How to Plan an Interstate Move

Every type of relocation requires careful planning. The situation is no different when it comes to interstate moving. It’s important to take your time and consider every detail. From hiring some of the best movers to organizing everything in your new home, nothing should be overlooked. This means that you will also have to take care of packing, transferring utilities, as well as getting all the necessary permissions, and gathering other important documents. It does seem like a lot of work and can be overwhelming. However, if you organize everything well and have someone to guide you, you will have a stress-free move. Fortunately, Best Cross Country Movers are there to help you with the ultimate checklist. Keep reading and find out how to plan an interstate move.

What are the steps to take when you want to plan an interstate move?

Planning an interstate move is much more complex than planning a local move. Even when the distance you have to take is not that long, there are a lot of details to pay attention to because you will be crossing the border. Follow this comprehensive list, and you will have no problems when it comes to organizing an interstate move:

  • research the place you are moving to;
  • find reliable movers;
  • set your budget;
  • start packing preparations;
  • obtain all the documents;
  • start packing;
  • inform everyone who needs to know about your move and transfer the utilities;
  • prepare your new home;
  • have everything ready before the moving day;
  • take care of your health.
A person ready to plan an interstate move and write the checklist in a notebook
Make a detailed checklist when you plan a move

Decide where you want to move to and find out as much as you can about your new place

Of course, before you start planning anything about your interstate move, you need to know where you are going. It is not enough only to find an appropriate state and the city to make your new home there, but you need to research as much as you can about that place. First of all, find out what are some rules and regulations when it comes to the very moving process. Usually, moving from state to state looks the same in the majority of the USA states, but it is better to check on time. If there are any special requirements for moving to a certain state, you will have to gather and pack documents on time. Be thorough and check everything.

Also, you will have to know what is the cost of living, find out everything about the crime rate, see what are the most popular jobs and whether that city has an educational system that is at a high level. When you are moving with your kids, that must be known right away. Find the most suitable neighborhood and property that fits your budget, but also meets all the criteria for a perfect home.

Find reliable movers that will help you with plans for an interstate move

Finding a reliable moving company is the most responsible task when you plan an interstate move. That is why you need to learn tips to hire the best interstate movers before you start searching. Not only that you want to avoid scammers, but you also want to make sure that you get the best possible service. Visit the websites of some of the most reputable companies in your city, after you ask for recommendations. Also, you can always read moving reviews and decide whether to take a certain company into consideration at all. Get free moving quotes from a few companies that seem like they might fit your needs. Be careful! Significantly low prices are a moving red flag. That is especially the case with interstate moves since they are typically more expensive than local ones.

A person with a laptop and a notebook doing a research
Find out as much as you can about your new state

When you find a company to relocate you, you need to know what to ask movers before you hit the road and begin your move. Some of the questions you must ask your movers include those about their experience, binding and non-binding estimates, license and insurance, etc. If they answer your questions readily and professionally, you can entrust them with your belongings.

Set your moving budget

One of the most important steps when it comes to planning an interstate move is setting the budget. You need to write down all of the expenses and calculate the cost. This includes the cost of hiring movers, opting for additional moving services, buying packing supplies, etc. Also, you need to take into consideration the cost of living in your new place and set aside a sum of money for the first few weeks. People tend to forget to calculate the costs of transport and utilities, which can be a mistake. Your moving budget isn’t the amount of money you pay to a moving company. Rather, it should consist of all the expenses you are going to have from the moment you decide to move until you settle completely in your new state.

You should always count in some extra money. The best option is to add at least 20% to the sum you get when you calculate all the costs. You never know what can happen when you plan an interstate move and what additional expenses may occur. For example, do you know what happens if you don’t pay your movers? If you don’t set your budget well and realize you don’t have money to pay your interstate movers, you can be in huge trouble. First of all, they are going to keep all of your belongings until you pay. Don’t let that happen and plan your moving budget well.

Prepare for packing

Before you start packing for an interstate move, you need to prepare for that process. You will need to make an inventory list, declutter, and purchase all the necessary packing supplies. The inventory list is important because it makes the unpacking process easier later as well, but you will also know what packing supplies to get. If you hire a moving company that offers packing services, you won’t have to worry about this part. If you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you may think that you don’t need this kind of service. However, when you learn how to find interstate movers for small loads, you’ll see that the process will be much easier. This is a great solution after you declutter and leave only the most important possessions.

A person planning an interstate move using laptop
Find reliable movers to help you plan an interstate move

Don’t forget all the important documents

Moving interstate means that you will need all the important documents in one place. This doesn’t mean only your passport, ID, insurance, and other crucial documents. It also means you will have to visit your doctors and get all the medical documentation, especially if you need some prescriptions regularly. If you are traveling with kids or pets, you will need permits and their documents as well. Don’t wait till the last minute and pack documents for an interstate move on time.

Start packing

Packing is easier if you have done the preparation well. However, there must be no mistakes, since you are packing for an interstate move. Forgetting some of the important items is not an option. If you know the moving date well in advance, it is good to start packing at least 6 weeks before the move. Learn some packing tips for an interstate move and you will be ready in time. Always pack room by room, starting with the least used one, such as storage, for example. Packing seasonal items and rarely-used possessions first is the right way to start. Of course, the best option is to hire packing professionals and avoid doing this time-consuming part of relocation on your own.

Two people holding passports
Don’t forget important documents and devices on your moving day

Inform people who need to know about your move and transfer the utilities

If you plan an interstate move for your business, for instance, there will be a lot of people who will have to be informed. Apart from your employees, who need to be included in the process, you will also have to inform all of your clients. Even if you are moving your household, you need to change your address, inform the Post Office, and inform utility providers. You don’t want to continue paying for your utilities even after you move out. At the same time, you have to set up utilities in your new home on time, so that everything is ready when you relocate.

Prepare your new home

Apart from setting up the utilities, preparing your new home means deep cleaning and having everything planned in advance. See if all of your items can fit through the doors and if you can place them where you originally planned to. Check if there are any repairs that need to be done at your new home. You don’t want to spend the first days or even weeks in your new place fixing things and solving problems that could have been avoided.

Have everything ready before your moving day comes

There is nothing worse than leaving some moving tasks unfinished until your moving day. First of all, it can cause many delays. In that case, you will probably have to pay more. That is not the only reason. You will start panicking and you’ll forget to do some of the most important moving day tasks. So, have everything ready at least a night before your move. All of your belongings need to be packed and ready to be loaded.

A person surrounded with bills and money calculating costs
Set your moving budget well

Also, it is important to get up early and check everything once again before your movers come. The last thing you want on the morning of your moving day is to have your movers wake you up. It can cause a lot of problems because you will fall behind schedule before the day even starts. Get enough sleep and relax the night before, but still get up early and full of energy. If your moving day starts well, the whole move will go smoothly.

Prepare an essentials bag

Having an essentials bag ready for your interstate move is crucial. It can be a long journey, so you need some snacks and refreshments since you’ll need a lot of energy. Some toiletries and clothes for the first night at your new home should also be in there. Most importantly, all the documents need to be packed in your essentials bag. This does not include only your personal documents, but also documents concerning the transfer of your belongings, such as moving insurance. Don’t forget your phone devices, laptops, chargers, etc. All the things that may keep some of your important data must travel with you if that is possible.

Take care of your health

When you plan an interstate move, don’t forget how to take care of yourself as well. You will need some mental preparation for an interstate relocation, but you’ll have to take care of your physical health also. Preparing for a move is an overwhelming process and it will occupy all of your free time. It is easy to forget to sleep enough and eat well during this period because you have so many tasks to finish. Don’t let yourself do that, because you can have a lot of health problems once your relocation is over. Instead of relaxing and enjoying your new home, you will have to solve health issues.

Moving also causes a lot of stress, which can bring some mental health issues. Accumulated stress leads to anxiety problems, you will have serious symptoms, and a lot of time will be needed to get back on track. So, don’t let yourself come to that state. Don’t forget that moving is an exciting event, and it can be very pleasant if you choose the right team to assist you. Learn some stress-relieving techniques, take your time, and everything will be fine.

A woman jogging during the sunrise
Take care of your physical and mental health during the overwhelming moving preparation process

With careful planning, you will enjoy your interstate move

When you want to plan an interstate move, it is crucial to make a checklist and follow it step by step. There will be a lot of tasks, but you will finish them on time if you stick to the plan. It is important not to feel stressed out and trust the process. When you find reliable movers, it will be even easier. Our website can be your shortcut to finding the perfect moving company for your interstate move. Don’t hesitate to visit it.

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