Top Reasons to Move to Atlanta

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, holds a unique allure for those seeking a new place to call home. With its opportunities, culture, and community, it’s no wonder that Atlanta consistently ranks among the top destinations for relocation in the United States. From its affordable cost of living to its thriving job market and amazing cultural scene, Atlanta beckons with promises of a fulfilling lifestyle and boundless opportunities. So, join Best Cross Country Movers and explore what makes Atlanta such an appealing choice for those considering a fresh start and uncover the reasons to move to Atlanta!

Cost of Living is One of the Reasons to Move to Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, offers both affordability and urban convenience, making it an attractive destination for many. While the cost of living in Atlanta is 10% higher than the state average, it’s 1% lower than the national average. Let’s break down some key expenses to give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

Housing is a significant expense for most households, but in Atlanta, it’s relatively affordable compared to other major cities. The average monthly rent is around $1,797, while the median home price is approximately $479,589. Utilities, including energy and telecommunications, are also more budget-friendly in Atlanta, averaging around $134.81 per month.

View of city buildings during the day in Atlanta
There are endless reasons to move to Atlanta

When it comes to everyday necessities like food, Atlanta’s costs are comparable to the national average. For example, a gallon of milk is priced at $4.69, while a dozen eggs cost around $4.35. Healthcare services, however, tend to be slightly pricier in Atlanta, with an optometry check-up averaging $129.73 and a dentist appointment around $144.73. Transportation expenses, including gas and vehicle maintenance, are also slightly higher in Atlanta compared to the national average. A gallon of gas costs approximately $3.20 while getting your tires balanced can run you about $69.77. However, with the median household income in Atlanta sitting at $69,164, residents moving to the city with some of the best cross country movers Atlanta have the means to cover these expenses comfortably.

Job Opportunities

Atlanta’s thriving job market spans various industries, making it an attractive destination for job seekers from all backgrounds. With a diverse economy encompassing technology, healthcare, finance, and entertainment, professionals at every career stage find ample opportunities.

In the technology sector, Atlanta emerges as the “Silicon Peach,” boasting a burgeoning startup scene alongside tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. These companies provide exciting career prospects in software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics. Healthcare drives significant job growth in Atlanta, with esteemed medical centers such as Emory University Hospital and Piedmont Healthcare offering opportunities for doctors, nurses, and medical researchers.

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Find your dream job in Atlanta

Atlanta serves as the financial hub of the Southeast in finance, with major banks, investment firms, and insurance companies headquartered in the city. Here, finance professionals thrive in roles ranging from corporate finance to wealth management. Entertainment also contributes significantly to Atlanta’s economy, attracting filmmakers, producers, and actors worldwide. Productions like Marvel Studios’ films frequently shoot in Atlanta, creating jobs in film production, animation, and post-production. Statistics underscore Atlanta’s robust job market, with steady growth surpassing the national average. The city’s unemployment rate, which is 3.50%,  stands below the national average, reflecting its resilience and adaptability and making it an ideal destination for those seeking rewarding career opportunities.

Education is Among the Reasons to Move to Atlanta

Atlanta stands out as an educational powerhouse, offering many top-tier colleges and universities. The metro area hosts the most colleges and universities in Georgia.

  • Emory University: A prestigious institution renowned for its diverse academic programs and cutting-edge research. Emory provides students with a comprehensive educational experience across various disciplines, from the arts and sciences to business administration and nursing.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: Known as Georgia Tech, is another standout institution, particularly celebrated for its emphasis on STEM education. With a dynamic campus life and a rich tradition in college football, Georgia Tech offers students a vibrant community and world-class education.
  • Georgia State University: Located in downtown Atlanta, is one of the largest universities in Georgia, offering over 250 bachelor’s programs and 150 graduate programs. The university’s commitment to student success is evident through initiatives like the Freshman Learning Communities program, designed to ease the transition into college life.
  • Clark Atlanta University: A historically black institution, that provides a rich legacy of academic excellence and social activism. With notable alumni like civil rights activist W.E.B. DuBois, Clark Atlanta continues to uphold its tradition of empowering students through education.
University students with caps and gowns at graduation
Great education might be one of your reasons for moving to Atlanta

Overall, Atlanta’s educational landscape is as diverse as the city itself, offering students who wish to move here with interstate movers Georgia unparalleled opportunities for academic growth and personal development. Whether pursuing a degree in engineering, liberal arts, or business, students in Atlanta are sure to find a welcoming and enriching educational environment to thrive in.

Cultural Diversity

Atlanta’s cultural diversity is a dynamic mix of arts, music, and culinary experiences. Rooted in its rich history, the city’s cultural landscape is deeply influenced by its significant role in the Civil Rights Movement, symbolized by landmarks such as the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Center for Civil and Human Rights. These sites offer profound insights into Atlanta’s legacy of resilience and progress, making it a beacon of hope and inspiration for visitors.

The city’s arts scene reflects its diversity, with numerous galleries, theaters, and museums showcasing a variety of artistic expressions. The renowned High Museum of Art stands as a testament to Atlanta’s commitment to both local and global artistry, offering an immersive experience in contemporary and classical art. Meanwhile, Atlanta’s music scene resonates with the rhythms of hip-hop, R&B, and gospel, emanating from iconic venues like the Fox Theatre and the Tabernacle, as well as celebrated festivals like the Atlanta Jazz Festival and Music Midtown.

Three friends walking, smiling and talking about their reasons to move to Atlanta
Diversity is one of many reasons to move to Atlanta

For culinary enthusiasts moving to the area with residential movers, Atlanta offers a delicious fusion of flavors that mirror its multicultural population. From soulful Southern cuisine to exotic international dishes, the city’s restaurants, food trucks, and markets provide a tantalizing journey for the taste buds.

Climate and Outdoor Activities

Atlanta enjoys a moderate climate characterized by mild winters and warm summers, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. With an average of over 200 sunny days annually, new residents moving their office or business here with the help of commercial movers have ample opportunities to explore the city’s natural beauty and engage in outdoor activities.

Surrounded by lush greenery, Atlanta has an array of parks and green spaces that offer respite from the urban fuss. Piedmont Park, the city’s crown jewel, spans over 200 acres and features scenic walking trails, expansive meadows, and serene lakeside vistas. Also, the Atlanta BeltLine provides a unique outdoor experience, combining walking and biking paths with public art installations along a former railway corridor.

For those seeking more adventurous pursuits, Atlanta is surrounded by numerous hiking trails and nature reserves. Just a short drive from the city, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area offers miles of picturesque trails along the Chattahoochee River, perfect for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. Similarly, Stone Mountain Park provides an array of outdoor activities, including hiking to the summit for breathtaking panoramic views, as well as boating, fishing, and family-friendly attractions.

Whether strolling through urban parks, hiking scenic trails, or enjoying water-based activities, Atlanta’s pleasant climate and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities cater to individuals of all ages and interests, fostering a deep appreciation for nature within the vibrant energy of the city.

Healthcare is Also Among the Top Reasons to Move to Atlanta

Atlanta is renowned for its high-quality healthcare facilities and services, making it a hub for medical excellence in the Southeast. The city is home to several renowned hospitals and medical centers, including Emory University Hospital, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, and Northside Hospital. These institutions offer advanced medical treatments, cutting-edge research, and specialized care across a wide range of medical disciplines, from cardiology and oncology to neurology and orthopedics.

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Find great healthcare coverage in the city

Accessibility to healthcare in Atlanta is generally good, with a wealth of healthcare providers and facilities spread throughout the metropolitan area. Residents benefit from a robust network of primary care physicians, specialists, and urgent care centers, ensuring prompt and comprehensive medical attention when needed. Also, Atlanta’s public transportation system and well-connected roadways make it convenient for individuals to access healthcare services across the city and its surrounding suburbs.

While Atlanta provides world-class healthcare facilities, concerns regarding healthcare affordability persist. Medical costs, including insurance premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses, can be significant for many individuals and families. Despite efforts to expand access to affordable healthcare, disparities in healthcare access and affordability persist, particularly among underserved communities. Addressing these disparities remains a priority for policymakers and healthcare providers to ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all residents of Atlanta.

Community and Lifestyle

Atlanta’s neighborhoods exude a strong sense of community and foster a welcoming atmosphere that embraces diversity. From historic districts to modern developments, each neighborhood in Atlanta offers its unique charm and character. Residents take pride in their communities and often come together through neighborhood events, festivals, and volunteer initiatives, strengthening the bonds that unite them.

One of Atlanta’s greatest strengths lies in its diverse population, representing numerous cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. The city’s inclusive environment celebrates this diversity, fostering a sense of belonging for all residents. Whether through cultural festivals, culinary experiences, or community organizations, Atlanta provides broad opportunities for individuals to connect, learn, and appreciate the richness of its multicultural landscape. If Atlanta sounds like a place you would love living in, don’t wait too long to find the best packing services in the area and start your moving process!

In Atlanta, diversity isn’t just acknowledged; it’s celebrated as an integral part of the city’s identity. Regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, or sexual orientation, residents of Atlanta come together to build vibrant and inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the city’s dynamic tapestry of life.

Who Moves to Atlanta and Why?

Relocating to Atlanta has become increasingly popular, evident in the recent findings showing that over 25% of online home searches for Atlanta originate from outside the city. This trend underscores Atlanta’s enduring appeal as a top choice for relocation across the United States. The city’s combination of warm weather, thriving job market, cultural diversity, and relatively affordable cost of living continues to attract a steady stream of people seeking moving services, reshaping the community setting.

Atlanta stands out as a melting pot of cultures, with its dynamic and inclusive environment fostering a dynamic social scene. The city’s culinary offerings reflect this diversity, blending Southern comfort with influences from across the country. This cultural richness not only enhances Atlanta’s social fabric but also reinforces its reputation as a progressive and lively urban center.

View of buildings and cars at night
Atlanta is one of the top choices for relocation in the nation

Moreover, Atlanta’s robust business ecosystem, home to Fortune 500 companies and tech giants alike, provides vast career opportunities across various industries. This economic diversity not only attracts professionals from diverse backgrounds but also contributes to the city’s dynamic lifestyle offerings, including dining and entertainment options.

Embracing the ATL: An Amazing Destination for Relocation

Atlanta’s magnetic allure extends far and wide, drawing in a diverse array of newcomers seeking a fresh start. From its balmy climate to its rich culture and thriving job market, there are many reasons to move to Atlanta. As more individuals and families embark on the journey of relocation, they find themselves welcomed into a dynamic community that celebrates diversity and embraces new opportunities. Whether savoring the culinary delights of its food scene, exploring its eclectic neighborhoods, or pursuing career advancements in its bustling business landscape, Atlanta promises a wealth of experiences that inspire and enrich. At the heart of the South, Atlanta stands as a testament to resilience and possibility, inviting all who venture here to enjoy the warmth of Southern hospitality and the excitement of urban living. Welcome to Atlanta, where every day brings new adventures and the promise of a brighter future!

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