What to Expect When Moving to Houston

Houston, a dynamic city in the heart of Texas, offers a unique blend of culture, economy, and lifestyle, making moving to Houston an exciting opportunity. Best Cross Country Movers understands the complexities and excitement that come with relocating. Here, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your move to this remarkable city.

Houston at a Glance

Also, Houston is not just Texas’ largest city; it’s a hub of diversity, culture, and economic growth. Located in the southeastern part of Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico, it boasts a population of over 2.2 million people. This makes it the fourth most populous city in the United States. Its strategic location offers easy access to other major cities like Austin and Dallas, while its extensive network of highways and airports enhances its connectivity. Moreover, Houston’s rich culture is reflected in its diverse population, making it a hotspot of traditions, languages, and cuisines.

Picture of a city skyline that you will get to see after moving to Houston
Houston is one of the most populated cities in the USA

The Importance of Research Before Moving to Houston

Then, as you consider moving to Houston, the best cross country movers in Houston recommend research. Understanding the local housing market, job prospects, and lifestyle can significantly impact your experience. This research will not only prepare you for the practical aspects of the move but also help you align your expectations with the reality of living in Houston.

Furthermore, Houston’s diverse neighborhoods each offer a unique living experience. From the bustling energy of Downtown to the serene, tree-lined streets of The Woodlands, each area has its own character and charm. Researching these neighborhoods will help you find a place that feels like home. But don’t worry, we will get into that later, too.

Living in Houston Starts with Analyzing the Costs

Houston is known for its affordability compared to other major U.S. cities. The median home price in Houston is around $263,000, which is lower than in many other large cities. Rent prices are equally reasonable, with the average rent for an apartment sitting at about $1,800 per month.

Also, living in Texas comes with the added perk of no state income tax. This fact alone can make a significant difference in your monthly budget, depending on the state you’re leaving. For example, if you’re moving from Nevada to Texas, you won’t feel a big difference because Nevada is also very tax-friendly. However, those who are moving from California, New York, etc. will be very relieved to hear that their income is not taxed by the Lone Star State.

Economic Landscape in Houston

The city’s economic landscape is a crucial factor to consider when moving to Houston. Once best cross country movers in Texas relocate you, you’ll encounter an economy that is diverse and robust. The city is a leader in sectors such as energy, particularly oil and gas, healthcare, and aerospace. The median household income is $56,000.

Picture of a person getting ready for work after moving to Houston
This city has a well-developed economy

Houston is also home to the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex, offering abundant opportunities in healthcare. Furthermore, the aerospace industry, significantly boosted by the presence of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, provides numerous high-tech jobs. This diverse economic foundation leads to a stable job market. Houston’s unemployment rate often sits below the national average, and it was at 4.5% in June, making it an attractive destination for job seekers.

Commute and Transportation

Understanding Houston’s commute and transportation options is essential since you will commute to work almost every day. The average commute time is about 30 minutes, with many residents relying on cars due to the city’s sprawling nature. Statistics show that 94.8% of household in this city have access to a car, whereas the majority owns more than one vehicle. However, public transportation options, including buses and light rail, are available and are being expanded to serve more areas. Understanding these options can greatly ease your transition when moving to Houston, especially if you’re used to relying on public transport.

Also, for entrepreneurs moving their business to Texas, understanding Houston’s transportation network is crucial. The city’s extensive roadways and public transit options can play a significant role in business logistics and employee commute times.

Understanding Houston’s Crime Index

Safety is an important consideration when moving to any new city. Houston’s crime index varies by area, but overall, it’s comparable to other large U.S. cities. It’s essential to research and understand the safety of different neighborhoods. Many areas in Houston are family-friendly and have active community watch programs, enhancing the sense of security.

Also, Houston’s police department provides resources and community programs to help residents stay informed and safe. Engaging with these resources can help new residents feel more secure and connected to their community.

For those moving from Oklahoma to Texas, it’s comforting to know that Houston’s crime rates in several neighborhoods are lower than the national average. It’s always recommended to check the latest crime statistics for the specific area you’re considering. This information can be found on local government or police department websites.

Neighborhoods You Should Explore after Moving to Houston

Then, let’s explore Houston’s neighborhoods. Whether you’re seeking an affordable area or a more upscale community, Houston has diverse options. For those looking for a vibrant street life, neighborhoods like the Greater Heights offer excellent value.

Furthermore, luxury seekers will find their haven in neighborhoods like Spring Branch, River Oaks and Memorial.

Also, for those considering strategies for downsizing, neighborhoods like Midtown and Montrose offer smaller homes and condos, ideal for a simpler, urban lifestyle.

Picture of Houston at night
There is a neighbohood for every need in this city

Spring Branch

Spring Branch, with a population of around 132,000, offers a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern amenities. This neighborhood has a diverse demographic, with a strong presence of Hispanic and Korean communities. The median home price in Spring Branch is approximately $601,000, while rent averages around $2,500 per month. It’s known for its family-friendly vibe, with numerous parks and schools. For entertainment, residents enjoy local eateries that reflect the neighborhood’s cultural diversity, as well as shopping centers and community events that foster a strong sense of community.

The Greater Heights

The Greater Heights, home to about 25,000 residents, exudes a trendy and artistic vibe. This area attracts a mix of young professionals and families, drawn by its unique blend of historic homes and modern townhouses. The median home price here is around $598,000, with rent averaging about $1,300. The Greater Heights is renowned for its vibrant street life, featuring eclectic shops, art studios, and an array of dining options from trendy cafes to high-end restaurants. The neighborhood’s lively atmosphere is complemented by regular community events and a strong local arts scene.

River Oaks

River Oaks, Houston’s most prestigious neighborhood, has a population of approximately 7,500. Known for its luxurious and exclusive vibe, it’s predominantly inhabited by affluent professionals and long-established Houston families. Homes in River Oaks are among the city’s most expensive, with a median price of over $1.2 million, while rentals can go upwards of $3,000 a month. The area offers high-end shopping, exquisite dining options, and cultural venues like art galleries. River Oaks also boasts beautifully landscaped parks and is home to the renowned River Oaks Country Club.


Memorial, with a population of about 35,000, is a neighborhood that offers suburban comfort within the city. It primarily attracts families and working professionals, featuring a mix of traditional and modern homes. The median home price in Memorial is around $690,000, with rental prices averaging $1,700. The area is known for its excellent schools, lush green spaces, and upscale shopping centers. Residents enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in nearby Memorial Park, as well as a selection of fine dining and casual restaurants.


Midtown, a neighborhood buzzing with only 100 residents, is the heartbeat of Houston’s urban lifestyle. This area is popular among young professionals and students, characterized by its high-rise apartments and trendy lofts. The median home price in Midtown is about $355,000, with rent averaging around $1,000. Midtown boasts an energetic nightlife with numerous bars and clubs, diverse dining options, and cultural hotspots like the Ensemble Theatre. Its central location and vibrant street life make it a desirable neighborhood for those seeking a dynamic urban experience.

Picture of downtown Houston
This trendy neighborhood is the heart of the city


Montrose, with its population of around 11,000, is known as Houston’s cultural and bohemian hub. This eclectic neighborhood is a haven for artists, musicians, and young professionals. The median home price in Montrose is about $538,000, while rents average around $1,600. Montrose is distinguished by its diverse architectural styles, from historic bungalows to modern condos. The area is rich in entertainment options, including art galleries, music venues, and a wide array of restaurants and cafes. Montrose’s vibrant and inclusive atmosphere makes it a magnet for those seeking a lively and culturally-rich lifestyle after moving to Houston.

Entertainment and Leisure After Moving to Houston

Moreover, Houston is not just about work and housing; it’s a city rich in entertainment and leisure activities, that will make adjusting to a new city very easy and enjoyable. From world-class museums and theaters to green spaces and sports complexes, there’s something for everyone. From the Space Center Houston, where you can learn about the wonders of space exploration, to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, there’s no shortage of educational and fun places to visit.

Also, Houston’s dining scene is a food lover’s paradise, with a range of cuisines reflecting the city’s diverse population. Whether you’re into fine dining or street food, Houston has an abundance of options to explore.

Houston’s natural and man-made attractions

The city has a mix of natural and man-made wonders. Hermann Park and Buffalo Bayou Park offer beautiful green spaces for outdoor activities. For those who love arts and culture, the Museum District is home to 19 museums, including the impressive Museum of Fine Arts. Also, the city’s theater district hosts numerous performances, ranging from Broadway shows to local theater productions. Houston’s blend of natural beauty and cultural richness makes it an exciting place to explore and enjoy.

Picture of red bycicles
The Museum District is a must-visit for every newcomer

Kid-friendly activities in the Space City

Moreover, Houston is a great city for families, offering numerous kid-friendly activities. The Houston Zoo and Children’s Museum are just a couple of places where children can learn and have fun. Many neighborhoods also have parks and community centers with activities designed for children, making Houston a family-friendly city.

Dining in Houston

Additionally, exploring Houston’s culinary scene is an absolute must-do. The city is a hotspot of flavors and dining experiences, offering everything from upscale restaurants to vibrant local food trucks that you have to explore after moving to Houston.

  • At the heart of this culinary adventure is the State of Grace. This elegant restaurant offers an eclectic menu that reflects Houston’s diverse culture, with dishes that blend Southern, Asian, and Mexican influences. Their oyster bar and seasonal offerings are particularly noteworthy, providing a unique dining experience.
  • Another gem in Houston’s food landscape is Xochi. Located in downtown Houston, Xochi specializes in Oaxacan cuisine, offering a taste of the rich culinary traditions of this region of Mexico. Their menu features moles, masa-based dishes, and artisanal chocolates, all crafted with authentic ingredients and traditional methods.
  • Aquarium Restaurant offers not just a meal, but an experience. Situated around a 150,000-gallon aquarium, diners can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes while surrounded by a stunning underwater world. This family-friendly spot is perfect for a special occasion or a fun day out.
  • For those seeking a more casual yet equally delightful dining experience, Paulie’s is the place to go. Known for its homemade pasta and classic Italian fare, this cozy restaurant provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It’s a favorite among locals for its consistently delicious food and friendly service.
Picture of Oaxacan food
Moving to Houston means that you will have the opportunity to try food from all over the world

Moving to Houston Will Make you Fall in Love with the City

Houston presents an exciting opportunity to experience a city rich in culture, diversity, and opportunity. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle or a peaceful suburban setting, moving to Houston will offer something for everyone. But don’t be discouraged if Houston is not what you expected it to be! Every city will seem different from what you read online, once you get there. But give it time; the City of Houston has a unique charm – which you will fall in love with in no time!

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