Moving from Florida to North Carolina

So you are moving from Florida to North Carolina? This means that you are probably looking for a way to ease the process and make it as simple as possible. Even though you probably heard that interstate relocation is a complicated and difficult process, this is only true if you do not prepare right. If you plan your move thoroughly and find the right movers, you could actually have a smooth and stress-free move regardless of the distance you need to cross. If you want to see how this is done, Best Cross Country Movers prepared a guide that will help you. Take a look.

Start preparing as soon as you can

Moving is complex. Especially when you are moving long distances. There are many things that you need to do before your movers arrive on a moving day. This means that you need to start preparing as soon as you learn about the move. Do not wait for the last week to start preparing. Instead, leave yourself at least a month (preferably two months) to prepare.

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You do not have much time 

The climate in Florida and North Carolina

Both states provide ample amounts of great weather, to allow for several outside activities. The state of Florida, even the northern portion, can have summer-like weather year-round. Being a peninsula provides anyone who enjoys the water and sand to play and recreate. North Carolina has the draw of being cool enough in the fall and winter seasons to produce a change of seasons.

If you enjoy the colors in the fall and some skiing in the winter, you will certainly enjoy it in North Carolina. Especially in the Great Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west. North Carolina has an abundance of coastline, as well. Being along the coast presents a more temperate climate as well. It does not get as cool in the winter as in the rest of the state and not as warm in the summer either. If one is looking for four seasons, North Carolina is your choice. If you are looking to wear shorts and golf shirts year-round, however, Florida tops that list.

Prepare a moving plan for moving from Florida to North Carolina

Whenever you are preparing for something so big as cross country relocation is you need to have a plan. This plan should contain all the details and tasks that you need to complete before you leave your old home. Plan how to handle your items, plan your budget, how to pack, and where to find the best cross country movers Florida can offer. This plan will allow you to complete everything on time and help you avoid skipping some steps that could eventually cost you. If you never moved before, use this article as a basic guide. But you can also use the internet to get more details that are more related to your type of relocation.

The first task is to handle your possessions

Whenever a move is in question, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is finding movers. Even though finding the best cross country movers North Carolina has is important it is actually one of the last tasks that you will need to do. Before that, you will have to deal with your moving inventory. Here is how to do it properly.

Decluttering process and getting rid of excess items

When it comes to preparing your moving inventory, your main task is to create two separate groups. The one that is moving with you to North Carolina and the other that you want to remove before your residential movers arrive. Of course, at this stage, you need to identify items that you do not need or use and find a way to remove them from your moving inventory. When choosing your items bear in mind that the fewer items you have to move your relocation process will be easier and cheaper. And it is not just about the number of items but also their weight. Movers calculate the price of your move based on the weight of your moving inventory.

cluttered room
First, you need to remove the junk

Removing excess items before moving from Florida to North Carolina

Once you select items that you want to get rid of you need to decide what to do with them. Luckily you have many available options. You can:

  • Organize a yard sale – if you have enough items, time, and organizational skills this will be the best way to get rid of excess items.
  • Sell to used furniture retailer – If you have lots of furniture, the easiest way to sell it is to find a used furniture retail store in your vicinity and sell them all at once.
  • Sell online – If you have a few pieces that you want to sell the internet is the best place to do it.
  • Donate– if you do not want to bother with selling your items, you can find a charity organization in Florida and call them to pick up your excess stuff.
  • Rent storage – if you want to keep your excess items in your possession, you can always rent a storage unit
  • Call junk removal service – If you think that your excess items are not in good shape to be used anymore, call a junk removal service and let them handle the junk.

Create a moving inventory list

Once you remove the junk, it is time to prepare the items that will be traveling to North Carolina with you. Make a moving inventory list that will contain the names of your items, their weight, colors, serial numbers, and conditions, that your movers will use to give you a precise moving estimate. And that you will use to check your items upon delivery. Moreover, make sure you find proper storage services for your belongings.

Remembering what you own may seem easy until you move, and you have to recall every item you have. Make sure you know the whereabouts of your valuables is crucial during a move, so you can verify that all of your belongings made the trip to your new home. Creating a moving inventory list provides an itemized record you can reference when unpacking your boxes.

Moreover, there are professional moving services that create an inventory of household items for you. Therefore, you should document your home’s contents yourself. Making a home inventory checklist for moving can be as simple as writing everything down in a notebook as you move from room to room. You can also choose a more high-tech solution and photograph or videotape everything in each room. Whatever approach you take, do not leave anything out on your packing inventory, so you will have a complete record to check against when you settle into your new home.

Facts to know when moving from Florida to North Carolina

Florida is around the same size as North Carolina. North Carolina is approximately 126,161 sq km, while Florida is 139,670 sq km, making Florida 11% larger than North Carolina. Meanwhile, the population of North Carolina is 9.5 million people. But 9.3 million more people live in Florida. We have positioned the outline of North Carolina near the middle of Florida. 

Real estate costs between Florida and North Carolina

One of the big areas to look at in any move is the overall cost of living. However, most folks look at their largest purchase, a place to live. In North Carolina, median home sales are currently hovering in the $132,000 to $137,000 range. And the Florida market has been rising, as evidenced by its increased median sales to $169,000.  

However, the same is for Florida as the median housing costs continue to rise, evidenced by Palm Beach County that has seen its median housing costs rise. The Southwest Florida region continues to see a rise with current median prices sitting at $210,000. Statewide, the median sales price of a home in Florida increased 10.3%. One caution to keep in mind when looking at real estate is the cost of insurance. Unfortunately, Florida has had several hurricanes in the last ten to fifteen years, which has led to insurance rates that are among the highest in the nation.

Find all about property taxes

North Carolina property taxes continue to be favorable in comparison to the rest of the country. Homes are taxed based on 100% of the appraised value. The property tax for a home worth the median home value of $155,500 is $1,209. Furthermore, Florida taxes are based on 100% of its market value. For a home valued at the current Florida state median of $182,400, the property tax is $1,773.

Prepare a moving budget to control your finances

Moving can be rather expensive if you are not careful. That is why, once you finish selling your items, you need to create a moving budget. This will help you to stay within your financial limits and keep you from overspending.

A person exploring the cost of living before moving from Florida to North Carolina
Calculate your budget to prevent overspending when moving from Florida to North Carolina

Get to know the cost of living before moving from Florida to North Carolina

North Carolina is 0.4% cheaper than Florida. For the most part, both states are low in taxes, although North Carolina’s per capita state and local taxes are among the 20 lowest in the country, ahead of Florida in that regard. Both states are starting to come out of the recession methodically. Regarding economic outlook, the economy in North Carolina is more diversified than in Florida. Florida mostly relies on the tourism and construction industry.

Recreation and culture in Florida and North Carolina

Both states have several opportunities to enjoy. With the diversity of North Carolina’s climate, some activities may not be found in Florida. Such as skiing and recreation centered in and around the mountains in the western part of the state. This diversity is an important aspect of life in this area. There are mountain views and recreation and the pastoral settings of Pinehurst to the long coastline.

The opportunities to enjoy oneself are very diverse in the state. There are many unique areas like Mount Airy, Asheville, and Tryon, an assortment of vibrant college towns. And the second-leading financial center in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is much wide range of cultural and recreation opportunities. Likewise, they suit a variety of interests. Each state presents a unique lifestyle, each one subject to others’ interests, desires, and outlooks. Both states present their case as a place to relocate. So, when moving from Florida to North Carolina make sure you have all the essential info upfront and decide wisely. Moreover, get in contact with the professional team and let them assist you. 

Find reliable movers on time

And now it is time to start searching for movers. This is one of the last things that you need to do in the pre-move process. However, that doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last minute to start with this. The best cross country movers are booked throughout the year. So if you want to ensure the help from the best, you will need to book them at least a month before the move.

Furthermore, if you need help with packing your items, make sure you hire packing services and be stress-free. The best option for you and your loved ones is to find help for when your move. And avoid being all alone in the whole process of the relocation. As we all know that moving can bring many hassles and there may be some problem on the way. So to avoid any problems during the relocation, be wise and hire experienced professionals. With them by your side, you will be protected, safe, and the most essential, load-free. 

If you have reliable movers your life will be easier during the move

And that is it. This is how to make the process of moving from Florida to North Carolina smooth and stress-free regardless of your situation. Furthermore, if you need commercial moving, remember to find one of the best moving companies to help you relocate your business. Just make sure that you have reliable movers on the task and everything will be fine. By knowing what to look for and which questions to ask, you will have savings, and you can avoid surprises during your move. And, if you follow these simple tips, you will be more likely to find a company you can trust with your moving and storage needs. You will have a load-free relocation with the right movers by your side. Good luck!

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