Procedures for moving your pet to Hawaii

Do you know what makes Hawaii so popular among pet lovers? It is the only state in the world that is rabies-free. And that can mean a lot for anyone who plans on moving here. According to some studies, rabies is very fatal, and it can be hard to cure. Well, to prevent anything bad from happening there are some certain rules and regulations you need to know before moving your pet to Hawaii. And they are all set up by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. We will tell you everything you need to know, so after that, you can use our services to find the Best Cross Country Movers for your move. Here is what you should know.

There are certain things you need to do before moving your pet to Hawaii

Did you know that there is an animal quarantine program here? It is established over 100 years ago.  And it all began when rabies was endemic in the state of California. And to prevent any further contamination, you need to do certain things, even today. Those things are:

  • Your listed vet needs to give you a confirmation that your pet had received 2 vaccines against rabies.
  • You need to do an OIE-FAVN blood test. Make sure to time this test properly so you will have more than enough time to plan your move.
  • Your pets have to have microchips.
  • Once you complete the OIE-FAVN test, you will have to wait 30 days before entering Hawaii with your pet.
  • Make sure to fulfill important Dog & Cat import forms AQS – 279. And they need to be signed by your vet as well.
a vet examing a dog before moving your pet to Hawaii
You will have to do certain blood tests before moving your pet to Hawaii

Depending on where you are moving to in Hawaii, you will have a different waiting period to complete these tests. That is why this is something you need to think about the way in advance.  But, there is one way you can at least make it easier to move. And that is to use our services and find the best cross country moving companies Hawaii. It will surely speed up the moving process so you can focus on the required paperwork.

Things to know before flying to Hawaii with your pet

Besides the paperwork, there are some things you need to have in mind when you are about to move with your pet to Hawaii. These things are not written in any document but are more or less a known fact that you should follow. And some of these things include precautions like:

  • Think about the age of your pet. If your pet is old, then you shouldn’t travel with it. Because old animals don’t handle traveling well. Also, if your pet is too young, then you need to wait for it to grow a bit. First for the anti-rabies shots and second to get used to traveling.
  • If your pets are chronically ill or have any other health problems, then they also will have issues when traveling. Also, make sure to remember that pregnant pets are not allowed to travel.
  • Have in mind that the weather is not for every pet. Hawaii is a warm place with a tropical climate.
  • Think about the pets breed. Non-domesticated pets and hybrids are not allowed to enter Hawaii.
petting a dog
Old pets will have a hard time moving

These are some of the most important things you need to have in mind when moving here. It will help you figure out what you need to do properly and how you can prepare for your upcoming move. That being said, you can then focus on what you need to finish before you move out. And one of the things you can do is look for moving companies to help you out with your move. Especially when relocating to Honolulu. Then you can get the best cross country movers Honolulu to move you. With their help, you can rest assured that you will avoid any potential moving mistakes.

Pets can get anxious

Did you know that your pets can feel that some things are changing? This can in return makes them anxious about the move. That is why you need to keep the daily routine unchanged for as long as you can. Go for walks, have playtime and see what you can do in the meantime while they are sleeping. That is why you need to learn how to help your pets overcome anxiety. It will help you move with ease so you won’t have to worry about your furry friend’s health.

Take them for a walk after the move as often as you can

A pet needs to get to know its new home and neighborhood as soon as possible. It will help them avoid any issues when settling in as well. This is something that you should do often once you are done moving in. Take your pets for a walk around your neighborhood so you can both get to know the place. In return, you will both get used to your new home and settle in faster.

a couple walking their dog
Take your dog for a walk often

Now, these are the things you need to do when moving with your 4 legged pets. But, what happens when you have to move with your pet birds? Well, usually the procedure is the same and you will have to follow them up. But one thing is for certain. Your birds will probably love living in Hawaii. Depending on what kind of birds they are. Just make sure to follow some COVID updates when moving with pets issued by Hawaii. This will help you organize everything properly.

These are the things you need to know before moving your pet to Hawaii. It will help you better plan everything and avoid any possible moving complications. If you are looking for more good moving tips and tricks, then we suggest you read our blog. It is a good source of information that can aid you with your move.

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