Moving From Denver to Atlanta

If you are you considering moving from Denver to Atlanta, it’s a fantastic choice! Atlanta offers a welcoming atmosphere with exciting opportunities waiting at every turn. Whether it’s for a job, education, or a fresh start, picking the right movers is crucial. With us, Best Cross Country Movers, your shift will be an enjoyable experience, you won’t forget. Look into your Atlanta adventure with confidence and start planning your move today. Follow us, and you will see what Atlanta has to offer, why it is so famous, and what to expect when starting your life in this city!

What Awaits You in Atlanta?

If you’re gearing up for a new adventure, Atlanta might just be the perfect destination. This city’s dynamic energy and welcoming community make it an excellent choice for anyone moving from Denver. Here, you’ll find a very strong job market and rich cultural experiences that draw people from all walks of life. The key to a successful move is choosing the right help, and with the best cross country movers Denver, your move to Atlanta can be worry-free. Start planning now and get to experience the lifestyle and opportunities that await you in your new home city.

a picture of the city, moving from Denver to Atlanta
The economy of Atlanta is robust and developed.

The First Thing to Do Is to Hire Professional Movers!

When moving from Denver to Atlanta, hiring reliable movers should be your top priority. We suggest looking for the best cross country movers Colorado. A moving company will not only organize and transport your belongings safely but also take a huge load off your mind. It’s very important, however, to ensure you choose the best one available. Do your homework: check reviews, compare rates, and verify their credentials, also look out for the hidden fees! Moving on your own involves many more steps that you could skip, making this easier for your wallet and you! Choosing the right movers can make all the difference, turning what could be a stressful situation into an efficient move. Keep in mind, that investing in the best service is investing in your peace of mind during the move.

The Job Market in the Area

You’re in for a treat because Atlanta is on the lookout for talent across several growing industries. Engineers, healthcare professionals, and IT experts are especially in demand here. Imagine working in a city where your skills are not just needed but celebrated. Atlanta is also great for educators and scientists, given its numerous schools and research institutions. With the best cross country movers Atlanta, your shift to Atlanta could be just what you need for a fresh career boost. Get ready to unpack in a city that values innovation and offers countless opportunities for growth and success.

Growing industries in Atlanta vs Denver

This city welcomes newcomers with open arms and offers endless opportunities. Known for its dynamic mix of industries, Atlanta is a center for life sciences, finance, tech, film, and healthcare—sectors that are growing rapidly. Compare this to Denver, where industries like aerospace, biotech, and energy dominate the landscape. Both cities are rich in opportunities, but Atlanta offers a slight edge in digital media and health sciences which are attracting professionals from all over. This area is also very popular, making it easy to connect and find new people. So, gather your things, and use the help of the best commercial movers to move your office. This way you can prepare for excitement, and get yourself into the life that awaits you in Atlanta. It’s not just a new home—it’s a whole new adventure. Make this dream a reality!

a man holding a book
Let the professionals handle the logistics while you focus on settling into your new workspace with ease.

Cost of Living Comparison

There a slight differences, but if you decide to move here, you won’t have any issues settling in. Cities are very similar! Here’s a quick look at how the cost of living stacks up between these two cities. It might just tip the scales for you!

  • Overall family expenses during our research found out that there is just a slight difference here! In Atlanta, expect to spend around $6,320 monthly for a family, just slightly under Denver’s $6,360.
  • Feeding a family in Atlanta costs about $707 each month compared to $658 in Denver.
  • Monthly utility bills are a bit higher in Atlanta at $202, compared to $180 in Denver.
  • Gas Prices are very similar, with Atlanta at $3.3 per gallon and Denver just a tad higher at $3.4.
  • A doctor’s visit typically costs $135 in Atlanta, less than the $144 you might pay in Denver.

Moving can be a big financial decision, but professional residential movers can make it easier on your relocation expenses. If you’re ready to weigh your options, this cost comparison could help you decide if Atlanta is right for your budget and lifestyle.

a calculator, pen and few bills, budget when moving from Denver to Atlanta
Whatever your budget is, the best option for you is to manage your finances. Make sure to not overspend on unnecessary things.

The Housing Market Is Much More Affordable in Atlanta

If you’re considering moving from Denver to Atlanta, the housing market offers some compelling reasons to leap. In Atlanta, the average home price stands at $400,000, quite a bit more accessible than Denver’s average of $600,000. To add to that, at $264 per square foot, Atlanta’s prices are also more manageable compared to the national average of $420,000. This makes Atlanta an attractive option for anyone looking to get more home for their money. With such significant differences in housing costs, your budget can stretch further in Atlanta, allowing you to possibly upgrade your living situation or invest in a location you might have thought was out of reach.

Renting vs buying when moving from Denver to Atlanta

Atlanta’s housing market is on the rise, with prices increasing by 7.8% last year alone, suggesting that buying might be a good investment as prices are likely to continue climbing. However, renting remains an attractive option, especially for those new to the area. For a single person, the average rent in Atlanta is around $1,600, cheaper than Denver’s $1,800. Families looking at larger spaces will find rents of about $2,800 in Atlanta, more affordable compared to $3,100 in Denver. Either way, use the help of the best cross country movers Georgia, so you can enjoy your new home and everything Atlanta has to offer.

Brick house with grass loan.
When moving from Denver to Atlanta, choose the right housing option!

Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Atlanta is an accessible city with about 500,000 people, making it easy to get around, whether you’re headed to the heart of the city or the suburbs. When moving from Denver to Atlanta, you’ll want to explore some of the best neighborhoods to call home. Downtown Atlanta is the beating heart of the city, perfect for those who love being in the middle of it all, with access to museums, restaurants, and nightlife. For a quieter vibe, consider Midtown, which combines access to green spaces like Piedmont Park with a robust arts scene. Families often gravitate towards suburbs like Buckhead for its excellent schools and upscale shopping or Decatur for its community feel and local festivals. Each area offers its flavor, making it so that everyone can find their perfect spot in Atlanta.

Schools of Atlanta

As you consider moving from Denver to Atlanta you might want to ease the change and opt for packing services. These services ensure the safety of your items so you can focus on other aspects of your move, like exploring educational opportunities. For young children, The Galloway School provides an engaging and flexible learning environment from preschool through high school, encouraging students to progress at their own pace. Elementary students thrive at Atlanta Classical Academy, which emphasizes a curriculum grounded in the classics and civic education. For those in middle and high school, The Lovett School offers a rigorous college preparatory program, with a strong emphasis on character development alongside academics. High schoolers also have excellent options like Grady High School, known for its advanced STEM and arts programs. These schools make Atlanta a compelling choice for families seeking quality education, quickly after the move from Denver to Atlanta.

graduation after moving from Denver to Atlanta
Atlanta is a great place to start your career, you have a lot of great schools to pick from

Higher education compared to Denver

Exploring further educational opportunities might also be important to you. Atlanta offers several distinguished colleges and universities:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology is the biggest and it is famously known for its top-tier engineering and computing programs, offering students a solid foundation in a lot of different industries;
  • Emory University offers excellent programs in medicine, business, and the humanities, with a focus on developing ethical and knowledgeable leaders.
  • Georgia State University is situated downtown, and it provides accessible education in business, arts, and sciences, if you opt for this one you will be able to learn a lot from the best professors in their fields;
  • Spelman College is a leading historically black college for women and focuses on the liberal arts, encouraging students to become global leaders.
  • Morehouse College is an all-male college celebrated for cultivating leadership in various professional fields, with a big focus on community service and personal development.

What to Do in Atlanta!

Moving from Denver to Atlanta opens up a world of new experiences. The city pulses with a dynamic mix of cultures and the arts, providing many events that cater to every interest. Enjoy different cuisines at local eateries or explore the renowned Atlanta History Center and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park. For outdoor lovers, the Atlanta BeltLine offers miles of trails to explore, and the big local markets like Ponce City Market are perfect for a weekend stroll. Socially, Atlanta is welcoming, making it easy to connect with new friends and networks. Every corner of this city offers something exciting to discover, ensuring your new life in Atlanta is filled with engaging and memorable moments.

A picture of Olympic park in Georgia.
There are many things to see and experience in this city, you just have to pick the place where you want to live.

Bonus tips for you to get adjusted after moving from Denver to Atlanta

Relocating from Denver to Atlanta involves adjusting to a range of differences. Here are some essential tips to consider:

  • Weather in Denver features a dry, continental climate with a significant range in temperatures between seasons, while Atlanta experiences a humid subtropical climate.
  • Expect hotter summers and milder winters in Atlanta.
  • Atlanta has its own culture around the city. With a lot of catchy music, food, and arts, compared to Denver’s more outdoor-centric lifestyle.
  • Green spaces here are comparable to Denver, which is near the mountains with abundant outdoor activities, Atlanta offers beautiful views and city parks like Piedmont Park.

These differences make Atlanta a very nice place to live compared to Denver, mainly because of the weather. Both cities are exciting in their own right, ensuring a fresh start filled with new opportunities when moving from Denver to Atlanta.

You Should Consider Moving to Atlanta!

When moving from Denver to Atlanta, you’re shifting between two dynamic cities, each with its own appeal and lifestyle advantages. Denver’s dry climate contrasts with Atlanta’s humid weather, leading to milder winters and hotter summers—a key factor for your wardrobe preparations. Atlanta is notorious for its heavy traffic, so it’s wise to get familiar with local routes or explore public transportation options early. Economically, Atlanta is booming with growth in sectors like media, tech, and healthcare, which provide numerous career opportunities. This move brings a lively cultural scene and a beautiful community, promising that your new life in Atlanta will be full of new experiences and opportunities!


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