Moving from Savannah to Atlanta

Thinking about moving to Atlanta? Reasonable choice and not so difficult to achieve – with the right help. By simply hiring Atlanta cross country movers, you can solve many problems related to the move. But, it is not all about that. There are some things you need to know about moving from Savannah to Atlanta.

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And we are going to help you with them

In this article you will find out:

  1. The cost of living in Atlanta
  2. How to move from Savannah to Atlanta
  3. How to find an apartment in Atlanta
  4. Atlanta transportation

Section One: The Cost of Living in Atlanta

Rental rates

The largest percentage of your living expenses usually takes housing. As of December 2017, Atlanta was the 18th most expensive rental market in the country. Currently, you can expect to pay about $1,370 for a one bedroom and $1,750 for a two bedroom throughout the city. It is important to note that these are median prices, which means that half of all available reserves will fall below this level. Rent also varies widely depending on what specific area you are looking for. So, do not worry if these numbers sound high.

Food and utilities

According to the SmartAsset report, a typical utility bill in Atlanta (including electricity, heating and water) will cost $169 per month. The Internet is expected to be paid an average of $45-$50 per month.

The food prices in the city are slightly higher than the national average. Expect to pay $14 per person for casual food and more than $50 for a better meal for two. For groceries, a minimum cost per person is about $330 per month. This includes basic needs, and not organic products or ingredients with a high content of ingredients, for example.

Section Two: Moving from Savannah to Atlanta

Moving from Savannah to Atlanta should not be stressful. Cross country movers Savannah are always at your disposal to help as much as possible. But, there are some things you need to do yourself. Before starting a search, make sure that you have thought through the following:

  1. What you are willing to compromise on. Perhaps you will have to give up certain amenities to live in your favorite area. Or look for a smaller layout or another type of apartment instead.
  2. Your search horizon. The ideal time to start the search is 1-2 months before the planned moving date. However, do not worry if you have only a couple of weeks. For an immediate move, an amazing amount of rental inventory is usually available.
  3. Your favorite neighborhood. Below you can see a list of some of the most popular areas, so you can decide where to live. Whether you are moving or with your family, looking for a residential area or one in the center.
  4. Documents that you will need when applying for an apartment. They will vary depending on the landlord. But most of them require verification of employment and income, your credit report and references from previous landlords.
  5. Would you like to live alone or have roommates? Roommates can mean significant savings, more than 50-60% depending on the number of people.


Atlanta is divided into 242 different neighborhoods. Here is a summary of some of the most popular places for tenants.

1. Midtown

Residential area with many new high-rise buildings and apartments on a loft for rent. There are not many places for shopping in this part of the city, but many restaurants and nightclubs. One of the main draws in this area is the stunning Piedmont park, which offers everything, from a lot of things to do with kids to music festivals.

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And not to mention the street art

2. Buckhead

An exciting and rich area in Atlanta, often compared to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. This area offers chic and upscale shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

3. Old Fourth Ward

The historic area where Martin Luther King Jr. grew up, where warehouses were turned into restaurants and apartments. This hood is home to several of Atlanta’s classic parks and gardens, such as Grant Park, Freedom Park and Fourth Ward Park.

4. Little Five Points

Hipster paradise in this hidden pearl of Atlanta. A place to be if you are one for funky restaurants, ordered graffiti and people watching around.

5. Atlantic Railway Station

A great place to relax, with lots of restaurants and shops. The central park and the Regal Movie Theater are the highlights of this neighborhood.

6. Castleberry Hill

This area is in the National Register of Historic Places. The railway that passes through this hood is old, like the city itself. A diverse and creative community filled with history, Castleberry Hill is similar to Old Fourth with its collection of warehouses converted into rental apartments.

Section Three: How to find an apartment in Atlanta

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There are several different ways to find an apartment in Atlanta

1. Let the online apartment locator look for you

Apartment locator is a service that will mainly look for the apartment for you. Instead of searching the Internet, locators will understand your budget and preferences to search for places according to your tastes. Locators are completely free for apartment hunters, as the landlords pay them.

2. Look for it yourself using the online listing services

The most popular service is definitely Craigslist Atlanta. There you can find almost anything you need. But, there are also other services that can help you with this matter. Use the good old Google to find your housing options after moving from Savannah to Atlanta.

3. Take a stroll around the neighborhoods that look interesting

Landlords will place signs directly on the apartments with contact information. Although it takes a little time, you can see the exact type of building and the area in which the apartment is located. Also, you can check the whole neighborhood. If you are moving to Georgia as a musician, you already know that Atlanta is the right city for you. Now you just need to find the right neighborhood.

Section Four: Transportation in Atlanta

Public transport

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) public transport system manages a network of bus routes connected to the light rail system. The MARTA rail system provides sufficient coverage, however, in some areas buses may be required. Prices range from $2.50 for one trip to $95 for a monthly trip.

Car availability in Atlanta

Do you really need to own a car in Atlanta? Well, it depends. For some residential quarters, having a car is a must, while in others, walking or public transport is quite feasible. Ultimately, you must first evaluate each area – if it is distributed, it is better to think about getting a car.


If you want to move without a car, but still want the convenience of it, ride-sharing is a great option. The two main players in Atlanta are Uber and Lyft, and car-sharing options include Zipcar, Maven and Enterprise Car Share. Prices for these services vary depending on distance and duration. But they could potentially be more affordable than buying a car. It is important to calculate the expected use to compare the costs for each option.

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As we have already said, moving from Savannah to Atlanta doesn’t have t be stressful. Just find your best cross country movers and start enjoying your new life.

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