Best places to start a business in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the smallest but most populous places on the Eastern Coast of the United States. It’s also a very good place to start a business. With its low tax rates, good trade, it sure isn’t lacking in good areas to start a business. Here’s a list of best places to start a business in South Carolina, but let’s have a short overview before you give your long distance moving companies South Carolina a call.

Business climate in South Carolina has rarely been better

Recently, the Congress has decided that it would slash federal corporate taxes from 35% to 21%. Entrepreneurs in the US welcomed this news, and a sharp rise in GDP followed soon. To entrepreneurs in South Carolina, it meant lowered market entry bar. New businesses in South Carolina would largely be tax-free, considering that South Carolina, according to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, has:

  1. A measly 5% corporate income tax rate;
  2. Zero local income tax;
  3. No sale tax on manufacturing equipment;
  4. No wholesale tax.

Measures such as these help in no small amount in establishing a good business climate in South Carolina.

Best places to start a business in South Carolina are indicated on this vintage US map with white pins.
Urban conglomerate areas are some of the best places to start a business in South Carolina.

Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin is one of the best places to start a business in South Carolina

Of course, it should be clear by now that the best place to start a business largely depends on what kind of business do you want to start. If you want to build a huge plant and produce car batteries or small-scale electric engines, you should definitely place your plant in the countryside. Best places to start a business in South Carolina vary by profession.


Giant urban centres such as this one contain numerous small businesses.
Giant urban centers in South Carolina such as this one contain numerous small businesses.

If you want to start a small business, however, with multiple customers, you should definitely aim for the urban environments, in order to reach out to as many people as possible. A small business needs to make its presence known as soon as possible to the rest of the world, in order to make a name for itself as soon as it is humanly possible.


There are places for streamlined factory businesses as well

In this case, one of the best places to move to South Carolina for work are small towns. We’re talking about places such as Simpsonville, Hanahan, Greenwood. What you’re looking for here are places with a population of about 10 to 20 thousand inhabitants. This is because you will want a steady base of employees, but you will also want cheap land and lower maintenance costs. Maintaining a factory can cost quite a lot, as you well know. This is why smaller cities become the best places to start a business in South Carolina.

The rural outskirts of South Carolina provide a great housing location for factories such as this old brick factory from the middle 20th century.
If you’re looking for a good location to start a manufacturing business, then the rural outskirts of South Carolina provide a great location.

If you’re into law, finance, and accounting, you will want to aim for the big cities

This is because they house the largest number of companies that will hire you for your services. Of course, individuals will be among your customers too, no doubt. However, what you’re really looking for as, say, an accountant, is an opportunity to sell your all-too-important work to a company that needs your services. Being an accountant is very much important in the contemporary business climate, simply because the government (both local and federal) will want every single cent to be accounted for. An accounting company will, therefore, supply its useful services in an area where there is a huge demand for those.

Same goes for law companies

Law firms will always find employment in a bustling business climate such as one like South Carolina. Most often lawyers will be able to find employment in private practice. This does not only mean settling disputes between individuals but also companies. A lawyer in any major town in South Carolina should never be in a situation to run out of work.

If you’re into tourism, it doesn’t really matter

South Carolina is not that large. This is why any town in South Carolina is among the best places to start a business in South Carolina, provided, of course, that said business is related to tourism. Now, the kind of tourism that South Carolina provided is the adventurous outdoor tourism and includes sports such as hiking and kayaking, as well as alpinism. This means, in short, that no matter where you decide to place your hotel, you will run into willing customers.

If you decide to privately visit South Carolina, you should do some kayaking in the foamy rapids, like this four-member family.
On a side note, if you’re a fan of kayaking in the rapids, you should definitely visit South Carolina.

Regardless of your company’s activity, make sure you take Greenville into consideration

Greenville is definitely one of the best places to start a business in South Carolina. It has actually been named one of the fastest-growing cities in the US by both Forbes and CNN Money. Also, it houses many important sites, for example, the US branch of Michelin has made its headquarters there. It also houses the International Center for Automotive Research.

When the former Donaldson Air Force Base closed, the land became the South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center, and at that time it also became home to a Lockheed Martin Logistics and Aircraft Center. The company General Electric has a gas turbine, aviation and wind energy manufacturing operations located in Greenville.

Are these the only places?

Of course not. But there’s no defined authority to tell you what the best places to start a business in South Carolina are. Besides, it’s a free market, and opportunities change at a whim of the market. For this reason, you shouldn’t simply rely on a single source. Instead, explore the best possible opportunities in an almost tax-free paradise that is South Carolina. And once you’ve made your decision, you should call your cross country movers Columbia and get over there as soon as you can!

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