Moving From Nevada to Texas

Are you a Texas enthusiast keen to trade in the neon lights of Nevada for the Lone Star State? Statistics state that 11.83% of Nevadans are choosing Texas as their new home. If you want to join in on this trend and proceed with moving From Nevada to Texas, there is plenty to learn in order to make an informed decision. We at Best Cross Country Movers are here to help you connect with the right moving services providers that will turn your plan into reality.

Comparing the Cost of Living Between the Silver and the Lone Star State

Prices are surging, and moving is known to be an expensive adventure. One big question must be how the cost of living stacks up. For groceries, you’d spend from $400 to $500 a month in Las Vegas, Nevada, compared to around $250 in Houston, Texas. Utility bills also favor Texas, averaging around $402 compared to Nevada’s $430. Nevada has no state income tax, which is a perk. But Texas doesn’t either, and it also has lower property taxes. Overall, you might find that your money goes a little further in Texas.

Picture of a person looking at statistics before moving from Nevada to Texas
Both Texas and Nevada are very tax-friendly states.

What’s the housing situation?

Housing is an essential consideration before moving and a significant expense from your monthly budget. The median home price in Nevada is around $418,000, particularly if you’re looking at popular areas. In contrast, Texas offers homes at a median price of $300,000. For renters, the average monthly cost in Nevada is approximately $2,000. Texas is a bit cheaper with an average rent of $1,850 per month. If you’re going to make this move, keep in mind that reputable cross country movers Nevada can help you move in, no matter the property type that you choose.

Job Market Comparison

Working is an essential part of everyone’s life, so you have to consider this before moving, too. You’ll find that the median household income in Las Vegas, Nevada, is about $61,000 per year. In Texas cities like Austin and Dallas, average salaries often hit $79,000 or more. Unemployment rates tell a similar story, with Texas usually enjoying a slightly lower rate at 4.10% than Nevada which is at 5.4%. Big industries in Texas include healthcare, technology, and energy. So, if you’re in one of these fields, you’re in luck! For those in Sin City considering the move, don’t hesitate to seek out interstate movers in Las Vegas to get the ball rolling.

Transportation Between Nevada and Texas

Now, you’re probably wondering how actually to get from Nevada to Texas. Well, if you’re driving from Las Vegas to Austin, you’re looking at about a 19-hour drive, covering around 1,200 miles. If flying is more your style, a one-way ticket might cost you about $100 if you book in advance. When you factor in gas for a car trip, flying becomes even more attractive.

Education Opportunities Are Also Important to Think about When Moving from Nevada to Texas

After sorting out the move, you might be wondering about schools, especially if you have kids. Texas ranks higher in education quality compared to Nevada. For instance, Texas is ranked 35th in the nation for education, while Nevada is 38th. With schools like the University of Texas and Texas A&M, higher education also gets a thumbs-up here.

Picture of a child reading a book
Higher education is easily available in Texas, with various options to choose from

Texas Cities You’ll Love

If you’re planning a move to Texas, the state offers a variety of cities, each with its own unique charm and lifestyle. Some of the cities that stand out the most are:

  • Austin: Known as the live music capital of the world, Austin is a hotspot for creatives and techies alike. With its laid-back vibe, it’s ideal for those looking for a blend of city life and a touch of nature.
  • Dallas: If you’re into sports and shopping, Dallas is the city for you. Home to the Cowboys and some high-end shopping districts, it’s a bustling metropolis with a flair for business.
  • Houston: As the largest city in Texas, Houston has something for everyone— from its thriving arts scene to its space exploration contributions, thanks to NASA.
  • San Antonio: Rich in history and culture, San Antonio offers landmarks like the Alamo and a River Walk that you can’t find elsewhere. It’s perfect for those who appreciate both the past and the present.
  • Lubbock: Often likened to Reno in Nevada, Lubbock is a hidden gem in Texas. It’s home to Texas Tech University, just as Reno houses the University of Nevada. Both cities have a semi-arid climate and offer a range of outdoor and cultural activities. If you’re moving from Reno, consider contacting interstate movers in Reno for a smooth transition, thanks to the cities similarity. Lubbock’s diversified economy, similar to Reno’s shift from gaming to technology, makes it an ideal choice for those looking for opportunities in various sectors.
  • Fort Worth: Situated close to Dallas, Fort Worth has its own unique identity that sets it apart. Known for its cowboy culture, the city offers a mix of modern and traditional Texas lifestyles. From the Stockyards National Historic District, where you can experience rodeos and Western heritage, to the Cultural District, filled with world-class museums, Fort Worth serves as a microcosm of what Texas is all about. If you enjoy both the arts and a bit of Southern flair, Fort Worth might be the place for you.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or someone looking for job opportunities, Texas has a city that will feel like home. Choose wisely, and don’t forget to have some fun along the way!

How Much Will Professional Movers Cost?

Professional movers are often deemed expensive, which is not true in most cases. On average, moving from Nevada to Texas with professional help could set you back around $4,000 to $6,000. Prices can vary based on factors like distance and the amount of stuff you have. For trustworthy service providers, check out cross country movers Texas. They can make sure your prized possessions get to the Lone Star State in one piece.

Picture of a person holding money
Moving From Nevada to Texas will be more effortless and cost-effective with movers by your side

Are You Ready For Moving From Nevada to Texas?

Deciding on moving from Nevada to Texas is not a small choice to make. You will uproot your whole life, but luckily, Texas has a lot to offer. If you’ve ever dreamed of wearing a cowboy hat unironically and enjoying overall lower prices, this might be your chance. You won’t regret it!

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