Tips for moving with birds

Birds, like people, can also feel stress, motion sickness and be sad about moving. If you use some of these tricks for moving with birds, you will have an easier, less stressful relocation and happy pet friend at the end of the process. Prepare your bird for the moving day and plan everything, whether you are moving near or long distance.

Long-distance moving with birds

When you need to move a long distance, you will have to leave more time to plan and arrange everything for the move. You will have to decide how to transport your bird: by plane, car or maybe even train.

Before you decide on the means of transport, first check how your bird reacts. When you are moving long-distance, hire a moving company so you have all the help you can get and move as stress-free as possible. Check long distance moving companies South Carolina as they probably have customer service that can advise you about relocation. A reliable moving company can be crucial for your easy and safe long-distance move.

Get some new toys for that long ride and try to make a trip more fun. Also, prepare some rewards for your pet bird. Most popular toys for birds are:

  • Cardboard box and you can put some nuts or seeds inside as a reward
  • Ladders for birds
  • Rope

Visit a veterinarian

Birds can also have motion sickness as people do. If you are moving long-distance by car, you could take your bird for a short drive first. Take it to your veterinarian, for example. This is beneficial for two reasons: your pet bird will experience a short drive and you will see how it reacts to it if you don’t know already. Another reason is to check with your vet and see how is the health of your bird. Inform the vet about the conditions of moving, especially if you are moving to a different climate.

Veterinarian examining a kitten
A visit to a vet should be a first in your task list.

The vet will know to suggest the proper treatment for your bird. Maybe you need to give the bird some supplements to prepare it for the new environment. When you hire residential movers you will have more free time and you can spend that time in preparing your pet for moving day stress-free as it is possible. Experienced professionals can make your moving day go by without any hiccups. 

Prepare a cage for transport

Birds are very sensitive and they get scared easily. That is why you need to pay close attention to details so you can understand how they feel when you are moving with birds.

Blue parrot spreading his wings
Start to prepare your bird in time for a move so it doesn’t get scared during transport.

They have to be relaxed in their cage or a bird carrier, so you can enjoy the ride to your new home. If, for some reason, you can’t take your pet in its own cage, make sure to get them accustomed to the new one. If you are buying a birdcage, get it well in advance. Two months earlier is enough time for them to get used to it. Put a new cage right next to the old one and simply leave them. Make it possible for the bird to get across by leaving it open. When your friend is feeling up to it, it will go in on his own. When it feels relaxed enough to go from one to another, you can move his toys, ladders or whatever else you have in the old cage. 

This is also applicable to the transport box or carrier. If you are relocating with birds with the transport box, it will be their new home for the time being. They don’t stress if they are familiar with it. It might take them a little longer while than for the cage because it looks different and it is more closed. Once you start traveling, make sure that you remove all toys which aren’t attached to the cage so you avoid any possible accidents during the ride.

Traveling by car when moving with birds

When you are moving with birds, traveling by car is the safest option. Most birds enjoy car rides, so this doesn’t have to be a stressful or unpleasant experience for them. 

Ara parrot eating nuts
Bring nuts as rewards when moving with birds and give them from time to time.

But always place their cage or transport box in the back seat. Also, make sure that you buckle the seat belt around the cage, so it can’t move around or accidentally fall down. If you are feeling more peaceful you can put the cage beside you, in the front seat. But only if you can turn off the airbag.

Once you have secured the birdcage, make sure that you set the right temperature because birds are also very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Check your air conditioning before you start that long drive, you don’t want to risk.

In case you are having a longer ride plan your stopovers before you go. Make sure to check if the hotels you are staying are pet-friendly. Book in advance, so you don’t risk that they have no free rooms left once you arrive. Remember to stay relaxed because your bird will pick up your state of mind. If you are calm, they will be too. Use some of the cross country moving tips to avoid moving mistakes. When everything goes according to plan, you will be calm and relaxed.

Traveling by plane

When you are deciding on the way of travel, you need to check with your airline about the conditions of travel before you move with birds. Some airlines will allow your pet in the cabin but just in case you can fit their carrier under the seat. Other companies will accept a bird but only with the checked baggage.

Prepare paperwork before you relocate with birds

If you are moving with birds to another state, first check what kind of paperwork you need to prepare. Make a moving checklist of all the things you need to finish before moving day. You will need certain health certificate, and you can get them from your vet. Don’t leave a visit to the vet for the last minute. You have to have enough time to gather everything you need before you move. 

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