How to pack documents for an interstate move

Moving is a highly complex process. It consists of many things that you need to do before the move and after in order for it to be a successful one. Now, if you are wondering how to pack documents for an interstate move you came to the right place. First of all, if you are an unorganized person packing for the move – now is a great time to get all your important documents organized. Having all the important documents in one place will help you avoid the stress of losing and misplacing them. Moreover, after Best Cross Country Movers match you with an ideal moving company for you, you will get a list of all the necessary documents you need to take with you for your upcoming interstate move.

Things to know when you pack documents for an interstate move

First and foremost, it is crucial that you are aware of what type of documents your chosen moving company needs to give you. For that reason, it is very important that you have reliable and professional movers with proper licensing. All the moving companies that the Best Cross Country Movers work with are thoroughly checked. Therefore, you do not need to worry about scams.

Moreover, after you make sure that your movers have an interstate moving license, ask them to provide you with a free moving estimate. Afterward, when you agree on all the things concerning the move, you should sign the Bill of Lading. By signing the bill you will give permission to your movers to take your belongings interstate. These are just a few things to know before you start packing for your interstate move.

a man standing in front of a moving van
Professional movers can tell you more things you need to know before you pack documents for an interstate move

Furthermore, you will need a good plan before you start packing your documents. Because in the chaos of packing all your other belongings, it can get quite chaotic. And who wants that? Exactly – no one! If you want to avoid that unnecessary stress you should follow the list below for a successful move. Things you should do:

  • Organize all your documents
  • Create a system
  • Know which documents you must take with you
  • Always make copies before you pack documents for an interstate move

Organizing before you pack documents for an interstate move is a must!

It can be hard to find a place to start when it comes to organizing your documents. However, going through all your documents is a good place to start. You should go through every single piece of paper you have in your home office. Divide them by any category you see fit. Furthermore, while you go through them set aside the documents that are not valuable to you anymore. Reasons, why documents are not valuable anymore, can be that the document expired. On the other hand, it can be that it is not relevant anymore. For example, you can go through all the warranties that you have and throw out all of them that are past the warranty date.

While you are sorting through your documents it would be a good idea to have different categories. This will help you later. For instance, you can have separate categories like:

  • Personal documents,
  • Home documents,
  • Legal documents,
  • Financial documents,
  • Employment documents,
  • Vehicle documents, etc.

After you separate all your documents by categories, it will be much easier for you to decide which documents are a must when you pack for your interstate move. Long distance movers Florida can tell you more about these categories and give you more suggestions. Feel free to call them any time!

Create a system before you pack documents for an interstate move

Organizing your documents by category is a good start. After that, you should make a filing system. Because having a bunch of papers all together will just confuse you. Plus, finding those important documents might be a nightmare later on. You can find a variety of different organizing plastic folders. They usually come with blank small papers – where you can write categories you previously made for organizing your documents. Moreover, you can even put different colors for each category. This will help find and you pull up your documents much faster while you are on the move! Make sure to follow all the 2022 interstate moving trends. It will help you stay on top of things and you will surely be prepared for your interstate move!

a folder to pack documents for an interstate move
Pack documents for an interstate move after you label the folder compartments

Know which documents you must take with you

Now that you are done with the previous steps you will surely ask yourself – “Which documents should I take with me? “. The answer is very simple – everything you have left. Because you already threw out all the documents you do not need and which are not important to you anymore. Now, all that you are left with are the important ones. While your movers are performing packing services you have time to go over your documents one more time. So check if you have all the following ones in your folder:

  • Personal documents like IDs, driving licenses, birth certificates, etc.
  • Work documents like contracts, CVs, and other work-related documents
  • Property documents like insurance, rental, deeds, etc.
  • Legal documents
  • Vehicle documents
  • Medical documents
  • School documents (if you have children)
  • Moving related documents
a man holding a passport
Always double-check if you have all your personal documents with you before you move

Always make copies before you pack documents

While you move, you never know what can happen. Therefore, make copies of all the important documents. You can scan them and upload them online to any number of applications available for that. Having them in a digital form means that they are always in your pocket. However, make sure to protect them with a strong password. Moreover, also make hard copies – you can leave them with your trusted family member or a good old friend. Having copies of all the important documents will remove any unnecessary stress from the move.

Now you know how to pack documents for an interstate move

After the Best Cross Country Movers match you with an ideal moving company for your interstate move. And after you read all the tips on how to pack documents for an interstate move mentioned above. It should all be smooth sailing after that!

Good luck with your upcoming relocation!

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