Top East Coast cities for families

Do you plan to move to one of the top East Coast cities for families? If so, there are several factors that you should consider. For sure, East Coast is full of beautiful places. However, you must first think about your kids. So, you have to concentrate on places with great schooling opportunities. And, knowing the area, Best Cross Country Movers can give you useful advice. The place should also have a rich job market. That way, you will be able to find good employment. Additionally, the living costs in your chosen city should be affordable. So, you will be able to support your family. Kids are growing and they need new clothes every season. Besides, you will need to pay for kids’ extracurriculars. Not to mention that you will need some save-ups for their studying.

Top East Coast cities for families - kids sitting in a classroom.
With a good income, you can save up for kids studying.

How should you choose the top East Coast cities for families?

Besides the mentioned factors, there are a few more things to consider. One of them is safety. People having kids are more aware of this factor than singles. Also, the city should have good commuting possibilities. And once you choose the city, check its neighborhoods. Although they are a part of the same city, they may differ considerably. You should check the neighborhoods known for good schools. Also, they should have low crime rates. It might look like an impossible task. But, with some patience and persistence, you will manage.

The best places to live on the East Coast with family

Moving is a serious job and should not be taken lightly. So, before you decide on a city on the East Coast, learn as much as you can about it. To help you, we are providing a list of cities that we consider the best. However, you may also check a few other cities. The most important is to find the city that will best suit you. But, regardless of the city you choose, you can rely on the Best Cross Country Movers services. They will make your relocation an easy and stress-free experience.

So, you can start by checking the following cities.

  • Ashburn, VA
  • Boston, MA
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Johns Creek, GA
  • Manchester, CT
  • Portland, ME
  • Providence, RI
  • Columbia, MD

Ashburn Virginia is an affordable place to live on the East Coast

Ashburn VA is a relatively new city. It was recently an open farmland area. But, it developed rather fast. Since 1980, it grew to a major hi-tech, commercial, and residential district. It is now known for its chic lifestyle. And as a place hosting the AOL HQ. Nowadays, more than 70% of the world’s Internet traffic flows through Ashburn. So, if you are in the hi-tech industry, this could be the right place for you. Many millennials are moving with the best cross country movers in Virginia to this promising city.

The city has 49,692 residents. The median asking price is  $737,118. In case you are renting, it will cost you about  $1,763. The unemployment rate is only 2.5%. Overall, with a good average income, Ashburn Virginia is a good place for living. It is also a very safe place. For this reason, many retirees are moving to this nice DC suburb. Ashburn has many places for outdoor activities. Especially attractive are the places alongside the Potomac River and Beaverdam Reservoir. The schooling system is above average. The city is home to many public and private schools. There is also located the famous Franklin University. So, this could be a very good place for you and your family.

Top East Coast cities for families - London Bridge Terrace, Ashburn, VA, USA
Ashburn VA is a relatively new city and one of the top East Coast cities for families.

Boston, MA could be a good choice for your family

Boston has ever-growing career opportunities and excellent education possibilities. Some of the best US universities are in its vicinity. This city, with a population of almost 7 million, is home to several major companies. Some of them are W.B. Mason, Marshalls, and Cisco Systems. The median home price in Boston is $710,654. With an average salary of $81,000, living in Boston is affordable. And regardless of being a big city, its crime rate equals the US average.

Are you ready to enjoy Revere Beach? By hiring services of one of the best cross country moving companies in Massachusetts, you can move there easily. Besides, Boston offers numerous outdoor recreations. They include rock climbing, kayaking, and skiing.

Charlotte, NC is a good place for families

Charlotte is the North Caroline major commercial hub. It has about 900,000 residents. The main industries in the city are financial services, manufacturing, energy, technology, and banking. It also has an excellent schooling system. Besides the Charlotte job market is rich and growing. Thus, it is an excellent place for young families with children.

If you decide this is the right East Coast city for your family the best cross country movers in North Carolina will move you there safely. However, before you decide, you should carefully choose neighborhoods. In some, the crime rate is rather high. The good news is that the median home price is $358,605. The median home income seat at $62,817. Therefore,  Charlotte is an affordable place for living.

Moving with family to Jacksonville, FL

The median home price in Jacksonville is $273,730. The average household income is $54,701. So, Jacksonville FL is an affordable place to move to. There is also noted the largest drop-in crime rate in Jacksonville, FL. Thus, you can feel safe when one of the best cross country movers in Florida is moving your family there. Jacksonville, FL has almost 900,000 residents. The main industries are healthcare, retail, finance, insurance, education, transport, and administrative services. It is also home to Naval Station Mayport. And that is one of the best military bases in the US for military families. Moreover, Jacksonville has some of the best schools in the area. So, you will easily find some for your kids.

Besides the beautiful beaches, Jacksonville is offering many other outdoor activities. There are many parks and gardens. Also, Jacksonville Zoo is attracting a lot of attention. We are sure your kids will enjoy it. Besides, you can visit the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. There you can enjoy the Atlantic Tails, Hixon Native Plant Courtyard, and Space Science Gallery. Overall, this is one interesting city on the East Coast.

The skyline of Jacksonville, Florida at twilight, as viewed from across the St. John's River.
Jacksonville offers many outdoor activities.

Johns Creek in Georgia is an amazing city for families on the East Coast

This Atlanta suburb has numerous local schools that consistently rank among the best in the US. So, you will be happy to enroll your kids in one of them. Johns Creek has a population of about 84,000 residents. And it is a very safe area. The median home price is $588,273. At the same time, the median annual income is about $122,514. This is much higher than the US average. Moving with help of the best cross country movers in Georgia to Johns Creek could be the right decision for you. This is a wealthy community, with a continuously developing job market. And it meets all the other requirements for healthy and safe living. Thus, it could be an excellent place for your family.

In Johns Creek, you will find many entertainments possibilities. You can take your pets for a walk in Newtown Dream Dog Park. Or you can enjoy hiking at the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center. Those liking the art better will be delighted with the ceramics, drawing, and writing class at Johns Creek Arts Center. Simply said, Johns Creek Ga has something for everyone.

Manchester, Connecticut could be a good place for you

Although Manchester is one of the smallest cities in Connecticut, it offers good living quality. It has about 30,000 residents. The median home price is $223,359, and the average household income is $76,770. Thus, living in Manchester CT is very affordable. Also, the Manchester CT school system is both affordable and of good quality. What if you are working but also want a higher degree? Well, you can easily enroll in some of the Manchester school programs for adults.

The main industries in the city are information technology, precision manufacturing, healthcare, education, and warehouse and distribution. Safety is not the same in all parts of the city. So, when choosing the right neighborhood for your family, pay attention to this factor. Moving with help of the best cross country movers in Connecticut, you will easily relocate to the Silk City. Soon after moving, you will notice the strong Scottish heritage. And you will enjoy the live performances of the Manchester Pipe Band. Besides, there are many possibilities for relaxation there. So, you will find many enjoyable ways to spend your free time. And you may like to participate in the annual Manchester Road Race. It is very popular and attracts over 10,000 participants.

Bug Light – Portland ME lighthouse.
The oldest Maine lighthouse is located in Portland.

Portland, Maine is yet another excellent city for families

This nice city, located on a peninsula, is extending into Casco Bay. It has about 66,500 residents. The median home price is $469,063, and the median home income is $71,913. This income is much higher than both, Maine and US annual averages. The school system is of good quality. Regarding safety, the north part of the city is considered much safer. So, when moving with help of the best cross country movers in Maine, chose to move there. The area is mostly known for its fishing, agriculture, and tourism industries. However, the largest industries in the city are management of companies & enterprises, wholesale trade, health care & social assistance, professional, scientific, & technical services, and educational services.

In your free time, you will be able to enjoy many Portland attractions. There are many traditional festivals which are taking place annually. Also, the oldest Maine lighthouse is located in Portland. Also, the beer lovers will be delighted with fact that Portland has the most microbreweries per capita. You can also enjoy visiting museums and other cultural institutions. Or you can enjoy some of the numerous outdoor activities.

Providence, Rhode Island is an excellent city to move to with your family

The median home price in Providence, RI is $324,725. The average annual income is $71,000, which is above the national average. Providence which is one of the oldest cities in the US has about 180,000 residents. The crime rate in the city is higher than the US average. But it has top-rated colleges like Johnson & Wales, Providence College, and the Ivy League Brown University. The main industries in the city are biomedicine, cyber and data analytics, maritime products, defense shipbuilding, business services, and manufacturing. Also, the transportation and tourism industries have been developing fast. So, if you move there with help of the best cross country moving companies in Rhode Island, you will easily find employment.

Rhode Island Capitol surrounded with greenery.
Providence is one of the top East Coast cities for families.

Providence is the biggest city in Rhode Island, and also a state capital. It is an excellent place for young professionals with kids. Besides an excellent job market, it offers many outdoor activities and cultural events. Also, it has many parks, excellent restaurants, and coffee shops. It is one of the places on the East Coast, which is vibrant, and full of diversities.

Columbia, Maryland is one of the top East Coast cities for families

This nice East Coast city is located just about 30 minutes from Baltimore. The city is an excellent choice for families due to its highly-ranking school system. Also, being a part of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area, you will have a lot of employment possibilities. The 103,991 people are calling this city home. So, if you decide to become one of them, it is easy. All you have to do is to hire some of the best cross country movers in Maryland.

The median home value in Columbia is $378,300. The median household income is $108,352, which is much higher than the US average. So, you will rarely meet someone renting. Most of the citizens own the property. Besides traditional industries like fishing and agriculture, today’s job market is offering much more. Thus, you can find jobs in cybersecurity, biotechnology, mining, tourism, and manufacturing. Also, if you don’t mind commuting, you can find jobs in Baltimore or Washington DC.

Over time, circumstances may change as well as top East Coast cities for families

Things are constantly changing. It can also be the case with the top East Coast cities for families. Some other places may take the lead. Maybe they will develop economically and offer better living conditions. Or you will get a better work offer somewhere else. However, the East Coast is full of beautiful cities. So, you may decide later on to move to another one. If so, you may discover that you need some additional space. That is not a big problem. You can always use secure and affordable storage of the Best Cross Country Movers.

Many tourists, when visiting the US, better like to see the East Coast. They consider that it has much more varieties. It also has a rich history and many historical places to visit. However, regardless of the place you decide to call home, we hope it will fulfill your expectations. And that you will be pleased with the decision that you made.


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