Moving house with teenagers

If there is anything trickier than moving with a toddler, then it’s moving house with teenagers. Do not dwell on it though, we can help you out with this. To start off on the right foot, you must get your kids on board and show them why the move is beneficial. This might be a difficult, but not an impossible task. So let’s get right into it.

The problem of moving house with teenagers

Unlike toddlers, teenagers have already built their routine and got used to the environment. This means it will not be easy for them to accept this decision. Communicate your feelings and concerns with them so they are willing to open up to you as well. Keep in mind that they are already kind of grown-up, and treat them like that. Long distance moving Sarasota will take care of the logistics. Pampering a teenager like a baby will only make things worse. But be there for them to discuss their emotions. If you are moving long-distance this can be an even trickier task. If you are moving locally, you might even avoid the whole issue with your kid.

a father talking with his son before moving house with teenagers
An open conversation is good before moving house with teenagers

Either way, you should get them on board by respecting their feelings and their needs. Let them communicate to you what is on their mind and try to respect it as much as possible. Do not panic if you hear the phrase: ‘’You are ruining my life’’. This is what every parent will probably go through when moving house with teenagers.

Give them enough time to accept the idea of moving

If it is not a last-minute move, you should use the remaining time wisely. Talk to your teens as early as possible. It takes some time to weather the storm with them so it better be early in the process. Give them time before you call  interstate movers Florida to settle and accept it.

a teen looking at the window
Teens need more time to process the move

Discussions might not be the best for you at the moment, because you have to organize moving house with teenagers. But for them,  it will be very important to discuss this with you. Talk about your fears as well, so they know they are not alone in this. But do not over push it. After they are done asking questions, allow them some time to reflect and think. It is very likely their emotions will settle down in this period.

It is not a smart move to push your teenager into telling you everything and communicating their emotions every second. Make your move as simple as possible for everyone. We know you are probably worried, but this is not an uncommon situation. Look for someone with similar experience. Talk to them to calm yourself down and try not to overreact. You will be of no use to yourself or your kid if you cannot keep your fears and frustration under control. This is the time when you must be super stable to be able to handle moving house with teenagers.

Give them some control over the process

Teenagers think they are adults but often can’t hold their end of the bargain if an adult task is given to them. Consult with them not only about their stuff but everything else. Include them in the process of choosing a moving company. Make their vote count with every decision. Learn how to create a solid plan for your relocation that includes your kid. If your kid is pushing in the other direction with a certain matter, do not ignore them. Explain to them the real reason why it can’t be done that way. Do not give them a sense of control and then take it away like that. It will only make them angry and frustrated.

mom and teen doughter
It’s advisable to include your teens in the moving process

Give them the task of researching the new area of residence. Every family member will need a new doctor, school, training place. So give your kid the chance to research the entire neighborhood for you.  Teenagers are always up to date with tech stuff, so they will probably do a better job than you anyway. Make a list of institutions you will need. Give it to your kid and ask for location and means of transportation to them. We promise you, you will get the whole map of the area with pins and roads painted red, strings swinging and multiple options.

Allow some time with their friends

When moving house with teenagers they must be a part of the process. But what is important is to give them time for themselves. If you are moving out of state, let them have their goodbyes and hang out with friends. It will mean a lot to them.

teen friends hanging out
Let your teens hang out with their friends before they move out

Aside from giving them space, you can manage to get some of their friends on board. Organize some activities for them to play games and have a sleepover. You accepting them into your home and giving your kid time with them will mean a lot. There are few extra sets of hands in the house to help you move. Moving house with teenagers means you will have help with:

  1. Taking out all the trash from the house
  2. Maintaining a good mood throughout the process
  3. Small tasks you might not have time to do

When you are alone with your teenager, make sure you make some small gifts for their friends. This will mean a lot for everyone. For you, it will be helping your child get closure. The kids will have a great way of saying goodbye which means a lot to them. Their friends will probably be thrilled about the gifts. Doesn’t matter how big or small, it’s the idea that counts.

Relocating with teenagers made easy

Moving house with teenagers is a pretty difficult task. There is no room for you to be selfish and frustrated. They are the ones doing all the panicking now. It is up to you to manage the situations and get the best out of it. Things can get ugly, but it is important to keep your focus on the end-goal. Show some love to your kids and let’s get going!

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