Moving from NY to North Carolina

Moving to a whole new state can be a rollercoaster of emotions. On one hand, you’re excited about the change of scenery, starting a new chapter, making new friends, and starting fresh. But on the other hand, you’re likely to feel a little scared and anxious not only about all the changes but also about the moving process itself. Well, today, we’re hoping to take some stress off your shoulders. We want to give you some tips that will help you successfully organize your interstate relocation. Although moving from NY to North Carolina often comes with its challenges, it’s definitely manageable – especially if you know how to find the Best Cross Country Movers. So, stick around to find out the most important steps of moving preparation.

Learn what to expect – do some research on North Carolina

First and foremost, you want to be mentally ready for this big life transition you’re about to experience. Well, what better way to prepare than by reading up on your future home, getting some info and getting to see what you can expect in your future? So, before you start looking for best cross country movers in NY, it’s best to begin moving preparations by making sure you’re making the right choice. Do a little research and get familiar with life in North Carolina. Here are a few basic facts you should know before moving from New York to North Carolina.

road in north carolina
Moving to North Carolina from New York is exciting, but you need to do some research beforehand.
  • Affordable cost of living. The cost of living is lower than the national average and definitely lower than New York, so you’ll save some coins after moving.
  • Many higher education opportunities. North Carolina is home to many prestigious universities, so you or even your children can get a great higher education.
  • Higher than the average tax rate. Though the cost of living is lower than usual, the tax rate is higher than the national average.
  • Lower than average test scores. Unfortunately, many students have slightly lower test results than the national average.
  • Great climate. With hot summers and mild winters, North Carolina has a perfectly balanced climate.

Write a moving to-do list and avoid procrastination

In order to organize a successful move, it’s important to have some sort of a plan. One of the easiest ways to get organized is by writing a simple checklist. All you need to do is just write down all your moving tasks in one place. That will help you track your chores and make sure you don’t forget anything.

Once you’ve done that, we advise you to start checking things off the list as soon as possible. In other words, don’t procrastinate and postpone your tasks. Giving yourself plenty of time to organize your relocation from NY to North Carolina is crucial. Ideally, you should give yourself about 2 months to get everything done little by little instead of rushing.

Book interstate movers – make moving from NY to North Carolina easier

Because moving to North Carolina from NY can be a little demanding and challenging, it’s always good to find ways to make your life easier. Well, one of the best ways to make relocation smooth and simple is to hire moving experts to help you. By working with some of the best cross country movers in North Carolina, your relocation will go by in a flash and cause you way less stress.

two movers and a moving van
Hiring professional movers is something that will make your interstate move from NY to North Carolina much easier.

Professional movers have the know-how and the equipment that enable them to execute your relocation without any hiccups. So, if you’re aiming to have a stress-free experience, you should definitely start the hunt for a good interstate moving company. Trust us, your move will be easier than ever.

Choose all the services you need for a better moving experience

If you decide to work with moving professionals, we have some advice. When you’re looking for companies to work with, be sure to check out the moving services they offer. This can help you determine which company can provide you with all the assistance you’re looking for. If storage services or packing services will make your move from NY to North Carolina less stressful, then that’s what you should look for.

Downsize your home and lower the price of moving to North Carolina from New York

Moving to a new state can be pretty expensive. Therefore, people often look for ways to reduce expenses when moving from New York to North Carolina. Well, a great way to do that and rid your home of clutter at the same time is by saying goodbye to things you no longer need.

woman among moving boxes preparing for moving to north carolina from new york
Before you put everything into boxes, decide if there is anything you should part ways with.

This means going through your home and seeing what needs to go. From clothes, shoes, books and dishes to bigger things like furniture – you should take a look at everything you own. Categorize your things into 4 categories: keep, donate/give away, sell, throw out. This will make packing much quicker, you’ll need fewer boxes and your residential movers will charge you less. So, it’s definitely a win-win-win situation. You could even earn a few extra bucks if you sell some things!

Take care of all the important paperwork

Something that can’t be avoided when you’re moving is all the boring paperwork. For many people, that’s one of the worst parts of organizing the relocation. But it has to be done. To give you a little bit of guidance, here’s a list of the basic documentation you should take care of before moving.

  • Canceling utilities at your current home
  • Setting up utilities in your new house
  • Changing your home address at the post office or online
  • Transferring your family’s and your own medical records and your pets’ veterinarian records
  • Transferring your kids’ school records to their school in North Carolina
  • Canceling subscriptions or changing your address on your subscriptions

Other than all that, you should make sure to always have your moving contract and other moving paperwork by your side during the relocation. And with that, you’re pretty much ready for moving to North Carolina from New York. We wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Is moving from NY to North Carolina for you?

Without having proper reasons behind it, you can’t move somewhere just like that. It’s something that needs to be done carefully. You can’t just make a decision today and move tomorrow. Firstly, you need to research and discover more about life in North Carolina. You have to understand that not every relocation is for everyone. And that you are thinking about moving from a state that is one of the busiest. Especially the New York City area. Changing your environment from something like that to North Carolina is not the easiest thing to do. You might need some more time to adapt yourself. And that is completely normal and fine.

What is more important, is that you figure out if that relocation is for you. Of course, you will have to include all of your family members that you live with. It’s not only up to you to make this decision. They have their own opinions and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will agree on the same things. So, to avoid any inconvenience, have a nice talk with your family members and bring this decision together. After you agree on the same thing, you can start looking for your interstate North Carolina movers.

Moving from NY to North Carolina might be the best thing ever.
Change from city to nature is always a good idea.

Pros and cons of living in North Carolina

As for everything, also when it comes to a relocation to a certain place, you need to consider both advantages and disadvantages. And of course, other facts that are related to life in North Carolina. Once you combine all that together, you will have your answers. It is also preferable if you do the same thing with the facts, pros, and cons about New York. Only after you make all the lists that you have to make, contact your long-distance movers in North Carolina.

Pros of living in North Carolina

  • The biggest advantage of living in North Carolina is the cost of living. Housing, transportation, groceries, healthcare, and even utilities are below the national average. And the even better thing is that the taxes are lower as well.
  • Another pro that is quite interesting is the outdoor activities. Winters are extremely mild and you can explore the whole state and nature around it during months that it’s not summer. You can do it also in summer, but it’s quite hot and humid.
  • The people are one of the best things when you are moving to North Carolina. There are plenty of diverse people from all over America, and they are all friendly, and you will get the community feels.
  • North Carolina has a diverse culture and a very simple one. If you are someone who likes beer and barbecue in nature, you will love it here!
  • When it comes to healthcare, you can’t go wrong here. North Carolina has four nationally acclaimed medical schools at five universities. And there are more than 100 community hospitals that can see you every day for medical needs. 

Cons of living in North Carolina

  • The biggest problem in North Carolina is definitely the crime rate. In Oxford, Whiteville, and Gastonia especially. There is also a high number of unemployment and low wages. Other places are generally safe with a few exceptions.
  • There are almost seasons. Winters are very mild and it’s rare that you get to see the snow. And summers are extremely hot. If you are looking for diverse temperatures throughout the year, this is not the best place for you. 
  • Most of the time, the weather is really pleasant and enjoyable. But, don’t let that trick you. There is a possibility of strong hurricanes. Their season runs from the first of June until the 30th of November. So better be alert for anything, and get yourself insurance.

Find the best places in North Carolina to live in

Moving to North Carolina will require you to explore it a little bit better than you expected. You need to figure out what are the best places in North Carolina to live in, and what places are for you. It’s impossible to move wherever and without thinking about it first. Go and dig deeper, and figure out what are your best options here.

Beautiful beach and wooden house on the beach.
In North Carolina, you have both mountains and beaches.

The places you should consider when moving from NY to North Carolina

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, and it’s for sure one of the best places to live in the United States. These days it became a popular destination for migrants around the country. The median income in Charlotte has increased substantially and that is one of the reasons why this metro region is responsible for more than a quarter of North Carolina’s GDP. Thanks to the jobs growth, many students who come to study here stay to work and live. Most families, singles, and young couples move to Charlotte at a fast rate. This city has vibrant downtown life and family-friendly communities.

Another place that you must check out is for sure Raleigh. It’s the second-largest city in North Carolina, and it’s the state’s capital. This place has quite a lot to offer. The technology hub in Raleigh is quite impressive. They own a 7,000-acre Research Triangle Park which is home to more than 200 companies and around 50,000 employees. You will for sure love endless outdoor activities, southern hospitality, and the laid-back environment. Many people who come to live in Raleigh choose Cary and Apex since the unemployment rate is low, the median income is high and they both have a small-town charm.

Durham is about 30 minutes north of Raleigh and it’s another great place to plant some roots if you consider moving to North Carolina. It is a part of a Research Triangle and it’s known as the City of Medicine. And that is due to many various reasons. Durham has one of the top 10 hospitals in the United States, and a physician-to-population ratio is almost 5 times the national average. It’s home to the well-known university Duke. And because of that, it’s also one of the few popular sports towns in NC.

If these three are not for you, there are more popular options

Chapel Hill is a perfect choice if you have children. This is a thriving college town that is actually not far away from Raleigh and Durham. The economy is more related to arts, science, and technology. You will get a feeling if you choose Chapel Hill, that living here is authentic. There is a picturesque downtown and historic campus. Also, you will find the renowned Ackland Art Museum and breathtaking views of Jordan Lake.

On the other hand, if you love to eat food and mostly care about that, then Asheville is the place for you. It is called the world’s only “Foodtopian Society”. Here residents believe that incredible food can fuel up anything and everything. Once you become a resident of this place, you will have the possibility to enjoy the culinary collaborators’ creativity with local flavors that can combine into a unique experience. And, this city has been named a Beer City USA even four times. They produce one of the best craft beers. But, it’s not only food and beer that Asheville can offer you. If you like outdoor adventures, you can’t go wrong here. Nearby the Blue Ridge Parkway, you will never be without things to do in nature.

Moving from NY to North Carolina is really different when it comes to places where to live

And if you are a beach lover, then Wilmington is a place for you. It’s located in the Outer Banks region. There are even three beaches that you can visit here. Kure Beach, Carolina Beach, and Wrightsville beach. But, this place is not like others in North Carolina. Wilmington is far away from suburbia. You have a historic port in the town. It’s very charming quaint, and friendly. There are a lot of locally-owned shops, small businesses and there is even a dog-friendly downtown. If you live with a dog, then you know now what place is best for you. Wilmington is called also the Hollywood of the East, or you can even hear Wilmywood. There are plenty of TV shows and movies that were filmed here. So don’t be surprised if you see a famous actor or an actress.

Last, but not least, you have Greensboro. Since this city is a short distance from all the major cities in North Carolina, it’s named also Gate City. It’s for sure one of North Carolina’s top destinations. It’s also home to North Carolina’s third-largest metro. But even with this fact, it feels like a small community. Which in other words is a perfect place to raise a family. If you choose to be a resident of this place, you will get to see plenty of attractions, such as art galleries, golf courses, a waterpark, and so on.

Girl carrying boxes for the move.
Pack your things, get your movers, and come to North Carolina!

Costs of living in North Carolina

Moving from NY to North Carolina is not just choosing a place, proper packing services, movers and that’s it. You need to know what are the costs of living as well. But, lucky for you, you have chosen a state that is really affordable. Home prices are very low, rent is also low, and the same goes for the taxes. Since you are moving from New York to North Carolina, it will seem like it’s even more affordable than it is. In every city there are differences, but not that drastic. For instance, Charlotte has one of the most affordable big city housing markets in the entire country. And, if you choose Asheville, the costs of living there are 44 percent lower than in New York City. Salaries are also lower, but only for 27 percent. High Point, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem are the most affordable cities.

Let’s focus on Charlotte just to realize the approximate prices and costs of living. So, the median home price here is around $240,000. The studio apartment is $985. A one-bedroom apartment is around $800. The two-bedroom apartment is $940 and the three-bedroom apartment is $1,100. Utilities here are around 14 percent lower than the national average.

Have you realized that moving from NY to North Carolina means you need to find a new job?

Moving away means that you will have to look for a new job. You need to keep up with your earnings and finances, so you need to be prepared to find a job even in advance. But, you are very lucky to choose North Carolina as your destination. No matter where you choose to move here, there are plenty of career opportunities across several different industries. Small businesses and startups are also included. 

The top industries in North Carolina are finance, energy, biotechnology, aerospace, furniture, and education. North Carolina is the second-largest banking center in the U.S. and it’s primarily known for its top-ranked business climate. Its energy sector is rapidly growing and making a name for itself. This state is the third-largest producer of electricity and is second when it comes to turbine manufacturing growth. Also, you should know that North Carolina has many major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. And the most interesting fact is that North Carolina is the “Furniture Capital of the World”. They have the largest furnishings trade show and the largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Also, North Carolina is very popular among students and many faculties, universities, and colleges are located there. This means that any job in education career will be available.

Girl carrying boxes for moving from NY to North Carolina.
This move will be a good chance for you.

Is North Carolina a good place to live?

All in all, when you have all the needed information about North Carolina, and the relocation itself, it’s time to make a decision. Ask yourself one more time if North Carolina is a good place to live. It has many opportunities, and working and living here can be very perspective. Also, if you have children, you couldn’t choose a better place!

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