Where are Americans moving in 2021?

Moving trends come and go inevitably. What once was the best place to live in, might not have the same status today. Generally, the changes in migration trends are subtle and gradual over the years. However, last year brought us a significant factor that sped up the process and shifted perspectives in a great way. Naturally, we are talking about the corona virus pandemic that broke out early last year. In this article we will be looking at where are Americans moving in 2021 and why. Certain things remain the same as ever, though. When you are relocating, you want to find a trustworthy company, like Best Cross Country Movers, to assist in making your relocation stress-free and run smoothly.

Why are Americans moving in 2021

The biggest reason for people moving nowadays is of economic nature. The corona virus pandemic shook the whole world to the core and forced people to adjust to the new circumstances. A huge percentage of people started working online from the comfort of their home. Even now, as restrictions are being lifted, people are continuing to work remotely. A number of people have realized they can’t/don’t have to keep living in the city. Instead, they are moving towards the suburbs where they still have proximity to the urban life of the city, but at the same time all the benefits of the suburbs. Those being more affordable housing, green spaces and overall, a more peaceful surrounding. People are leaving overpopulated cities, like New York and San Francisco.

Another common reason, also directly influenced by the pandemic, is that people are moving to be closer to their family. In a time of crisis, people want to be able to help out their family and be there for them, both physically and emotionally.

States Americans are moving to in 2021

Besides these local moves, there is also a rise in the number of people moving to the states in the South and West. The reasons are that these states offer so much unused space. In the midst of a pandemic, the last thing anyone wants is to be cramped in an apartment building. Instead, people are taking advantage of houses with yards. Moreover, in a time when everyone is preoccupied with being as healthy as possible, spending time in the nature is becoming very popular. The list we came up with comprises states that are among the most popular to move to these days.


desert in Arizona
Arizona is a popular state to move to

A prime reason why people are moving to the state of Arizona is for its affordability. Moreover, moving companies in Arizona also follow this trend. The living costs there are about 5% lower than the US national average. When it comes to economy, it is constantly expanding and offers various job positions. This state has a warm climate and mesmerizing nature scenery. The famous Grand Canyon National Park is located here, which is perfect for a weekend getaway. A thing that may be a downside for some people is the presence of critters. Since it is a desert area, you may run into a scorpion more often than you would like to.


Texas has seen a surge of people moving there. If you dislike winter and the colder months and the heat doesn’t bother you, this is the state for you. Some of Texas’ appeals are a lower living cost and very low housing prices. Just be sure to invest in a good air conditioning system that is going to be dearly needed during the summer months. People are also choosing Texas as it has a steadily growing economy, as well as some of the best cross country moving companies Texas.


wood by a lake
Colorado is where Americans are moving in 2021

Moving to Colorado is a breeze if you hire one of their skillful cross country moving companies in Colorado. A number of people have selected this state for its economy as it is booming. Furthermore, the potential for growth is undeniable and that is what attracts people. Software development, aerospace, biochemistry, agriculture, farming, and mining are just some of the sectors that are well-developed and brimming with job opportunities. On a different note, if you are looking for a change in lifestyle, if you want to benefit your health, Colorado is the place for you with all its outdoor activities. Whether it is skiing in the winter or kayaking in the summer, you will find something up your alley.

North Carolina

As with the previous states, the cost of living in North Carolina is lower than average. For this reason, many people who work remotely choose exactly this state. The climate is very mild. Neither the summer nor the winter have extreme temperatures. However, the downside weather-wise is a risk of hurricanes. The rule of the thumb is that the closer to the coast you live, the higher the risk. To end on a good note, the people in this state are warm and welcoming. This means that your best cross country movers North Carolina would provide you with an outstanding service.


a farm in Idaho
Idaho is the state for you if you are looking for a spacious property

Nicknamed the Gem State, Idaho has seen a rise in people moving in. However, it is still one of the least densely populated states. This leaves plenty of space for people who like to have their own piece of mind and appreciate their privacy above all. With its steady economy and decent education and healthcare system, this state is perfect for raising children. Moving to Idaho is even more worthwhile because of its beautiful nature and a multitude of rivers.

Join the Americans moving in 2021

If your life circumstances allow it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t move houses in 2021. Just be careful to follow all the regulations and keep yourself and those around you safe. Perhaps this is your year and you finally move to a state you have been wanting to live in!

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