Most profitable relocation types and sizes in 2022

Pandemic hit everything hard, and the economy is still recovering. Only 26.4 million people decided to relocate in 2021, and we say only because that is only 8% of the population in the US. When you look at that number you can clearly see that 2021 really had the lowest percentage of people moving ever recorded. So, what can we expect in 2022? What are profitable relocation types and sizes that we can expect in 2022? Well, one thing is sure, the best cross country movers Florida will have their hands full since most people decided to relocate just there. Florida, more particularly  The Villages, FL has been the most popular place in 2021 and it is expected for that trend to continue in 2022.

The most profitable relocation types and sizes – what do we expect in 2022?

The first thing that we need to consider is that the unemployment rate is high, and the economy is still recovering from the pandemic. A lot of people are simply moving to a different state because of the lower housing and living costs. The main reason for relocating in 2021 was to save money and find a better place to work from home. Working from home opened a lot of opportunities for people. So instead of working in expensive cities, they were able to move to more affordable locations and work from home. Many people choose to buy affordable homes and cut their costs. A lot of the best cross country movers California were very busy because a lot of people decided to leave California and look for something more affordable and comfortable. Naturally, we expect that trend to continue in 2022. More than 20% of all relocations were cross-country.

view of the Miami
A lot of people have said goodbye to Miami and that trend will continue in 2022

When it comes to the type of relocations, moving companies mostly moved 1 or 2 bedroom homes. Also, people mostly moved their household goods. The third place goes to commercial relocations, although in 2021 they were not very high. If you plan to start your own business, learning more about the most profitable relocation types and sizes is essential. Besides that, you need to know where from and where to are people moving.

One of the trends is that people want more space

In 2021 a lot of people decided to move so they can get bigger space, yard, place for office space. It is expected that this trend will continue in 2022. Simply, due to pandemics a lot of people felt cramped in small spaces, especially since most of them worked from home. Amenities like yard, office space, home gym, parking spots are top priorities for a lot of people so it is no wonder that people mostly look for residential movers. So, places like Idaho, Maine, and New Mexico are the most popular places to relocate to. More and more people are searching for the best cross country movers Idaho. Also, on the other hand, people are leaving New York, New Jersey, Illinois – so people here are also looking for moving companies that can help them reach their new dream homes.

All age groups should be your target if you are following trends of profitable relocation types and sizes

In 2021 everyone was moving their homes. Families, retirees, professionals – everyone was looking for a better place to call home. A lot of people decided to move home due to pandemics, so there has been a rise in moving singles and young adults. They don’t always need a moving company, but they often need to rent a truck. Either way, they look for the best cross country movers Arkansas. Arkansas was in the top 3 popular states in 2021. It is expected that these trends will continue in 2022 and that the most profitable relocation types and sizes will stay the same.

people toasting
A lot of people want to be close to their families – so naturally they are moving

People wanted to be closer to their families

Unfortunately, a lot of people lost someone in the last two years, and more than 30% said that they decided to move since proximity to their family was their top priority. A lot of people choose to move back to their hometowns. Remote work opens a lot of possibilities, people feel freer and it is natural that a lot of them want to spend their free time with their loved ones. No wonder Florida was the most popular place. Besides Florida, South Carolina has seen a rise of  42% in people moving there. No reason that the demand for the best cross country movers South Carolina was on the rise. It is expected that this trend will continue to grow in 2022 since a lot of companies have chosen to have the possibility of remote work. And people simply love it!

Work from home jobs are on the rise and that dictates the type and size of profitable relocations in 2022

Work from home jobs are on the rise. Naturally, they will dictate the relocation trends in 2022. People are saving a lot of money and time since they don’t have to travel to work. And that opens a lot of new opportunities for them. You don’t have to live in places with high housing costs, you can find places that suit you better. A lot of people choose to go to the suburbs and buy more affordable homes.

person on bad with lap top searching for profitable relocation types and sizes
A lot of people are now working from home, so they can live anywhere they want

People choose to go to Cleveland, Salt Lake City – places that offer a lot of remote work options. It is expected that people will look for the best cross country movers Cleveland in 2022. It is important to note, that even people that don’t have a remote job are looking for one. The opportunity to spend time with family, friends, to pay more attention to health is something that people are striving for. So, it is expected that the profitable relocation types and sizes will change with the job market. When one place becomes desirable because of the opportunities for remote jobs – more and more people will want to move there.

Suburbs are very popular

As we mentioned, more and more people are moving to the suburbs. People don’t want to live in big and crowded cities anymore. Some people choose to move to the same county, while others change the state. It depended on their budget and their preferences. For example, NYC is still popular. The best cross country movers New York have their hands full. A lot of people want to live near NYC but in a suburban area. They are still close to the center, but they have better housing opportunities, better schools, and everything is much more accessible.

How will profitable relocation types and sizes affect moving companies?

We can freely say that 2021 was a hard year for moving companies. More than 70% of moving companies reported delays in 2021. More than half of moving companies were booked much more in advance than in previous years. It is important to note that moving companies are struggling with a lot of things. The first and the foremost is that they simply don’t have enough workers. Costs are rising, and it is a real challenge to keep everything running smoothly. It is expected that in 2022 this rise will continue since more and more people are planning to relocate. For example, more and more people want to move to Arizona, so it is sure that the cross country movers Arizona will face certain challenges. Running a moving business will be very challenging in 2022, so keeping up with trends of the most profitable relocations is a must!

people looking at a computer screen
Moving companies will need more workers in 2022

Moving companies were and will be pretty booked up

Movers that are good, reliable, and trustworthy will be very busy in 2022. Demand is high, and supply can not cover it. Due to all the struggles, moving companies are booked far in advance. People that wait a week or two before their desired moving date usually end up without scheduled relocation. It is much wiser to book those cross country movers Texas and be worry-free. A lot of people are moving out from Texas, and that trend will continue in 2022. Of course, moving companies can not predict everything due to pandemics, so the changes are daily.

Prices will go up for profitable relocation types and sizes

Prices are going up all around the world. Everything is more expensive, so naturally, we should expect a rise in the prices for moving services. More than 76% of companies had higher prices in 2021, so we can expect this trend to continue in 2022. And when you start calculating costs of any moving company, even the cross country movers Nevada – it is clear that the price will go up as time goes by.

Delays will happen very often

One of the issues that moving companies will face in 2022 is delays. When it comes to delivering household goods – delays are 1 to 3 days. When you combine this with high prices, moving companies truly have a lot of troubles ahead of them. Not only gas will be more expensive, but also freight, chain supply, and navigating different restrictions in every state. When you add the drivers and labor shortage –  it is very clear that the moving industry will face a lot of problems. For international movers – things will just get more complicated.

Naturally – complaints are through the roof

When we consider all of the above, we come to the fact that the complaints are through the roof. Due to all the factors, a lot of moving companies are forced to cancel scheduled relocations. Simply, they do not have enough people. The issue with truck drivers was very big even before the pandemic, and now it is becoming more and more concerning. People often complain about delays, but also about damaged or lost items. Unfortunately, it is expected that people who relocate in 2022 will be far worse. It is wise to train your employees to handle all the complaints like professionals, and to listen to your customers. Staying best cross country movers Washington is not easy. Handle every complaint with care.

angry person with a phone
It is expected that the complaints will be even higher in 2022

When will people move?

Although everything is changing, some things still stay the same. The busiest months in 2021 were from June to August. It is expected that no matter the relocation type and size same will continue in 2022. Trends of profitable relocation might change over the years, but some things are the same. It is interesting to note that pandemics did not affect this.

What are some popular destinations for profitable relocation types and sizes in 2022?

People want to live in bigger spaces, with affordable housing options and with a better offer for additional amenities. They go out from the big cities because of the high prices, crowds. Also, more than 70% of people don’t care where they live since they work from home. They want to live where they like, not where they need to. It is an interesting trend that should be followed more thoroughly. There are a lot of predictions for 2022, and we do hope that it will get better and that we all will go back to normal.

Arizona is a popular destination

One of the most popular states to which people move in Arizona. A lot of digital nomads are choosing to live in Tucson since it is one of the best cities for remote work. People will continue to move to Arizona in 2022. The proximity to outdoor recreation, Grand Canyon is something that not only attracts young people but also families with kids. Also, we can freely say that cross country movers Phoenix will have a lot of relocations on their hands. People live the heat and the opportunity to improve their health.

view of Arizona desert
Arizona is very popular among digital nomads

Idaho is climbing on the ladder

Idaho is becoming popular. It offers open space and economic opportunities that people need. Nampa and Meridian are among the fastest-growing cities in the whole United States. Idaho is a good place for people who are looking for a job, especially Boise. And if the trends from 2021 continue in 2022, we are sure that cross country movers Boise will have their hands full. Other things that attract people to Idaho are the low cost of living (2,3% lower than the national average) and low crime rates. A lot of families and retirees are planning to move to Idaho. And when you add all the attractions – it is no wonder why Idaho is seeing such a rise in the number of people moving in.

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