Moving from Arkansas to Texas

Moving to another state is always challenging. Although no one moves out of fun and hobbies, there are many reasons for moving from Arkansas to Texas. Texas is the second most popular state in the United States of America. That is the reason why more and more people are choosing to live in this state. It is also the largest and fastest-growing state in the country. Every person can find a city in Texas that will fit their unique style and budget. It can be interesting to look for a new home in Texas. Still, it can be very challenging.  To avoid unnecessary stress, hire reliable cross country moving professionals. They can provide you with packing services, disassembling and later assembling pieces of furniture, transporting, and arranging things in your new apartment.

Woman carrying boxes in new apartment
The decision to move from Arkansas to Texas is difficult to make, and moving brings certain challenges in adjusting.

Choose the city that fits you best before you move from Arkansas to Texas

If you are moving to Texas for the first time, the best cross country movers Texas can offer the most suitable options for you. Austin, the capital of Texas, is located in the central part of the state. This city has a rich offer of social activities and cultural events. It is also full of small restaurants suitable for true gourmets. Houston is the most populous Texas city. It is home to the largest clinical center in the world. Dallas is located in northeastern Texas. It is the state with the largest Urban Arts District in the United States. San Antonio is the oldest city in the state of Texas. It is situated in the central-southern part of the state. People love visiting this Texas city the most. You may also know it as the Military City of the United States of America, due to its 300-year military history.

Ten geographical facts to know about the state of Texas

  1. Throughout the history, Texas has been ruled by six different countries. The first of them was Spain, and then France and Mexico. Later, the territory became an independent republic. Texas became the 28th American state to join the Union.
  2. Texas is also  referred to as the “Lone Star State” because it was once an independent republic. The national flag has one star that signifies this. As well as the struggle for independence from Mexico.
  3. The Texas state constitution was adopted in 1876. Anyone who is moving from Arkansas to Texas should remember this year.
  4. Texas has an oil-based economy. After petroleum was discovered in the state, the area’s population exploded. Livestock is also a large industry connected to the state. It started developing after the civil war.
  5. In addition to its oil-based economy, Texas has invested heavily in its universities. As a result, today it has a very diverse economy with a variety of high-tech industries. Including energy, computers, aerospace, and biomedical sciences. Agriculture is also a growing industry in Texas.
  6. Because Texas is such a large country, it has a very diverse topography. The country has eleven different ecological regions.
  7. Despite being known for desert landscapes, less than 10% of Texas is considered a desert.
  8. Texas also has a diverse climate due to its size. It spreads through ten climate zones. The panoramic part of the country has higher temperature extremes than the coast of Mexico, which is milder.
  9. The Gulf Coast is prone to hurricanes. There have been many devastating hurricanes that have hit Texas.
  10. The majority of Texas’ population is centered around its metropolitan areas and in the eastern part of the state.

    The view of Stone Oak neighborhoods from the window of a car
    Everything is bigger in Texas than in Arkansas. From food portions to houses and roads, and even shopping malls.

Details to consider when moving from Arkansas to Texas

Theoretically speaking, what’s the problem with moving your family and a couple of trucks full of things from one state to another? Feasible, no problem. However, this action is anything but a simple endeavor. All the feelings that people experience by moving from one end of the city to another, also appear when moving to another state. Leaving your life so far is a very stressful thing. So it is important to prepare well. The most certain way is to search for the best cross country moving companies Arkansas. Moreover, there are numerous forums and groups on social networks where people share information. This way, they help each other to make the process of leaving Arkansas and starting life in Texas easier.

There are some very important things to think about:

  • Get rid of unnecessary items. When you decide to move from Arkansas, be objective while packing. Divide things into three larger groups: the ones you inevitably have to take, the ones you can sell, and the ones you will throw away or give away.

  • Prepare the paperwork in time. Inquire about what you need. Also, you will make the whole procedure much easier if you make a plan and stick to it until you leave.

  • Calculate how much money you will need for the preparatory phase of the trip. Firstly, get a free moving estimate for Arkansas to Texas relocation. Further, consider how much money you will need to start your new life in Texas. In the meantime, don’t forget to pay all the bills in your previous place of residence. 

Windmills are seen on the road from Arkansas to Texas
Texas has invested in highly conductive power lines and other infrastructure. It will carry cheap electricity from wind turbines from rural areas to larger urban centers.

Consider this if you are relocating from Arkansas to Texas for work

The most developed industries in Texas are mining, livestock, manufacturing, and tourism. Oil deposits are located below 2/3 of the territory of Texas. So it is not surprising that this is the state with the largest number of oil reserves. Lone Star State is also a leader when it comes to renewable energy resources, especially wind. That is because 1/3 of the total production of this type of energy in the United States is from Texas. Natural resources enable the breeding of cattle. Therefore, moving from other countries to Texas to be a farmer is not rare. Texas is also a major producer of corn and peanuts. In addition, it has very developed production of cotton and steel products. This contributes to the development of the automotive industry and construction. Finally, as in other states of the United States, tourism is another developed industry in this area.

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