippy cups or bottles.

Also, include extra pacifiers and a blanket in these boxes. You never know what kind of weather will find you – or what kind of mood your baby will be in. This is why you should also take their favorite stuffed animal – or some favorite toys. Finally, pack a stroller or carrier if you are moving long-distance.

Arriving at your new location

A man holding a baby's hand.
Make sure the baby is safe before officially settling in.

Once you arrive at your new home, unpacking the baby’s room should be one of your priorities. Some even go as far to say that this should be the first room you are unpacking. This is because the baby’s room is a calm and consistent space. It is something secure that will help them connect the new home to the previous one. In their room, they will feel most at ease.

A huge bonus would be if you can arrange it so that the nursery looks the same as it did before. Some kids won’t even notice the difference in the rest of the house – their world is mostly centered around their own room.

However, you should also keep in mind the safety protocols when moving into a new home. Do not forget to baby-proof the house. It is recommended that you clean the whole house thoroughly before officially settling in. Also, throw away, donate or carefully store the packing supplies that remained. These can prove hazardous to toddlers.


To conclude, there are a lot of things to take into account when packing the baby’s room for the big move. First, you need to carefully prepare your children for the move. Then, methodically go through their stuff and decide what you will pack into the truck, and what you will take into the car with you. After moving, make sure that the house is safe and ready for your toddler to explore. Then, you will be ready to venture into the neighborhood and learn more about it. Making it a brand new adventure means fun for kids and less stress for you.

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