How to pack a wine collection

Anyone who has moved even once, probably knows how stressful this is. Now, imagine you need to move your fragile and valuable wine collection. You will need to know how to pack a wine collection properly. That will raise the stress level to the roof if you don’t do it right. Read this to learn how to make your moving little safer, easier, and as stress-free as possible. There are a few things you should do when you want to pack a wine collection and move it from one place to another.

Is it legal to move wine yourself?

Before you pack a wine collection, there is a question of legality. Depending on where you want to move – somewhere near or across the country, you have to know that it is not legal to move alcohol by yourself everywhere. Ask about regulations for alcoholic beverages transportation first. That is in case you are moving to another state.

These regulations are not the same in all states. If you are still deciding whether you are moving or you want to hire a moving company, ask your movers about the conditions and advice about moving. Best Cross Country Movers can help you with moving and packing your wine collection. Some moving companies will not agree on moving a wine collection or any other bottled alcohol. Maybe you can pack a wine collection yourself and then get help from movers for transportation.

Pack a wine collection carefully

Small wine collection

If you have a small collection and you have decided to move and pack a wine collection yourself, the most sensible thing to do is to buy special wine boxes. They have inserted polystyrene inside, and you can fit a bottle in each hole. That will keep them separated during the transport so they can’t break. The next important thing is to keep them on their side. You probably already know that wine bottles have to lay, so the cork is wet. It is also applicable for moving and transportation. Make sure that you close cardboard box good.

Pack a wine collection that is small
A small collection is easier to pack

Do not pack bottles that are already opened. Opened bottles could break or spill while you are transporting it and they could damage the other wines. As everything else you are transporting, label these boxes as well. Make sure that it says fragile and points the direction and right position of boxes.

When you have a small cellar, you don’t want to rent to a large truck. It costs more, and your boxes could move around and slide during the ride. So it is safer to get the right kind of moving truck. In case you have a couple of bottles in your collection, use specialized boxes and load them in your moving truck with other belonging but try to fit them between so it is nicely fixed and placed.

Avoid to transport and do not pack a wine collection when the temperature outside is too high or too low. If you can, try to maintain the same temperature inside a vehicle during your moving day. The best time to move your collection is in fall or spring. 

Opened bottle of wine
Do not pack any opened bottles when moving

The best and safest solution is renting a refrigerated truck if you can afford it. Otherwise, steer clear of temperature fluctuation, so your wine doesn’t go rancid.

Large wine collection and long-distance move

If you are lucky enough to have a larger collection, do not think twice about hiring a professional to do this job. First of all, it is risky to do it yourself, and second, it is a lot of work. When you want to hire a moving company, make sure that they have experience with moving and advice on how to pack a wine collection. Long-distance moving is a demanding task so you will need to choose long distance moving companies Columbia SC. When you hire a good moving company, it means a little less stress for you.

Large wine collection
Hire a moving company if you have an extensive wine collection.

When you pack an extensive wine collection, be sure to label every box separately. The arrow on the boxes should point in the direction that it has to be carried. Each and every box must be labeled appropriately. Usually, moving companies pack a wine collection because they have all the necessary equipment and knowledge. Check to see what makes a moving company reliable so you can make the right choice.

Do the inventory

We are sure that you know the most wines in your collection, but it is mandatory to make an inventory list. Moving day is stressful, and you don’t need to think and count bottles all day long. Both for your sake and your movers. Appraise your collection, especially if you own some rare and valuable bottles. Make some inquiries about insurance at least for during transportation.

Part of your inventory can include photos of your collection. Take a picture of every bottle individual and make it a part of the inventory. Once your moving is finished, you’ll know exactly which wines are in what box. If you are selling some of them, your job is made easier. Anyway, do not wait to start planning and pack a wine collection. Let the professionals do this, even if it costs more, then it will if you do it alone. That is something valuable that you have invested time and money; make sure that it stays safe. 

Pack a wine collection was the first part of your moving. When your collection has arrived at your new place, check if there were any breakage or damages. Compare with your inventory list and if there was some damage, take a photo and report it immediately, if it is insured. Finally, sometimes when the wine is shaken inside the bottle, it can cause so-called bottle shock. Wait for your wine to settle before you open any of the bottles so you can enjoy in their full flavor.

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