2022 interstate moving trends

In order to understand how relocation works, it’s important to look at some stats. They will be able to give you a better perspective on how moving works. That’s why we underlined some of the most interesting interstate moving trends this year. As we at Best Cross Country Movers have our movers all over the US helping people out, we have some good data on how moving works. For that reason, take a look at some of the interesting facts regarding interstate relocation in 2022.

One of the important interstate moving trends is the different reasoning for people relocating

Two friends packing
Interstate moving trends can be only looked at if you know the reasons why people are moving

You can’t look at moving trends without knowing why people make certain steps, especially when it comes to interstate moving which only around 20% of people have done this year. For that reason, it’s always interesting to check out the residential moving stats and find out more about the certain motivations of people. When you know that, it will be much easier to figure out why people were ready to cross state lines. The question we aim to answer with this article – what were the most important reasons for interstate moving this year? Let’s take a look.

Housing and having a good roof above your head were always important for moving

As always, finding the right type of housing will be of crucial importance to your needs. There are two types of housing that will ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything. One is to rent while the other is to buy. For around 15% of people that move across state lines in 2022, it was important to get out of their own housing market. If you consider how the real estate market looks in certain parts of the US. For that reason, there are many people moving out of expensive states like California or New York. Housing is very important and also still one of the main reasons why people are moving.

Job opportunities will be a good reason for people to move to another state

There are a lot of good reasons why people move across their state lines. One of them is to find jobs that will put them in better positions and ensure they have a good position after their relocation. On top of that, our commercial movers are relocating people left and right. That’s because the job market changed a lot in the last few years and continues to do so. Because of that, why interstate moves are not something that people do without reasoning. According to statistics around 15% of people mentioned job opportunities as their main reason for moving interstate in 2022.

Being close to family is one of the emerging interstate moving trends in the last couple of years

One of the biggest game-changers in the last years was the COVID-19 pandemic. It really shifted into just the moving industry, but many others. During that period, a lot of people relocated because they wanted to be closer to their families. For that reason, it is still one of the most important interstate moving trends to look at. Especially as a whopping 40% percent of people have put that as the main goal of their interstate relocation. In a world that rapidly changes, being close to the family has become more and more important.

The cost of living and housing can have a huge impact on relocation trends

Money is an important factor when it coems to interstate moving trends
Finances are always an important detail when moving

With almost 30% of people mentioning it as their main reason for moving, the cost of living will be crucial for people. Certainly, there are states that are more affordable than others. Besides, in certain parts of the US, you will have several taxes, while in others that won’t be the case. For example, our cross country movers in Texas are very active as it’s one of the more affordable states in the US. Besides that, you won’t have the state income tax. All these conditions can be the right pick for you when moving. And it will also be a great fit when it comes to affordability.

It’s interesting to look at moving costs as one of the interstate moving trends in 2022

Moving can be a very important event in your life. However, it’s important to take its cost into consideration too. Especially if you consider that it’s an interstate relocation that you’re having in mind. The cost of such a big relocation can be north of 10 000$ depending on distance and many other factors. Will you need quality storage services and options? Is packing what you’ll need? Are there any other services that you’ll need when moving? The answers to all these questions will give you just what moving trends looked like this year. And with the moving prices on the rise, it’s not difficult to figure out that the moving costs were on the rise.

What states are the people moving to in 2022

One of the interstate moving trends that are interesting is to know just where people are moving to. Especially as you’ll expect that those are all the states that truly fit the needs of everyone. However, it’s not always as simple as you’d imagine. Every state has its pros and cons. That’s why it’s always interesting to find out where the people are moving to. By doing so you will be able to understand some of the interstate moving trends.

New Jersey has been among the positive interstate moving trends

If you consider that New Jersey isn’t the biggest state on the list, then some of the numbers will make more sense. However, even if it had a net of 2000 more people moving to it than from it, it’s still very impressive. But what are some of the moving reasons for such a relocation? As one of the biggest, our cross country movers New Jersey will mention the safety and security the state offers. It’s one of the states with the lowest crime rates in the US, so this isn’t a big surprise. And if you count on how many family moves have been this year, it’s no wonder New Jersey tops the list.

South Carolina is one of the states that people have been moving to

A beach during sunset
Don’t forget to enjoy South Carolina as it is beautiful and entertaining

We already mentioned the reasons why people are moving interstate. However, if you want to have a great mix, it’s important to keep in mind just what South Carolina has to offer. It offers beautiful weather and outdoor areas while still being very affordable for housing. For that reason, our cross country movers South Carolina are always a good option to help you relocate. That’s because it has everything that is necessary to attract people that can enjoy it. And then around 1500 more people that moved to it than from it in 2022 are more than a good way to show that.

Maryland has attracted a lot of people in 2022

Another state that isn’t huge, but had around 1200 more people move in this year was Maryland. Even if it’s not huge in size, it’s one of the most densely populated places in the US. For that reason, it’s not a surprise that the majority of people mentioned being close to their family to our cross country movers Maryland as their main reason for moving. Besides that, job opportunities are something that Maryland has to offer. So it’s not strange for it to be on the positive side of interstate moving trends.

Moving to Iowa in 2022 was a good choice

There are a lot of things that define Iowa as the perfect place to live in. It’s one of the most beautiful places to move in the US as its natural beauties are amazing and will leave you speechless. However, that’s not the only reason why the cross country movers Iowa have moved more than 700 people in than out. Besides that, affordable housing, low crime rates, and a welcoming community are among the things that people mention as their reasoning for moving to Iowa. That mix of great opportunities is something that makes Iowa stand out for a reason.   

Relocating to Connecticut is a quality option

You can’t think about interstate moving trends without taking the people in retirement that are moving into consideration. And one of the states the seniors have been flocking to is Connecticut. That’s because it has the combination of all the conditions to spend your retirement smoothly. And with the help of the cross country movers Connecticut it’s no problem for you to relocate here. Besides that, it has a great community that welcomes people and offers great support for newcomers. That combination of a great lifestyle and family feel to it is something it puts in the number one spot when it comes to people in retirement. From the net plus of 500 people that moved to the state this year, the majority of them are people in retirement.

Nevada had more people moving to the state in 2022

A welcome sign to Nevada
Nevada is always an interesting state to move to

We mentioned retired people, but it’s time to focus on the younger generations. That’s where Nevada steps in as it has a plethora of benefits that you can enjoy. From being a state that is inexpensive to offer a great lifestyle, moving with our cross country movers Nevada will come with a lot of great benefits. Nevada has been on the interstate moving trends lists for years. However, in 2022, with more than 400 people moving in rather than out, it has earned its spot as one of the most entertaining states for people to move to.

Arizona has been among the interstate moving trends in the last couple of years

In 2022, more and more people want to be homeowners. And having that big space to live in alone or with your family can be crucial for your happiness. For that reason, Arizona is probably the state with the biggest housing options, and also the most land available than any other. That’s why it’s easy to imagine that our cross country movers Arizona had their work cut out for them. Even if there are around 400 more people moving interstate to Arizona, 2022 is still in its early stages and we expect that number to rise. 

New Mexico offers a lot of benefits to people moving there

If great job opportunities and a family-friendly place are what you want, New Mexico is the right place. With such a good combination it’s not a surprise it has become the main state when it comes to interstate moving trends in 2022. Especially when it comes to families that are looking for an affordable and quality place to live. With the help of cross country movers New Mexico you will be in your new home in no time. And with over 300 families moving to New Mexico than out, you can be sure that you will live in a community that will support you.

One of the interstate moving trends is that people move more and more to Ohio as it’s very affordable

Affordability is probably one of the biggest factors when people are moving. That’s why the state of Ohio has been on the positive side of interstate moving trends for some years. Besides that, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors in Ohio like rarely anywhere else. With the net gain of more than 350 people moving in, our cross country movers Ohio have seen some changes in certain patterns when it comes to interstate moving in Ohio. Will 2022 be an anomaly or will this trend continue? Only time will tell.

What are the states that people are moving out of in 2022

As we underlined some states with positive numbers, it’s also inevitable that some states had negative numbers. Of course, it’s nothing strange that some places have more cons than pros for living there. That’s why it’s only fair to mention them among the interstate moving trends that are more on the negative side. Especially if you consider that there are people and families with different needs that are moving from one place to another. Let’s check out just some of the states that had more people moving out than in.

New York has been on the negative side of the interstate moving trends

A look at New York from above
New York hasn’t the appeal it once had

New York is one of the more interesting states when it comes to statistics. Even if it offers a lot of opportunities, some of the downsides are just not worth it for some people. That’s why in 2022 alone, almost 3000 more people have moved out of the state. Of course many of them with the help of our cross country movers New York when it was time to move. When it comes to reasoning, there’s a good balance of why people didn’t want to live in New York any longer. Some of the most important details were the high costs and taxes, lifestyle, and overall the poor sense of community.

With all the benefits, Texas has more people moving out

Is Texas on the negative side of interstate moving trends? That sounds impossible. However, it shouldn’t be such a big of a surprise when you look at the bigger picture. There are many benefits that the state can offer you. But, with the need of being close to family and having a smaller community, many people don’t feel Texas is their home anymore. The numbers don’t lie and with more than 2500 people moving to another state, it’s a stat that is important to look at. The year still has a lot until the end, and we’re sure that these numbers will change greatly as Texas is a state that offers a lot of benefits moving there.

One of the interesting interstate moving trends is the number of people moving to North Carolina

With a little less than 1000 people leaving the state, North Carolina was not able to improve trends in 2022 from years before. There are many reasons that people leave as their reasoning for moving from North Carolina. The most noticeable ones that our cross country movers North Carolina hear are the political climate, economic reasons, and ecological concerns. Every state has its problems, but it’s still important to notice that North Carolina also comes with a lot of positives. That’s why we’re sure that this trend might not be so dominant in the years to come.

California is still in red when it comes to the number of people moving in and out

There are no intresting interstate moving trends without California
California is always important to have in mind when looking at trends

Usually, California is one of the states that is considered to be among the most popular. And for a reason, the amazing weather, and opportunities are something that attracts a lot of people. However, it’s also not a surprise that the cost of living and housing is something that doesn’t allow you much space to adjust. And with our cross country movers California working hard in the area, the high costs of living in California have been the reason for around 700 people to move out of the state.

Pennsylvania had more people living than moving to it in 2022

Another of the states that fall victim to the main reasons for people to move in 2022 is Pennsylvania. As the main interstate moving trends show that people want to be close to family and have good job opportunities, it’s no wonder that our cross country movers Pennsylvania have been helping more and more people move out. In comparison to other states on the list, Pennsylvania has pretty good conditions to live in. However, it’s not able to provide them with all the necessities you would expect from it. For that reason, until now, in 2022, around 400 people have moved out of the state.

Illinois keeps being on the negative interstate moving trends

Unfortunately, Illinois is one of the states that will be usually among the ones that have more people moving out. Those interstate moving trends continue even in 2022 with more than 400 people leaving Illinois for some other state. Thankfully, you can count on expert cross country movers Illinois to help you with all your relocation challenges. However, there are a lot of things that need to improve before Illinois becomes a state that has more people moving in. The majority of reasons why people are moving are connected to the high taxes, expensive and bad housing options, crime rates, and more.  

The District of Columbia has seen more people moving out

One of the states that have a mix of high housing prices and a poor feel of community is the D.C. area. As affordability is one of the main reasons for people to move, it’s also important to note that the situation hasn’t improved much in the state. Even if it’s a smaller state, it has been on the losing side as it had around 370 people move out for now in 2022. One of the positives of this trend is that the housing market can come to some normal prices in the future. By becoming more affordable, D.C. could see this trend of people moving out reverse in a couple of years.

Minnesota has more people leaving from it

Minneapolis during winter
Sometimes weather won’t be something beneficial for you

We mentioned states like Florida, California, and Texas where you can expect great weather usually. However, bad weather can have a negative impact on interstate moving trends. That’s why the main reason that our cross country movers Minnesota hear from people is the harsh winters. Another big detail is the higher crime rates. However, even with those details having such an impact, only around 200 people left Minnesota in 2022, there’s still some time until winter, but it’s a very good number as the state offers some great benefits too. The state will be interesting to look at in the coming years, especially as the weather isn’t some of the priority reasons why people relocate.

When it comes to moving, West Virginia has seen more people leave it in 2022

There’s no doubt that West Virginia is a beautiful state where you can enjoy a lot of things. However, it also has some of its cons. One of them is that people will usually move out of the state as they are able to get better job opportunities. However, that was not such a big problem until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. From that point on, the cost of living, being closer to family, and being able to do work remotely has become big factors. It will be interesting to see how this trend continues in the future as only around 150 people moved out for now.

There are some special challenges that come with interstate moving. However, if you follow the interstate moving trends it will be easier to understand. Getting to know every detail can end up being very helpful and important. From knowing the state better to hiring BBB-approved moving companies, every detail counts. Whatever location you choose, we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with the end result. Especially when you have our advice assisting you with the final decision.

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